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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I was out taking photo's this week of the tree's in bloom. And the flowers.How beautiful....
Mary Winkler, 32, is jailed on charges of first-degree murder. Authorities say she confessed to shooting her husband but they haven't revealed a motive.

The news media were not allowed inside the church, but those who attended the service said the minister was eulogized as a devoted husband and father.

Barbara Letson of Decatur, Ala., said Eddie Thompson, one of two people leading the service, didn't mention Mary Winkler by name or describe what happened.

"He just said, we're puzzled. That's the word he used: puzzled," Letson said.

Every week I choose an article from the news to draw cards on. This seems quite a mystery. I am using the Durer Tarot Deck. So, my number one question, would be, why did she shoot her husband? I drew the 4 of Pentacles, the 2 of Pentacles, and the Hanged Man. She felt stuck in a situation that was about the money. She was needing something and had felt passed over again and again. The cards say he stuck money back, and she would get half of what she really needed. Then I drew the Ace of Wands, the Star, and the Hermit. She had just started a new job, and happy to be away from him. Even alone. She was overwhelmed and had lost her will to keep trying to make this relationship work. She just wanted to be alone. When I ask the cards, 'what went through her mind, right before she shot him?' I drew the Page of Pentacles, the 6 of Pentacles, and the Chariot'. Again, it was all over money, something was said about her spending money, and she had, had it. All she wanted was to get in the car and never see him again. Usually it isn't the big fight, or something major that is the last straw. It is one tiny little thing, and you just snap. You go somewhere else, and you may not even know you are there. And they are not even aware you are gone. You LOOK like you are there. But your spirit is gone, and you just want to go somewhere far, far, away from the pain. Even in her pictures, she is calm. Reserved, dead. Her spirit has been crushed out of her, little by little. And everyone is ahead of her in the line for his attention. I ask the cards, 'how is she feeling about what happened with her husband, right now?'. I drew the 3 of Pentacles, the Moon and the Tower. I believe she sees the 3 daughters as the 3 pentacles. And she is worried and shocked about what happened. She has had a total breakdown and with the Moon there, I would say some of this is Postpartum Depression. I had it with one of my 3 children, and it was a very real thing and not something I want to ever go through again. I ask the cards, 'did he ever know she needed help?', and I drew the Justice Card, the 8 of Cups and the 9 of Cups. He knew she cried alot, and she told him she felt highs and lows, like bi-polar. I think she felt so alone, and he couldn't figure out why she wasn't happy, he had given her EVERYTHING.Or so he thought. But the Justice card is blind, and cannot see what is right in front of it. This white dove in the 8 of Cups, is so sad, and so alone and tried to put on a happy face, and it just didn't work anymore. She wanted to be free. Free of him. Not the kids, just him. I ask the cards, 'how did he really, really treat her?' I drew the 6 of Wands, the 5 of Pentacles, and the Knight of Swords. He was condecending, the never gave her what she really needed, she was the last on the list to get his attention and love, and he was always going somewhere important. More important than her. If men only knew. You know that sentence in the Marriage Vows that says, 'for this cause, shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife; and they twain shall be one flesh, so then they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.' Mark 10:6-9 Nothing can come between the 2, not children, not the church, not even God. Not his congregration. Not money. She was pushed away. And felt alone. How sad. I think I wonder, why this minister had a loaded pistol in the house. Just wondered.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Please Listen to Me, the Magic of Unsent Letters

I love my job. Every day I get to talk to fasinating people from every corner of the world. They are all just like me. With all the varied experiences we encounter, coming here to planet Earth, we get wounds as part of the package. So, how do we heal these horrible gashes in our soul? I believe the Universe has also given us all the tools we should ever need to heal ourselves.

I hear the questions. I hear your pain...your confusion...the resignation. Is this it? Is this some Cosmic Joke? Where are the instructions on how to survive? Not only survive, but thrive, enjoy the ride, laugh, know the secret. I do not know all the answers, but I have found ONE! The pen IS mightier than the sword.

We all should have learned the art of communication, by now. WRONG. That is the bad news. Sometimes we feel like we don't even speak the same language. We wait for the perfect moment to come up to address an issue, which never does. The timing thing leaves something to be desired. And then, one little push, and out pours everything that has ever been stored in our memories through the eons of time. And usually it is not the happy memories. Great entertainment for the spectators, not so great for the person in the hot seat. And not only do we NOT get the desired result, which I think was to be listened to and validated, but we attack the very person we so wish to connect with and bare our souls to. So, then it goes from bad to worse. James Earl Jones quoted, 'One of the hardest things is having words in your heart that you can't utter.' How true.

I have found a way to speak. To scream. To whisper. To bare every deep feeling. To ask for what I need. To pray. To see visible results. It is not always easy, but I feel this is easier than how I chose to address issues, in the past. To attempt to get the person I want to talk to, to listen to me. When the feelings, the questions, the anger, the pain is right there. Grab a pen and a piece of paper. I actually buy neon colors of printer paper. Reds for anger, passion. Green for gentle healing dialogues. Oranges for LISTEN TO ME. Yellows for happy, thank you, I wish I could see you and touch you, messages. Pinks for, I think I love you. Every color can have a special signifiance, even the color ink pen or marker can add extra energy to your letter.

Write. Write every thing that comes to mind. All the unanswered questions. All the feelings, the words are colors and the pen is the paintbrush. You take the canvas of your soul and paint every emotion vividly and passionately. Once you have written your heart on paper, you visualize a bird. Any bird. Carrying your letter, tied with a ribbon, stamped with a wax seal, to the person you want to talk to. But can't. See the beautiful bird, or nappy old raven, you choose, maybe pigeon carrier, see the bird drop the letter into the hands of the person you want to talk to. In your mind, see the person read it, feel every emotion they would feel as they read your words. Then see the letter melt into the heart of the person, dissolving and permeating into their essence. Watch the face of the person, and see how they react to your letter. The shred or burn the actual letter. Release it, let it go.

Stand back and watch...within 3 days you will have some kind of confirmation from the Universe that the person got the message. Through a dream, or a phone call, or in person. This is one of the most profound ways to heal any situation. Write it out and let it go. You will be astounded at how things start changing and strange things start happening. The Miracle Zone. Try it and email me, my link is on this site. Let me know how it works for you. I know it is working for me. I think I will finish this and write an unsent letter to someone right now....try it and see. You will be astounded. Linda

Thursday, March 23, 2006

This is the Angel at the Memorial Garden here in Springfield. She represents all the victims of abuse. She looks like she has cried until her face is marked by her tears. The bricks in the sidewalk around her, are engraved with the names of people that have died, needlessly. She weeps for the unjust. I love her.

This is the Fool, the first (0) Tarot Card from the Nigel Jackson Deck. I am using Corrine Kenners writing prompt on page 93, of her Tarot Journaling Book. Just love it. All kinds of ideas and inspiration for all the tarot addicts out here. Thank you, Corrine! This is the 'Your own Fool's journey'. Starting with the Fool card, I will list the Major Arcana cards and a memory that card brings to me. My own journey from there to here.

0. The Fool...I believed that if I was the perfect wife and mother my 17 year marriage would last forever.

1. The Magician...I devoted myself to being the best 'Seamstress' around, and found out what I really was, was a talented Designer also. Cool.

2. The High Priestess...Had a praying Grandmother that said my prayers with me every night I lived with her. I still remember that every night now. Thank you, Grandma.

3. The Empress...Had a mother-in-law named Constance, that loved me so much, and she taught me how to be a mother. My daughter Johnna has her figure and her spunky spirit. My daugther Anna has her hands. She lives on...

4. The Emperor...My grandfather George gave me the best Christmas gift I ever had. I was 7, and he ask me what I really wanted. I told him. He found the biggest, fanciest, most beautiful Bride doll and gave her to me for Christmas.I got exactly what I wanted! What a sweet gift.

5. The Hierophant...I got really mad at God and ripped my Bible in half. Then felt guilty, and took my last $20 and went across town, purchased another one. Was on the way home and the motor in my car caught fire and all I got out of the car was me, my purse and that new Bible. And I didn't even have a quarter for the pay phone to call for help. But I had that new Bible. Think that was an accident?

6. The Lovers...Had the sweetest lover, he wrapped himself around my heart, like no one else ever has. The joy was worth the pain. Choices...he didn't choose me.

7. The Chariot...Was terrified of roller coasters. My 16 year old son, Josh talked me into going with him on one at Silver Dollar City. We rode it over and over. Had a blast.

8. Strength...My Yorkie, Bailey died this year. I love that silly dog. I still have not gotten another dog. Still working on this one....

9. The Hermit...I am alone, work alone, sleep alone (#@^*#$@), but I am using my time wisely, writing a new best seller book.

10. The Wheel of Fortune...Moved from my hometown 12 years ago, to Springfield. Hated it at the time. Now, I believe it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

11. Justice...(karma) Had a girlfriend that hurt me beyond words. The truth always comes out. All the stunts she pulled are in a police file today. How sad.

12. The Hanged Man...An unresolved issue with my father, my not be resolved, may never be resolved.

13. Death...Sang at three funerals this last year. Family. Hard, and have not sang in public for 12 years. But, I did it.

14. Temperance...Impatiently looking for the perfectly diet to lose the weight I want off, now. Still working on this one...

15. The Devil...got audited by the IRS.

16. The Tower...The apartments my daughter Anna and her baby Avery, and my other daughter Johnna and a roommate lived in, burned to the ground, while we were all at work that day. But for the grace of strangers, we would have been homeless.

17. The Star...I got to work on Barbra Mandrell's last tour, clothes. Flew with her band to Vegas. She is a doll. Fun, fun.

18. The Moon...Where I feel tonight. Nothing seems to be working out, and when I try to force it, it goes even worse. When you don't know what to do, stop, and take a nap.

19. The Sun...Taking artsy pictures and designing Scrapbooks for my kids to fight over.

20. Judgement...Deciding to leave my fiance of 4 years, as he choose 'Charter & Coke' over me. Hard choice.

21. The World...Seeing the world through my grandson's eyes. Watching them play with their light sabers from Star Wars, and knowing they really will fight the dark side, at some time in their life. And may the Force be with them. Light does overcome darkness. What a gift, they are.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Here is a picture I took of another Angel. I just love her. She radiates Peace. Aren't her halo's beautiful?

The Knights of the Deck. And this is the 'Lovers Path' Deck, very romantic I must say. These guys are the action men. Youngish men. Full of ideas and impulsive leaps of faith in fearless abandon. The Knights in this deck are called 'Princes'. They have the same meaning, and rank third in the Court card order.

The Prince of Cups. Here is the Romeo of the cards. He is so cute, charming, poetic. He is the Knight on the white horse every woman is looking for. His horse must be wandering in the sand on the beach in this card, I don't see him anywhere. He is idealistic, and a lover of life, people, animals. He would really give anything he has to make the world a better place. Loves art, music, writing, daydreaming. Wrote the book on romance.

The Prince of Wands. He is looking at this huge mound of rich dirt behind him, and has an idea he needs to do, right now. The most impulsive of the group, he tends to act first and think later. He can be the hit and run man, like in matters of love, he is right there, 100% rocking your world, then gone like the wind, and good luck finding him. Off to another adventure. Hard to hold on to, has things to do and places to go. Usually without you.

The Prince of Arrows (Swords). He is the computer whiz. And can think it faster than he can do it. He is always far away in his head, but when he comes back to earth, he is your best friend and can really talk and make sense. He is a lover that goes by the book. Not too much imaginaion here. But lets you know what he is thinking and where you are on his most important list. And you want to know what they are thinking? I would think about that.....

The Prince of Coins (Pentacles). Here is the worker. He is figuring out how to make money and alot of it. In dating, he likes the chic to pay her own way, and have a great job and cool place to live, doesn't like anyone leaning on him too hard. He will work 2 jobs to get the fancy car, and the best of the best. In love, he is slow......I mean you begin to wonder if he even notices you. Dress in green, it's his favorite color. But when he finalllllly gets around to be your sweetheart, he is quite intent about staying with the job until is is finished. Get my drift, gals? Plenty of time he will spend on you, and then back to business as ususal.

When any of the Princes or Knights show up in a reading, it means action is being taken, and the cards around that indictate what kind of action and the results. Usually these guys have horses with them, as they need to get somewhere fast. But in this deck, it shows them carrying an item to tell you what they do. I think that of the four here, my favorite is the Prince of Arrows, he is angelic, with wings and the color red. He holds a bow and arrow with a heart on the tip. He is Cupid, and he appears to be looking down on Earth, and finding the right match for the seeking single people. He will do the thinking for us, we can just show up, and watch him at work. He would be my pick today. And those white fluffy clouds around him, just make me want to go back to bed. It is Sunday, the day of rest, you know. Maybe a nap later.....

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Tower, the 7 of Cups, and the 5 of Wands......

I had drawn these cards on Sunday. Drew the same ones twice, and didn't like them, so I just stuck them in the middle of the deck and decided to wait write in here. Then, the tornado sirens start, and it was quite a night here in Mo., I think they said over 100 tornados came and went through out the night, all through this state. Hence, the Tower. No ones favorite card, and with these other 2 cards, rather confusing. Ah, on Monday, now I know why. A real mystery as to where the next tornado was going to fall and at one time there were 5 on the ground in just this area. Alot of praying going on here. And being answered, as to how much damage was done, and how many people were hurt, it was a miracle.

Just glancing at this group of cards, after the fact, I see this Angel cringing as she is flying, her charges in a panic, and even the children terrified. The Lady in Red holding the sheet with the choices, reminds me of the blankets we had stacked to cover outselves with, should we need to. And the five wands clamoring for attention, 5 tornado warnings going off at one time, also that rooster crowing on the top of the building, it would appear we needed to wait until morning to assess the damage. This deck I used is 'The Golden Tarot' by Kat Black. Beautiful and very Renaissance. I love it, but I certainly didn't like what it was predicting. Be careful what you ask for, sometimes the information is right on, however not what you really want to hear. Today, the sun is shining, and I am grateful to be here. Very grateful.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I am working with the Queens of the Tarot today. The Lovers Path deck by Kris Waldherr designed these and did such an excellent job. Each Queen is an aspect of each woman. It is the energy or intent we have at the time of the reading that shows through. Colors, body language, symbols, look at the details....you will recognize someone you know in this group.

Queen of Staves (Wands) she is the go-getter. She had great business ideas and can sweetly talk anyone into backing her. The passionate one, she knows what men want and will eagerly give it to them, and then goes after what she wants, with firey enthusiasm. She would be the friend you call when you are moving and need everything packed in an hour. She gets the job done.

The Queen of Arrows (Swords) she is the only one of this group of 4 that is laying down. she tends to think things to death, then gets into action. Her ideals are high, and she is the hardest on herself. She can be a brilliant writer, teacher, strict mother, equal companion to her husband, but you don't see her melting into a pool of tears over much. She is strong, the one others lean on, and she takes control and can do most things better than anyone else can. Or at least she thinks she can. She would be the friend to call when you need constructive critiscism. Honesty is her hallmark.

The Queen of Cups. Well, this is my world. She is dreamy, artistic, musicial, the poet. She is a great mother, and wife, but spoils everyone she loves silly. She feels things no one else does, and creates art with it. She is the tender one, the one that doesn't get the big deal about womens rights, she just wants her big sweet man to hold her and fend off all the nightmares she has. She is emotional, and feminine. Her home is a haven from the harsh world, she would be the friend you would call for a massage, or a day to run away from work and just play.

The Queen of Coins. She loves her stuff. And usually has a great job and makes plenty of money. She loves investing in land and is great with the stock market. She is a great companion to her husband, as she keeps him out there going up the ladder of success higher and higher. The kids WILL go to college, and the bills WILL get paid on time. She will check out the consumers guide to make sure she is getting the best deal for her money. She would be the friend you would call to help you get a new wardrobe on $50. She knows how to do it and look like you spent $1000. Quite the thrifty one but real, and loyal. She would be like a sister to everyone.

Every woman can be all of these Queens at any given time. Without us in the deck, nothing would ever get done. The men would be out hunting and fishing. These chic's are the workers and power behind the men. When women decide to get something done, it gets done, and now. We don't have time to waste, got to get on to the next thing to do. Honor the Queens in your life today. They need it!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Before you even look at the card, complete this sentence:

Today, I learned something new: __________.

Write for as long as you need to describe something you've learned
today. It can be a big lesson -- or a small one. It might even be a
simple fact you gleaned from the morning news.

When you've finished completing the prompt, turn over the card you
pulled and determine how it's connected to what you've learned.

The __________ card reinforces that lesson, because __________.

Tarot journaling prompts are designed simply to get your pen moving on
the page. Tarot journaling prompts are quick, easy, and fun ... and
they often lead to some surprising revelations.

One new thing I learned today is a friend of mine broke up with his wife, and called me to see if I was interested in seeing him, you know, dating. I thought it funny I drew this card for this journal excersize, today. This card shows a man that has pushed his own cup, to the far corner of the small table they share. It appears they are drinking from the same cup, and have grown old together and are still holding hands and sharing simple pleasures together. I know the man that called me this morning, and I, have nothing in common. I want what the couple in this card have. This simple 'togetherness'. There is more to being a couple than just looking the part. It is what others cannot see, that defines you. And how much you desire to share your drink, or share your heart, soul, money, kids, the whole thing. I want the whole thing. I wish him well on his journey, he will find someone that wants what he wants, it's just not me.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Tillman, 27, died on April 22, 2004, when he was struck by gunfire during a firefight along a canyon road near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. The Army said at the time that the barrage of bullets came from enemy fire.

A report by the Army later found that troops with Tillman knew at the time that friendly fire had killed the football star. Officers destroyed critical evidence and concealed the truth from Tillman's brother, also an Army Ranger, who was nearby, the report found.

Every week I find something in the news and do a reading on it. This week I am asking the Tarot, what happened to Pat Tillman? I am using the Universal Tarot by Roberto De Angelis. Using 3 cards spreads, the first question I ask is, was this an accident? I drew the 9 of Swords, the 7 of Pentacles, the Hermit and the 4 of Pentacles fell out on top of the 3 I had drawn, as if to say, look at me, I know something, too. Appears it was not an accident, he had been threatened and was concerned by a group of 4 men that had an attitude about him. I think it is called jealousy. The Hermits says it is hidden and that 4 again indicates they will try and cover for 4 men that are guilty. I ask: was Pat killed by enemy fire? I drew the Ace of Cups, the 5 of Pentacles, and the 9 of Wands. I say no. By someone he thought was his friend, and in an open place that he would have little to protect him. Will the truth come out about who did this to him? I drew the Knight of Swords, the Ace of Pentacles, and the Empress. I get Yes. And quickly. This mother is angry and I cannot blame her. I have a son just one year younger that Pat. She will spare nothing to get the truth, spend whatever it takes, and make enough noise to raise the roof, until she is handed the truth. I ask, in timing, when will we find out what really happened to Pat, I drew the Moon, the Temperance Card and the 6 of Pentacles. Looks like they really try to hide this in the dark, (that card can mean hidden enemies) and it will go slooooow, 6 months from now until a clear, honest, answer comes out. I ask, Why, did this happen to Pat? I drew the Wheel of Fortune, the 4 of Wands, and the Star. Wow. They thought he was lucky, had everything any man could ever want, and was a 'Star'. How sad. He had really done something with his short life and was such a beautiful young man. I see 4 images around the Wheel card, in yellow, today that appears as cowards, and each holds a book, like they are doctoring the books, the records. But the Truth will come out. I also looked at the numerology on the date he died. April 22, 2004=14, the Temperance Card. On the lineup on the Tarot, is the Death card (13) the Temperance card (14) and the Devil card (15). Looks like he was an Angel, sent for a purpose, he knew he was surrounded by these dark forces. How sad they came not only from the enemy, but from his own unit. My prayers are with his family.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

I want to talk about the men tonight. The Kings of the Tarot. This is the beautiful Lovers Path Tarot by Kris Waldherr. 75% of the questions I get ask during a reading is about a man. And we all wonder, what are they thinking and what are they feeling. News flash, girls, they are not anything like us. Not complex, not mysterious, pretty much what you see is what you get.
The King of Arrows (Swords) rules the Air realm, the brainy man. He can talk as much as you and beat you at Scrabble. He can fix your computer and knows how to fix everything else, maybe not do it, but knows how to. In matters of love, he can read your mind and get right to the point. No waiting around for him, he may think about it, but he will outsmart all the other men if he wants you and surprise you with his wisdom.
The King of Staves (Wands) rules the fire realm. This is Mr. I wrote the book on Sex and want to now demomstrate how I did it. He is impulsive and sweeps you off your feet with coming after you. Steamy and touchy, this man has that swagger that draws women like flies. He is sweet in small doses, but he is always wanting adventure and fun, every day. Hold onto your socks, and every other piece of clothing, he can really be a charmer.
Ah, the King of Pentacles. This man loves his home, his stuff, his woman. He may take forever getting around to telling and showing you how much he loves you. But, WOW, the wait is so worth it. He is a workaholic, and saver. He will always have the money stashed away for that rainy day. In matters of love, he is the most dependable man of the 4 Kings, maybe a little boring, but always there. Give him points for that.
Mr. King of Cups, the Mystic, the Artist, the Musician. He can weave poetry around your soul so softly that you don't even see it coming. He is the tenderest lover and sweetest friend. He can get moody and need you, maybe a little more than the other kings, but it is so endearing. Everyone needs to be needed. Puppy dog eyes this one has. Watch your heart, he will steal it so fast.....and treat it with tenderness. My money is on this one.
During a reading your man may come up as any one of the Kings, not depending on his birth Astrology sign, but the energy he is in at the time of the reading. Everyman had the qualities of all 4 of these men. Just think, four in one, what a deal.....

Friday, March 03, 2006

This is the Goddess of Compassion. She sits on my dresser and watches over me. Another one of my photos I took this week, in my spare (?) time.

This is the Archeon Tarot deck created by a very talented, artistic, Pisces man, Timothy Lantz. It is so vivid and deep, I love it, so I am using it today to see what the cards have to say. The 8 of Pentacles, the World, the 7 of Pentacles. First thing I see is that both the people, a man and a woman are looking at each other, and a huge tree ablaze with color is right between them. He is busy working, getting his job done, whether it is a days work or this lifes work, he is completely focused on his job. She seems to be embracing the pentacle she is holding, leaning into it and looking intently at all the other pentacles on the tree. She has accomplished much and is very 'into' whatever she does, she has passion and has focused her passion on her creations, of art or whatever she loves. They both have much in common, this kind of reminds me of how the lovers card is, a man and a woman with the tree of good and evil in the garden. I think both these people are so caught up in what they do that they have forgotten anyone else is even around. All work and no play. I love the shade of blue in the sky on the World card, it says, look up, and enjoy the view. You have accomplished much, stop trying so hard and take a walk in the park. Be tempted by the Serpent in the Tree, the weekend is here, so enjoy it. I think I will....

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I drew 2 cards today from the 'Tarot of Dreams' by Ciro Marchetti. His artwork is really beautiful and the cards are so detailed and colors brilliant. Today is my birthday, and I wanted to see what the Tarot would say about what this new year will bring. The Star is one of the best cards to ever draw, and she is surrounded by stars, beautiful and spiritual. She has 2 gifts she is giving and they both are filled with the colors of the rainbows, divine. The Knight of Swords charges forward to conquer all anxiety and is a great 'keep your back' card. It can also represent my writing, bringing the thoughts from the Star card, placing them on paper, and sharing them with anyone interested. All the colors of blue that appear here can represent the power of speech, and a message of Peace. Nice. I had a great day.

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