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Thursday, August 18, 2011

What happened to Celina Cass?

What happened to her?

NH town endures 'creepy' wait after girl's death

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — More than two weeks after searchers pulled the body of 11-year-old Celina Cass from the Connecticut River near her house, the lack of an arrest and answers to questions about how she died have cast a pall over her New Hampshire hometown.
Sad and edgy, residents of Stewartstown are waiting — for answers about the girl, justice for her family, peace of mind for themselves. The police's inability to charge a suspect, an autopsy that couldn't pinpoint what killed her and the lingering fear that a killer is at large are hanging over folks in the one-stoplight burg with 960 residents near the Canadian border.
"Everybody's still uncomfortable, wanting some answers," said Shannon Towle, whose family owns a convenience store and gas station where people gather. "It's just creepy."

I wanted to know what the Tarot would say about what happened to Celina Cass. Using the Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti, here are the cards I drew for answers.

What happened to Celina?

Well, Death as the first card drawn, means it happened pretty fast. The Emperor is an older man, a father, someone that thought they had power over her, or overpowered her. And the Ace of Cups, in his way he loved her, very sick way, and I believe she was already dead when he put her in the water.

Who, killed Celina? Someone that had been in a hospital, wounded and thinking there was a battle of sorts going on. Was he a Vet with PDS? He was almost child like...had happy memories of her as a little girl.

Will the killer be caught? Yes. It is someone the Mother knows. She is unsure about it....but as she thinks clearly, as she must be distraught right now.......she knows exactly who he is.

How sad, she was only 11 years old. But I think it's not how long you live, it's how well you live and touch other peoples lives while you are here. She is in the arms of the Angels.  

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ace of Wands

The last Ace in my series is the Ace of Wands. From the Universal Wirth Tarot Deck.

This is a 'head's up' Ace, full of fire, take action, speak up now, stand up for something or someone. That equal armed cross at the top of the wand, could mean what you do or say could be done to heal a situation.....it might not feel like it at the time, but later you would realize it was the best way the issue could have been handled. Using my alphabet letters to play with this card, here are other things I see in this card.....

A...anger....someone is fiery mad, and it's time to take action, take their power back
B...beacon...flare, signal, beam.....get someones attention
C...clue...the missing piece that fits something you are puzzled over
D...defend....a way to protect yourself, defend yourself if necessary
E...entitle....gives you the power, right, to claim what is yours, now....
F...fray....there could be a battle, family, friend, lover, finally one person says stop, and it stops
G...guide, when you are lost in a cave, you light a torch....this is your torch to guide you, use it
H...honor....someone, maybe you, are raised to a position of honor, enjoy
I....indicator....a sign when you are lost, follow it, it will guide you home
J...jaunty....life of the party, the one that stands out the most
K...key...what you use to open a locked door with, or finding what you need to accomplish your goals in life
L...lethal...stopping someone in their tracks, using force to protect those you love, force you never knew you possessed
M...mastery...complete control, knowledge or skill you use
N...neolithic....what men used in dating, some still do
O...overcome, a sign of victory
P... prize, having won the prize, holding it up for everyone to see....
Q...quell....stop fear, remember who you are and go forth in strength...
R...regain...getting something of value back after you thought you had lost it.
S...secret, only you know something, and no one else will ever know it
T...thin, someone really skinny
U...unite, joining together for a cause
V...verdict, a decision that is made and unchangeable
W...wait, stay still until you are given a sign to move forward
X...a wild card for me.....I say, finally getting something I so desire, and proudly show it off!
Y...you, being handed the torch, it is your turn to carry it forth...go
Z...zest, enthusiasm, passion, fire in your belly

If I were doing your cards and this card came up for you, it would be saying for you to take action, now....of course the cards around it would tell you how, where, and why to take the action. The Tarot will give you all the details, if you just ask the right question....this answer would be a big Yes answer!