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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Every day, I journal. I draw 3 cards, I ponder what they could mean for today. I read my Bible. Edgar Casey read his Bible every day. He was one of the most popular mystic's....and he humbly realized his gifts were of a higher realm. Gifts from God. And he desired to be guided by God. Not ego, not fame. Just simply use his spiritual gifts to bless whomever may be showing up for him that day. The Bible grounded him, as it does me. I will always be the granddaughter of a Pentecostal Minister...and never forget his wise teachings to me. Somehow those teachings weave into a larger pattern of who I am today. And what I believe today.

So, as I am reading my 'Message' (translation) Bible, I am thinking of the beautiful Surprise Lilies, that I seen, the last time I visited my Mother. Huge clusters of them, everywhere I looked, their delicate stalks barely able to hold up, all those dainty pink blooming flowers. As I am opening the Bible, glancing around to see what I should read today, I see the word 'lily' stand out. And I read this....

1 Kings 7:19 (The Message)

15-22 First he cast two pillars in bronze, each twenty-seven feet tall and eighteen feet in circumference. He then cast two capitals in bronze to set on the pillars; each capital was seven and a half feet high and flared at the top in the shape of a lily. Each capital was dressed with an elaborate filigree of seven braided chains and a double row of two hundred pomegranates, setting the pillars off magnificently. He set the pillars up in the entrance porch to The Temple; the pillar to the south he named Security (Jachin) and the pillar to the north Stability (Boaz). The capitals were in the shape of lilies.

Jachin....the 'J' on one of the pillars in the High Priestess Card, and Boaz....the 'B' on the other pillar. One represents Security, and the other Stability. I never knew that. How cool! And the pomegranates are there, behind her. A double row of 200, that's a lot of pomegranates. Some think the fruit in the Garden of Eden was pomegranates....not the poor apple that's been blamed for mans downfall.

I also found this...'The completion and printing of the first bible included elements of the Torah, known as the Old Testament. The references to pomegranates remain intact, including the passage: “Let us go early to the vineyards to see... if the pomegranates are in bloom—there I will give you my love.” Song of Solomon 7:12'

And...'During the Persian wedding ceremony, a basket of pomegranates is placed on the ceremonial cloth to symbolize a joyous future. In Turkey, after the marriage ceremony, the bride throws a pomegranate on the ground. The number of arils that fall out are believed to indicate how many children she will have. In Crete, when a bride enters her new home, the groom hands her a pomegranate. In China, a picture of a ripe, open pomegranate is a popular wedding present, expressing the wish, "May you have as many children as there are seeds!"

POM Wonderful: www.pomwonderful.com

And about the Lily....'In early paintings, the Angel Gabriel is seen handing a bouquet of white lilies to the Virgin Mary. In other paintings, the saints are bringing vessels full of lilies to Mary and the baby Jesus. In another legend, a visit to the tomb of Mary three days after her burial found nothing in the tomb except large bunches of lovely lilies. Artists have often used the lily to represent the Resurrection of Mary. The white petals of the lily are said to represent the spotless body of the Virgin Mary and its golden anthers are said to be her soul glowing this heavenly light.'

Lilies and Pomegranates, and the beautiful High Priestess Card.