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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Archeon Tarot, my favorite 3 card layout.....
I think Timothy Lantz's art reflects how I feel tonight. Sort of dark, sort of moody. It's really cold here tonight, a good night to stay inside, play with my cards.
What do I see when I glance at these 3 cards?A woman leans back in repose, gold glows around her, 2 cups sit perfectly balanced, side by side. Three Swords, pushed so far into the bottom of the picture, you cannot see what they pierce. Is it just the ground, like a boundry line, or a body, stabbed and pinned in pain, helpless. A lacey heart is torn apart by one of the swords. The image of a woman with her hands covering her eyes is in the upper part of the card. And the colors, blue, sad, cold, icy. The third card, I see a gentle sheep, a tame tiger, an Angel, touching, softly the wild animal, and glancing tenderly at the innocent lamb. What story would these 3 cards together tell? For me, a sweet firely golden love, wakes you up with tears, fears, ripped memories, and being stuck somewhere lost in time. Do you see the future? She doesn't. She see's only pain. And then an Angel comes, bringing healing to her broken heart. Innocence is restored, and the will to be proud of who you are and what land of pain you have come from, is your gift. Love is always here. We may not see it, or feel it, but it is here. Calling all Angels, they are here. It's all good....

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Tarot of Reflections, by Francesco Ciampi. I love his soft colors & very different images he gives us on each card.
I am sitting here, remembering this night 32 years ago. I was in labor with my second daughter, Anna. She was born around 2:00, in the wee early morning. Loudly announcing her arrival. One of those moments you never forget. Precious. On Elvis's birthday. I was thinking about her, and these cards fell out of the deck. I wished for babies, I had my first little girl on April 9, 1972. Look at the numbers on the first 2 cards, a 9 and a 4. The ninth day, of the fourth month. Johnna, the first daughter, was so easy to mother. Little girl with her stacks of books. Had mama all to herself, 3 years of being an only child, and she rather enjoyed it. Then, in the next card, a female lies wrapped in a pink blanket. The new daughter. The Hermit, something I longed for, sought, found. She is the Queen in green....Anna has green eyes, dresses in green. A Capricorn, loves the color green, especially the shade of green you stash in the piggy bank! The Queen holds this club...yes she does. She has a sweet husband and 2 little boys. She rules the roost. Good woman. The 10 of cups, happiness, love, joy. My children are such a joy. They are my best friends. Happy Birthday, Anna. I love you. mom
p.s. I said I wanted babies, and I meant it. After little Anna, took me 5 years, but I had a baby boy, his birthday is Wednesday, this week. He was born Jan. 10. This week brings back so many memories. Happy ones. Babies do that. And they are always your babies. Forever. I love you, Josh. May this year be your very best....mom

Friday, January 05, 2007

The Golden Tarot of Klimt, what was he thinking...

Most art fans are familiar with Gustav Klimt's painting named 'The Lovers'. He has some strange images in this deck, you either love it or hate it. I'm on the fence about it right now. Rather early and only one cup of coffee. I drew these 3 cards to play with. Ace of Pentacles, Queen of Swords, and the Knight of Swords. I really like the gold gilding, and flowers he surprises you, some really strange symbols stand out, too,in most of the cards

First thing I do is look for whatever draws my attention in each card, that's what wants to get noticed.

I had these cards laying out here on my desk, and was just beginning to look at them, when I got a phone call from my Aunt, she was telling me she may be released from the hospital today. That could be the Queen in the middle, and she's a little edgy, been in the hopsital for about 4 weeks now, and is frustrated and sick of being sick. The sword on this card is pointing down by her ankle, and that'a what the problem is. She had fallen (she's 80) and broken her back, went in for that, came out with staph infection from THE HOSPITAL in a tiny raw place on her ankle. Now, 3 months later, she's mad and tired and wants to go home. Her back is fine, she just can't walk now from the ankle thing. Hence the Knight with his sword pulled, like stay out of my way, I'm on a mission, and here I go. The Ace would be the home card, Pentacles can be : what you value, your stuff, your land, one place you love, an open door taking you another place. That Queen from the center is looking back over her shoulder at the Ace, and both her card and the Knight are going that direction. She's breaking out of that joint one way or another today. Has had it. No mincing words here.....she can be in pain there, or at home, why stay there and be tortured and proded by idiots. (Her very words, I quote.) Might as well be in pain at home.

If I was reading this as just a general, best, worst, and spiritual reading,

Best: I have the power to give orders and have them followed, I have a new direction my life is going and I am taking it. Bring in the horse, and watch me go. Like it or not.

Worst: I have lost much, am alone and frustrated. I need to do something, right now, right or wrong, and I am doing it. I feel defenseless, but I have money, that may help, should I be doing something stupid. Money can fix it.

Spiritual: Find someone and talk today. Bitch, moan, cry, about whatever it is that makes you crazy. There is an answer, maybe right in front of you. If you would stop jumping on that horse and taking off, what you want is here.

Maybe one reason I like this deck is the art work reminds me of my quilts. He's edgy and out there. I like that in a person. Don't follow the crowd, do your own thing. Whether it's the backgrounds, or the coverings he uses, the patterning and colors are vivid, and strange. And alot of naked people, not airbrushed either. Some of these guys would look better with clothes. Or one of his designer wraps around them. As more of an intutive Tarot reader, his stuff tells me all kinds of things. Fun to play with.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I am thinking about this past year, 2006. Using the Victorian Romantic Tarot, again, one of my new favorites, I ask the question, 'Who was I this year?'. I drew the King of Wands. I would be in this card, as the lady sitting beside this older man. This man is my father. I had a prayer answered this year, he was with me on Thanksgiving. He sat at the table and ate with me, and my children, and grandchildren. We laughed, we talked, we had a small chunk of time together. He lives not far from me, yet far, far away. I have not had a holiday with him for 14 years. Life can be like that. And you have to surrender to the confusion, and hope that someday you will get the chance to be together again. A gift I cherish. And my father would be the King of Wands, born on August 14. A true Leo. Mr., I can build the plane and fly it, I can build the boat and live on it, I can build the car, and drive it, I can do it all. And they wonder where I get that independent streak. From daddy. And talent, from daddy. Just believe you can do it, and you can. The sink or swim kind of parent. And I swam.

I ask then, 'What did I learn this year?' I drew the 9 of Cups!
The wish card. I learned that a wish can come true. I joined a group of 'Goal Sisters', and we meet every other week, for encouragement and good food! We watched the movie, 'The Secret' here at my home last week. And we met at Becky's house to make manifesting notebooks. Here we go, watch out world. I have seen each of my children make choices that are bringing them happiness. That is sweet. And I sang again. In a smoky bar, I walked right up to the mic, and I sang. And had a blast. I went back home. Seen family I have not seen in years. And it was good. We laughed so much I think I pulled a muscle. No kidding. I tend to be a workaholic, and this was fun. I felt like I was home. I cannot tell you how long it has been since I have said that. A long, long time. I hoped to meet the love of my life, but sadly no. Maybe the wish to reconnect with my family was stronger than finding him. He is still out there. Somewhere. Hope he's enjoying his singleness. Those days are limited....I believe, I believe, I believe. I really do.
In this card, the man is looking to see how much is left in his cup. I see it as, much is left. He has much to enjoy in life, and that picture on the wall behind him, that is something he did he is proud of, and framed it. I think that my picture would be of my children. I am so proud of them. They are my best friends. Each time I spend time with each one of them, I watch how much they have grown, and as adults, they are so different, and funny. And smart. And yet alike. I guess that is what the word 'family' means. I love that word. I think it was a very good year.