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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The very different Osho Zen Tarot. Some days I love it, some days not. Today I am drawn to it. I am getting ready to go to stay with my Aunt Rosella for a few days, she is getting out of the hospital today. She fell in her kitchen, and has fractured her back. She taught me how to Quilt, and how to play a mean game of Scrabble. I love her.
I go back to where I grew up, with mixed feelings. So I drew 3 cards to let me know what I am in store for. And it is good. 'Consciousness' would say there is a higher reason for me to be there. 'Success' would say it will be fun and I will be very glad I did this. 'Healing', I need that. And I love seeing that card. The first hand in the picutre I see is the hand over his face, he cannot see what is happening. And the second hand is covering his yellow power center. Feeling powerless, letting go of having power over the situation. Just relax. The heart power center is in full bloom. And that is a good thing. Rather a Miracle. For me. Here is what the book says about this card of Healing...
'It is a time when the deeply buried wounds of the past are coming to the surface, ready and available to be healed. The figure in this card is naked, vunerable, open to the loving touch of existence. The aura around his body is full of light, and the quality of relaxation, caring, and love that surrounds him is so dissolving his struggle and suffering.....In this attitude of opening, and acceptance we can be healed, and help others also be healthy and whole.'
I am taking my camera, hope to get some pictures while I am there. Great Tarot cards to get for today. I feel happy. Bye...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ah.....the Death Card. One of the scary cards in the Tarot Deck. Or so every one believes. The Grim Reaper. Change in the air. Time to go. Breaking up is hard to do. Getting fired. Getting evicted. Getting divorce papers. Maybe losing weight, being Anorexic. Number 13, the unlucky number ( or so most believe ) which equals 4, the Emperor. Stability, Father Time, Structure. Could mean the end of stablilty as you know it. But, could mean changes for the better. Only when you let of what you are hanging onto, can you embrace the good new stuff.
Rarely does this card mean physical Death. It can, but with other dire cards that may surround it. But I really believe that it can mean a person may look Death in the eye, and make the decision then, to stay here of go. But the choice is up to them, at that time. This version of this card is 'Heads rolling.' Chop, chop. Sometimes this card just means something you are waiting on is finally here. Waiting is over. I like the one card here that has the crosses on his robe. If someone crucifies you, forgive them. Let it go. If you don't, it will destroy you. Slowly, inch by inch. The bitterness, the pain, the memories. Take the high road and forgive. Not easy, but so worth it. I try. Time to move on. Give stuff away, clean out the drawers, donate what you no longer need. Don't be afraid of this card, just look at what cards come up beside it to clarify what it is saying. A new cycle of change. Could be good news.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Number 12 in the Major Arcana is the Hanged Man. Interesting. The first thought I have, is he reminds me of Judas. A betrayer that feels remorse, so he kills himself. But I have just read the new book, 'The book of Judas', and I actually believe it. He had a reason to do what he did. And he has a story, that seems to only be heard now. Nothing is as it seems. So, how, and why, would a person be hung upside down in a tree? Did they do that to themselves? Or did someone hang them there, for punishment? Or revenge? Or to kill them? Helpless. Frustrated. Giving up. Why try, it only makes things worse.
Here is the image of the Hanged Man from the Lovers Path Deck, someone walks away. Leaves. And you really can't stop it. Sacrifice. Wait. Everything is in limbo. And the next card in the Tarot is't much better, it will be #13 Death. This is a part of life we all hate. Knowing something is over and you really can't stop it. Then, you find out the rest of the story. And everything changes. It's a time of Surrender. Relax, pray, trust Someone is in control of what you have no clue about. And it will be for a good outcome. No matter how dire it looks today. Crawl back into bed. Be easy on yourself. Cry. Write. Hide out.
Maybe while you are stuck here, look at everything from a different angle. Play the Devil's advocate. Make a game out of it. Many times what we hang onto isn't that great, and something better is just waiting for us, when we make room in our lives for it. Time to clean house. Embrace the changes. It is going into Fall. I see the leaves laying on the grass outside my window. A cycle of life. Jump into it, befriend it. Trust it. It may mean a blessing in disguise. Just call me PollyAnna. Hey, I try. I have spent my time here. And in many ways, I am still here. Waiting. Trusting. So, don't feel alone. This too, shall pass.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Justice. This can be a frightening card, if you have lived a selfish life and intentionally hurt everyone around you. Or a blessing, if you are choosing a life of love and forgiveness. Karma. What comes around, goes around. It's a fact. I think that's one of the good things about being older. You see that Justice really works. It can be going into battle, with a lawyer by your side. It can be a windfall of money, should you be the kind of person always giving to others, without asking it back. Justice see's what you are doing. She evens the score. The peacock feathers painted on her billowy sleeves remind you of the all-seeing eyes of Karma. Weighed in the balances, and found....wanting. The scriptures say. Or found blessed.
I think she can mean to be 'just ice'. Cold, ice cold. Time to stop feeling sorry for people that choose to be hateful and mean. Walk away. Give up, let someone else try to fix them. Cut the ties to anyone that pulls you down, stop casting your pearls before swine. Make a decision to be honest. Honest about what you want from life and what you are willing to do to get it. And take responsiblity for what you choose. You can have what you want, just do it the right way. Speak the truth. And live the truth.
This card is from the beautiful new Llewellyn Tarot deck by Anna-Marie Ferguson. I love it. The colors are soft, and the artwork is delicate. Very feminine. My new favorite deck. I have a new website, it is not completely finished, but should you want to peek, it is MaidenofMysteries.com Have a safe weekend, and fun!