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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Life can be full of surprises. And this week, it had a happy one for me! My daughter Johnna, has a Genelolgy website, 'Look to the Past', and this week she get's an email from a lady that is looking for me. Not knowing Johnna is my daughter. The lady said her mother was married to my father, and he had adopted her. Well, dad was married many times, quite handsome and charming he was. I remember being 6 when he married her mother, and 11 when they divorced. And baby Diana, would have been 2 when they married, and 7 when they divorced. Dad had never seen her again, that I knew of. If I ever ask questions, he just acted like he had no clue, and don't ask. I never knew she was my legally adopted sister. She had gone to the courthouse and found the records, and was seeking me. I am 54, and I have a little sister. I never knew. !!!
We have talked online, sent stacks of letters, are getting together in a couple of weeks, for 3 days, to talk. I can't hardly wait. This is one of the few pictures I have of her mother and her. When dad was ready to go, all he took was me, and not much else. I was a gypsy kid. We have so much in common, both love to sew, quilt, do interior designing. Both love our kids silly. She is happily married, has been 25 years. I am happy for her. How strange to find out you have a sister, you never really knew. I am thrilled! And she found me. And through google, and through my daughter, is that not a 'God Thing'. I think so. !