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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

'Something' Tarot Reading

Using the very beautiful, vintage looking, 'Old English Tarot' by Maggie Kneen. One of my favorites, I love the gentle art, the graceful imagery, the soft colors. In this age of vivid sci-fi Tarot, this deck is a welcome deck to play with. Even the backs of the Cards, look like a favorite old red Quilt, stitched by someone that loves you. Nice.

Using these 3 questions with these 3 cards, here is my reading:

Something to Think About....5 of Wands

I see black crows scarfing down the garden. Reminds me of the plagues of Egypt. Maybe this is from going shopping, for food, and I cannot believe the prices. Being a '5' can mean being at a crossroad. I usually shop for whatever I am hungry for at that moment...wow. I am starting to even make a list, sort of budget. Have a plan. Be aware of how I have wasted food in the past, appreciate it just a bit more, and be wiser in my choices.

Something to Do....The Devil

How funny! I think I need to 'be' the Devil. Embrace the dark side. Had a phone call from the past, last night. I thought someone had died, why else would THAT person be calling me? Ugh. The Devil is actually one of the four Angels of the Tarot. The fallen Angel. The one on my shoulder whispering, go ahead and take the call. And I did. Maybe it was closure. Isn't that what we call it when it really is mucking around in the past and wondering why the hell whatever happened, happened? A trip to Hell, with this charming escort. Another version of 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.' Don't you love that one? One good aspect of the Devil, is being stubborn, bitchy, holding that person on the line while you tell them your version of the truth. Torture him just a bit. Ah, on the the next card...

Something to Love....the World

I love this card. She dances, naked and beautiful. Each image on the corner of the card, the Angel, the Eagle, the Bull, and the Lion, represent all the aspects of the Astrology Signs. She has been tested by them all, and passed the test with flying colors! The wreath of Victory is hers! And what do I have to celebrate? Saturday night was very, very good. Ah. I think dancing is the secret to her smile...!