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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I drew these 3 cards from the Durer Deck tonight, I am just playing around with the cards and wanted to see what they say tonight. Doing the reading method of 'Best, Worst, and Spiritual,' these are 3 ways to interpret this layout.

Best: Even though is seems she is doing mundane work, this lady has a brilliant idea that she is nurturing, and in time she will be head of the company.

Worst: She feels like Cinderella, always the one left to do all the work. Finally, her chance to really show how talented she is comes, and she is too afraid and pessimistic to really leave her safe little spot.

Spiritual: Waiting and trusting that all things come to those who wait, she knows that when the time is right, everything she has visualized will manifest, perfectly.

Patience and focus seem to be the theme here, and recognizing when the answer comes, it may not be what you think it will be, it just might be better. Faith......
I wrote this about my father.

O, Ship Master
Your steps echo
into my depths
Your piercing blue eyes
cold, freezing cold
look away from me.
Is there a heart
beneath the tattered clothing
you wear?
I feel it not.

I swim beneath
your ship.
You recognize me not.
A Nymph of the Sea
I am foriegn to you.
I exist, to love.

Which lucky man
will net me?
Destiny will choose.

For you know not,
the Queen, I am.

A luminous Pearl
hidden beneath your feet.
You drift above, uncaring.
Casting your line away...
far away from my reaching grasp.

Your destination
is not mine.
Gazing on, you see me not.
Elusively, I plunge into the deep
my silent home.

Per chance, we pass again
I pray your eyes would see me,
The frozen place in your heart
would melt...

The Water Nymph,
at long last,
loved by the Sea Man.
All this life
I have waited...in vain.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

I have started writing a book, and it has something to do with the Tarot, but I'm not telling what. You will just have to wait. So, I am drawing 3 cards from the Durer Tarot Deck, to see what the cards have to say about my first 'published' book...I drew the 2 of Cups, the Wheel of Fortune and the Queen of Cups. How sweet! It is a merger of 2 subjects I love, quite a perfect blend, and wonderful timing, and luck with the writing, printing,& promoting. Yes, yes. I am the Queen of Cups, capturing ideas from my vast imaginaion, and ready to write what I have discovered. Two birds in flight, say, fly with this and don't slow down. I am.....

I have a wonderful circle of friends that have published books, I appreciate their encouragement and criticisms. It's like they are saying, 'come on in, the water's fine!'. Birds of a feather, you know.

I spent the morning out with a friend taking more Angel pictures. If there are any Angels in this town, I intend to find them. And have found quite an assortment. So, that is what I am doing when I am not working, looking for Angels. I am posting a new picture of one tomorrow.
Van der Sloot said he spent time on a beach with Holloway before leaving her there -- the last time he saw her "she was sitting on the sand by the ocean."

"We cuddled awhile on the beach just laying there ... until I said, about time to walk her back to her hotel," he told "Primetime." "At that moment, she said she didn't want to go back to her hotel and she wanted me to stay with her, because it was her last night. I tried to convince her to go back to the hotel and she said just put me down."

This was posted on AOL, after I had written about Natalie that same day. Did you notice the last of the statement above, "and she said, just put me down." Why was he having to carry her? Was she unable to walk? I think most of what he said was lies. And why did he feel the need to come forward now, and make a statement? I drew 3 cards from the Durer Tarot Deck and I got the Fool, the World, and the 2 of Pentacles. Seems like 2 pieces of very incriminating evidence are getting ready to surface, and he is stepping ahead of the impending shadow this will cast over him. Not for long, he is foolish to try to cover it up. I would watch the news, I feel in the next 2 weeks someone will come forward and talk about this, more details will come out. And not to his credit. Time will tell....

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Once a week I am doing a reading on something in the news, just curious to see what the Tarot would have to say about mysterious subjects that there seem to be no answer to. I am using the Archeon Deck, dark and artsy. It is one I love because it is so different and the cards seem to really speak to me. My question this morning is, where is Natalee Holloway? I am drawing 3 cards for each question, I got The Fool, the Ace of Cups, and the King of Cups. Looking into the imagery of these cards, I see a group of skulls beside the King holding the beautiful goblet that she foolishly drank from. I believe that this one man is responsible and he knows where she is. I say her drink was tainted, he has his fist covering his mouth, as he isn't telling, it was just a joke, he thought. I ask, is she still alive. I drew the 3 of Pentacles, the 7 of Cups, and the 7 of Wands. Because the only card that shows a person, is the 7 of Cups and it shows her flying through the dark night into the heavens, no. I see a empty hall in a silent house that knows the answer, but is not telling. The story here is...3 people traveled into the night, a massive mansion is fiercely protected, even as I write this I get dizzy, it feels like she had passed out and never knew what happened. I ask, will they ever find her body, I drew the Star, Temperance, and the 9 of Swords. I say no. She is above, looking down, she is at Peace and the first thing I see in that 9 of Swords is a gaping mouth with huge teeth, and an Angel that holds her. With these 9 cards on the table, my guess is that she was drugged and taken to a beach where she 'accidently' passed out and died. Her body was taken by boat far into the water by a man and his father, and she was left in the Ocean. I ask one last question, will they ever find her body, I drew the 10 of Swords, the 8 of Cups, and the 6 of Swords. I say no. The images here depict a violent ending with her soul leaving in the darkness, her Spirit sailing to the other side, and there is that image of a boat that was the last thing that carried her energy here on earth. I think the tip that was called in this week was just a hoax to get them looking in the wrong direction. I drew cards on the tip, I drew the 5 of Swords, the Devil and the King of Wands. A distraction by a liar, a man of Power with a dark past. What a waste. Yet, see how much she was loved by her friends and family, they have stopped at nothing to find her. Sad story. Tragic ending.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Here is another picture I took last week. She is an Angel from the Memorial Garden in Phelps Grove Park here in Springfield. Isn't she beautiful?
Today I ask the Durer Deck, what am I working on this week? Just for kicks to see what shows up, I got the 4 of Swords, the Fool, and the Ace of Swords. I am working on looking at things I usually do not see when I first glance at the spread. So, with this in mind, the first thing I see is the Jester on the end of the stick the Fool is carrying, and his red boots, his attitude is one of kiss this, as he moons the artist. The fox in the 4 of Swords has his little paw stuck in a steel trap, and trying to get free is just causing him more pain. Got it. And that Ace of Swords, the fox is free and teaching her babies how to outsmart the things out in the big world that would trap them. Or maybe that fox trapped is the man fox and he is stuck somewhere and can't call home, she is getting really anxious wondering what happened to him, where is he? The Fool is either crazy or really brilliant, like crazy like a fox. So, wondering how this would apply to me, I say I need to just trust that a situtation is working itself out, and stay put until I get the papers in the mail. Relax, it's all good. Stay close to home. Get those red high heels ready to celebrate when I get the good news.And the red purse and the little red dress......

Sunday, February 19, 2006

I was out with my camera and my grandson Avery, he is 12, and we were out taking pictures, it was a gorgeous day, perfect for just stopping anywhere that caught our attention and getting a picture of it. And we stopped in a cemetery, I spotted an Angel kneeling, and got this picture. Look at her halo's, isn't she beautiful?
While I was working on Keen last night,(NOT ON A DATE, NOT BITTER YOU SEE) I was looking through a stack of writing & journaling magazines that are taking over a corner in my tiny studio. I found all sorts of ideas to use with journaling with my cards. On this frosty morning, I am using the Mythic Tarot, which is the very first Tarot deck I ever held. It was a gift for my daughter, and I was warning her about how evil ( I have come a long way...) I had 'heard' those cards could be. Never say never. I now collect EVERY deck I can get ahold of and love them dearly. Nothing evil about the Tarot, it is the intention the reader uses that makes them a enlightening gift, or message of doom and gloom. The writing prompt was to write a story about 3 people, weave it together and let the characters tell their story. I drew three cards. The Ace of Wands, depicting a massive, hunky man holding a blazing torch in one hand and a globe of the world in the other. Over his shoulder lays the golden fleece of victory. Next we have the Hanged Man, this guy is having a hard time, he has lost all his clothes, except a loin cloth, that could be interesting.... and is tied to the top of a huge boulder, and his wrists are tied to something you cannot see, like a stake in the ground. His only companion in this card is a golden eagle, flying by, no doubt wondering how this man got in this mess. 7 of Cups has 2 women, one in a kneeling in prayer, and the other standing on the water (like a spiritual guide) pointing to 7 golden cups in the clouds above the chic in prayer. Looks like the answers are right above her, and she hasn't seen them yet, and needs her angelic friend to point them out to her. Seems her prayer has been answered in 7 different ways, and she must now choose which answer she wants. And the story begins.....Mr. King of the Hill has the world be the tail, he has written the book on 'how to be the best and have it all'. Along comes life's little humbling lessons, and he wakes up to find himself in the desert with nothing but his underware, all his adoring fans are gone, all the trappings of his wealth, gone, his power and pride, gone. Time to rethink who he really is and what is really important. One woman seems to love him in spite of the loss of precious stuff, and she actually prays for the arrogant jerk. The answer to the prayer is already there. What was of real value, was what the cups hold, love. 7 is a number of mystery, and this mystery is why he thought everything but love would bring him happiness. Not. She is what his hand seems to be reaching out to, and her back is turned to him, feeling like she never was anything he thought special. Just another chic. Funny, as I type, in the background is the stereo playing the song 'I'm holding on to love to save my life', by Shania. How ironic. And I don't even like Shania, I'm just jealous of her, really, really am. Back to the story....Looks like the ending to the movie Tombstone, when hunky Kurt Russell (Wyatt) has lost everything, and goes searching for the one woman he never forgot, Josie and finds her. Ah, lucky girl, I wish they would have followed them the rest of that night, now that would have really been a movie to keep.......

Friday, February 17, 2006

I have not written much this week, been too busy. I have company tonight, my cousin Diana, she is like a sister to me, we tend to get into trouble=have too much fun, when we are together. I wanted to journal tonight, and ask the Tarot, and am using the Durer Tarot, to just tell me what I need to know....I know I seem to be vague, but I am just in this strange place tonight, and would rather not ask a question, just see what cards pop up. The Ace of Cups, the 7 of Swords, and the Empress. Joy, sweet happiness comes racing toward this Queen Mother. She is sitting with a monkey on her back, I see that, as she has her own demons to wrestle with. The fox is being chased by a host of men, encouraging him to keep on going in the direction of his heart, and not to stop running, but to her, not away from her. She sees this someone that has been running in circles is finally running home to stay. The Ace of Cups is one of my favorite cards, as it means tender love, emotions, release of fear, and this white dove of peace bringing an answer to prayers. A sweet group of cards, looks like this waiting woman can see this 'fox' running into her arms and happily staying. A hopeful romantic I am......

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

This post is a follow-up with yesterdays post. I had drawn the Moon card, on the Full moon, and Death, and the Ace of Pentacles. I had, had a strange feeling about the trio when I first seen them and almost reshuffled the deck and chose again. But, more often than not, the same cards will reappear, or other cards that have a similar meaning will show up. It seems to repeat itself, the Tarot, until you get the message. I had a dear friend,Bob, call me last week and ask for a reading around his sister, she was in the hospital and just found out she had lung and liver cancer. A heavy smoker, I hate cigarettes. He wanted to know what the cards said about her recovery. I cannot remember each card I drew that night, but it wasn't good. I kept picking up something would be significant in one week, hoping it meant they would find a treatment to stop the disease. Each time I reshuffled and ask the question a different way, I got a swift, painful ending. I told him to just be with her as much as he could, her body was really sick. I opened my email to recieve the news, she died this morning. I cannot say I seen it happening this fast, I did see her being better in a week, thinking a treatment had been found. She is better, she is out of pain and bathed in the Light of God's Love. I met her last year at Christmas, even made her a beautiful Christmas hostess apron, as a gift. She loved it. The cards can have messages on different levels. I think the reading I did yesterday was for me, and for Bev. For her they would have been saying, in one night, death comes, bringing her a new home, a new body, a new beginning. In the cycle of life, on the heels of the end is a new beginning. I will send her flowers today, she was a sweetheart, and on Valentines Day, what an exit. She was one classy lady.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Had a great weekend, heard a really good band, the Domino Kings, Saturday night, watched it snow like crazy while I drank hot Baileys and Coffee. Staying in all day Sunday and did readings online for all my inquisitive friends. Just drawing cards at ramdom today, from the Durer Deck, I drew the Moon, Death, and the Ace of Pentacles. At first glance, was tempted to reshuffle. But no, think I will just see what message floats up...feels like the full moon yesterday may be bringing in some 'cleaning house" energy. Time to stop things that are not working for me and start new projects. The girl in the moon card looks sad, like she really doesn't want to give up on something or someone, but Death comes sweeping by and is dragging that glass 'sands of time' thing around with him. Yet right next to the grim reaper is the new Ace of Pentacles. Bright shiny and new, and passion renewed, a gift, something real, and of solid substance. Time to clean out the closets, and and the friend list, and whatever isn't working for me, just pass it on to someone that it just may work for. Many people freak when the Death card comes up, but it really isn't predicting dire news, just look at the cards next to it and see what it is saying. It ususally means letting go, stopping something, time to move on, losing weight, moving, quitting something, the 'I'm outta here', card. The full moon was in Leo, and that is such fun to work with, not. We shall see.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Another way to read your cards, getting to know them, is to draw 3 cards from your very favorite deck, tonight mine is the Lovers Path Tarot by Kris Waldherr. You have your 3 cards before you, and you journal on three different ways these chosen cards can be interpreted. The first catagory is 'the best, sort of a Pollyanna reading, the second is the worst, bad news scenerio, and the third is the Spiritual messge version. I started to ask a question to go with this little excersize, the just said, surprise me. I drew these 3 cards: Queen of Arrows, the Ace of Cups, and the Judgement Card.--Best news: I see a brilliantly smart woman, alone by her own choice and loving her lofty perch on the mountain top, rather smug. Love comes to her, he seeks her out, one starry night he finds her, hidden away and comes to her. She is happy, happy. There is a barrier to them being together, but not much of one, and he works hard to knowk down whatever flimsy walls that would seperate them,to be the lucky man in her world. And they lived happily ever after.--Second way to tell the story (worst news): Here is this lonely, mental, calculating woman. She knows she is smart, and has a bad attitude to go with it. She has someone she loves, but there is a wall that seperates them and she has gotten bitter and despaired that they will ever really be together. Her love for him, and he appears the only man brave enough to climb the high mountain she has hidden herself away on, is still there, but has turned into anger and bitterness. As he looks at her from the distance, he sees the woman he loves, but she always steps away and he can never quite reach her. He is still in the picture, however on the edge and ready to give up and let her remember him as one who dared, but never won her heart. ---And the Spiritual version would be...A lady comfortable with solitude and a life of prayer, waits on the Universe to bring her true love, to her. She believes she can accomplish more by staying put and letting Spirit bring him to her. He is her Holy Grail, as she is his. He is seeking her, and follows the signs on the path to her warm and cozy castle. As she gazes out the window, she see's a man approaching, he appears to be a common man (most women would overlook at first glance, yet hidden beneath the work clothes, is a heart of gold), he is carrying a rake to clear his path to get to her. She is confident that he is her love, and he lets nothing stop him to find her and be with her. They both have held a holy vision of what love would be like with the one Spirit would send them, and in one day, they are together.--So, as you play with different ways to view the cards, sometimes all 3 ways blend into the reading, or you may be drawn to one more than another. This is fun to draw each morning,writing it down and later see which version was the one your day was.

Friday, February 10, 2006

I love using different decks. Each Tarot Deck is infused with the ideas of the artist that created it, and all the varied backgrounds, types of people, symbols, colors; paint a visual canvas to me to work with. I am using the Golden Tarot of Klimt this morning, quite a challenge to read with,but beautiful with gold shimmering on each card. As a Seamstress, I am like these because they almost resemble quilts, the artwork is patchs of colors in strange combinations that would ask you to stop and think before you voice what you see. Sort of takes a moment to surface, the message of these cards. When I ask, what do I need to know about today...I drew the 3 of Pentacles, the Stars, and the Hermit. How funny. There is a musician playing a golden harp, 3 very different golden orbs float above her, music flows from her gift, the Stars has 2 women embracing with joy and this 'all is perfct in the world' feeling, followed by the Hermit, walking away alone, following his path of solitude, to just think about what has happened this day. I am meeting two girlfriends from high school for lunch today. We have not seen each other for 5 or 6 years. One has just moved back to this area, and the other has moved to a new home and been busy with her life. In some ways getting together brings some anxiety, like, what have you done with your life and are you happy. I have been the Hermit, and devoted myself to study and medidation, and the Tarot. We are all very different and yet want the same thing, to be happy and loved. So, I think the cards say we will have a great time and meet again soon. Strange how some people drift back and forth through your life, you may not see each other for years, and then you are having coffee and it feels like time has stood still. Great cards for my day.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Yesterday I had a client that was so angry, at me, at God, at life. She was screaming the word 'WHY' over and over, before hanging up on me, loudly. Then in traffic, as I went to see a Yorkie I wanted to bring home with me (but didn't, as he looked like a rat and didn't like me at all, I am waiting on the next batch of puppies to be ready to go), I seen a license plate with the letters spelling out 'why'. And before I go to bed, I have a friend call and lament as to 'why' it is so hard to have what you want. I ask the Durer Tarot, why? I drew the Hanged Man, the 10 of Wands, and the 3 of Pentacles. The Hanged man would be the strongest card, as a Major Arcana, and he is yelling 'why' also. Appears to be stuck and cannot help himslelf. But only stuck by a tiny rope wrapped around his ankle. In the 10 of Wands, you see a beautiful home, villa, and behind it is a massive fire, in front of it is a wall of 10 tall sticks like a small fence, appearing to keep someone out.You don't know what to look at first on this card. Like, is it just a brush fire someone has under control, or is it racing toward the home and that little fence would really keep no one out if they really wanted to go to the house. It is a card of distractions. Where do you go first, you cannot choose so you just stand there, and do nothing. And the 3 of Pentacles, this guy has it figured out. He is by himself, he had finished one project, at a time and done a fine artistic job on each. He is leaning on his last masterpiece to help him reach to finish the beautiful chiseled eagle he is working on now. My take on these cards as an answer to the 'why', is we (I) get distracted and let little unimportant things catch our wandering attention. If we were to follow around the carver here, we would see he knows how to focus his intent like a laser and stay with one thing until it is finished and move on 100% to the next goal. No problem. Stop talking and do it. Like Peter walking on the water to Jesus, as long as he was focused on Jesus and his words, he was just fine, but when he noticed the wind and the high waves, he got 'distracted' and down he went. Get rid of the crap you don't want or need, simplify, and stay with one goal at a time.And stop listening to people that don't believe you. Just do it....

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It is snowing big fluffy snowflakes here today. A nice day to be inside writing. I have a method of journaling that has really helped me get into the card I am working with. It is called 'Alphabet Poem'. You draw a card or choose on you are drawn to and list the alphabet, going with whatever you feel and see in that card. I am using the Durer Tarot Deck, on of my favorites, I love the detailed artwork & the easy colors.Ahh, I drew the Hermit. So, I will give you an example of how this works, and you can do it to get to know your cards better.....
A.Alone he sits, thinking about why he is alone. B. Believing that his wisdom is a gift he recieved from choosing this path of being alone. C.Can answer questions no one else has answers for. D. Divine companionship from the animals here. E. Enough thinking, time to take a nap. F. Friends don't understand why he enjoys his solitude. G.God comes to him through small quiet whispers. H. Hidden under his heavy woolen robe, is a lonely heart. I. Ignorance is not acceptable. J. Joy comes from unexpected gifts, that life brings right to his front door. K. Keep praying, you are not really alone. L. Lost in the sixties, cannot get past memories of the good old days. M. Medidation takes him through time and space, what a trip. N. Noise from the outside world jars his gentle soul. O. Oracles come from the signs in nature all around him. P. Page by page he records his thoughts. Q. Questioning everything, he is quite a rebel. R. Real wisdom cannot be taught, it is earned. S. Staying in one place keeps him grounded, confident. T. Trying for figure out why everyone wants what they do not have. U. Understanding the language of the animals, his friends. V.Very happy, with little. W. Waiting, not a problem, he considers it surrender. X. X-ray vision he has through the darkness. Y. Yesterday was his holy teacher. Z. Zen is his path. A joyful one of peace..........As you try this, you will find all kinds of details popping out and you will get to know the card 26 new ways. On a personal level, this card reminds me of John the Baptist. A man in a cave, on a mission, but one most people don't get. I am glad it is just one of the 22 Major Arcana, so when you are walking in the Hermit' shoes, it is just for today. Tomorrow brings a whole new adventure. Sometimes a day in solitude is healing and just what you need. So, don't fight it, just go back to bed.

Monday, February 06, 2006

I was just glancing through the book 'Tarot Tells the Tale' by James Ricklef, and wanted to use some of his ideas for my journal tonight. He uses simple layouts, which I love, to get to the answers you may ask. I am using the Durer Tarot Deck tonight, and am asking a question about whether I should get another puppy or not. I had a Yorkie named Bailey for 6 years, and she is gone. I cannot decide if I want another or not....So, I ask my cards these 3 questions....1.What do I really want:
Ace of Pentacles. I want one, puppy, and since it is an ace, I see it as a yes. And since it is the Ace of Pentacles, I see the money is there to buy the dog and what I would need for the dog. No problem. 2.What hinders you? Ha, the 4 of Wands card. That is the marriage card. I would think that means that if I met a man that I would want to be with, he might not want a dog, or he could already have a dog. So, I wonder if the cards are saying I feel like I could have to choose between a furry pet or a man pet. Funny. Well, when I find the man, I hope he and the dog will like each other. I'll worry about that when I need to. Not tonight. 3.Advice for my next step: Strength. Do it. This man is wrestling with a lion, and winning. I just want a little dog, and am going to see one tomorrow. Could it be love at first sight? This animal on the Strength Card seems a little out of control, so I may have my work cut out for me. I'm ready. Bring it on. I get a big 'yes' from these cards. So, I am going puppy shopping. Keep you posted....

Sunday, February 05, 2006

One thing you can do with the Tarot is to take a photo and draw 3 cards to tell a story about the picture. This is my grandson David Noah. The goal here was to dress him in a vintage baby gown, place him in the center of the bed (which was covered in all white) and have him pose. Yeah, right. He was all over the bed, and off the bed, and this being the last picture on the roll of film, I ask my daughter to just grab him and hold him still, which she did. This turned out to be the best picture of the photo shoot/wrestling match. These are the 3 Tarot cards from the Gilded Tarot Deck, the Knight of Cups, the 10 of Cups and the Page of Cups, that my story will come from. Once upon a time, there was one little boy that lived in this happy home, (Avery, the older brother of David)he wanted to have a brother soooo bad, and prayed that God would give him a brother. Mom and Dad had waited a long time, 10 years, and no other babies. Seemed this artsy (he's a Cancer, talented, already entering Photo Contests at 12 years old) young man would be an only child. Then, one day mom thinks she has some strange flu, coffee makes her sick in the morning. The gifted grandmother (me) predicts a new baby. But is told no, could not be, but little Averys prayer is answered and in one week the news is out, a baby is coming. This happy home in the cards, is truly happy, for the arrival of tiny David was a gift that has brought much joy to that little home. The cards show a young man on either side of this home, like blessings on both sides, and all the cards being Cups, this is about emotional blessings. I love this picture, as she kisses his little head, it shows how much love & tenderness she holds him with. Sweet. If this photo were a Tarot card, I would say it is the Ace of Cups. Every child holds within it's tiny soul so much promise, and pure, untainted love. And they all lived happily ever after......

Saturday, February 04, 2006

This week, I'd like you to try it. Simply go through your deck, face
up, and choose a card (or two, or three) to illustrate recent events
in your life. Once you've chosen your card(s), describe their
significance in your tarot journal.

I had kind of a dramatic week, so I've already posted my three cards
over on my blog at http://www.corrinekenner.com/blog.htm .

I love her work, and so respect Corrine Kenner, that I copied this from one of her journaling posts. I am using this method today, going throught the cards and choosing 3, face up, to describe how this week has been in my little world. The deck that I am using is the new 'Golden Tarot of Klimt' by Gustav Klimt. Very artsy, edgy, gilded with shimmery gold, alot of nudity (hey, I get bored here all by myself) and the art in his card tend to bring out different ideas, energy,& answers, than some of the other decks I use. The 3 cards I chose were: 10 of Cups, the Hierophant, and the 2 of Cups. Last night would be the 10 of Cups, I was ask to be the entertainment for the Ozark Dressage Society. What a hoot. I have read for this party of wonderful women for the last 4 years, at their once a year, all you can eat, open bar, talking over each other louder and louder, screeching with laughter, slumber party. And, this year, thank you Jesus, was a fountain of melted dark sweet chocolate with all sorts of fruit and candy to dunk in the wonderful stuff. I was in heaven. And they love me, they are such a cool group to read for,so, this 10 of Cups with all the happy girls piled together with wine glasses all around the border of the card, look pretty much like last night. Fun. Next card, the Hierophant. He stands with his arms crossed,looks like he has a surprise gift hidden in the pocket on his golden coat of may colors. He has his hand on his chest, like seeing me brings him happiness and he (usually appears so stern) looks gentle and approachable. Real, he looks like a friend. I discovered this book last week, (another for the massive collection) named, 'Surprise Me', by Terry Esau. A book on Prayer, a 30 day Prayer experiment on not asking God for anything, no begging, bribing, whiney prayer, just 3 words you pray for 30 days, 'surprise me, God'. I am doing it. I catch myself in traffic (that is where I do my best praying, don't ask) starting to remind God of several things he may have overlooked this week, and I suddenly stop. I shut up. Now, that's amazing. And all sorts of cool things are happening, just small gifts, but hey, I think I'm getting it. The 3rd card is the 2 of Cups. The stage is set in this card with a man and a woman together, sort of. She is sitting on a bench with a golden patchwork quilt covering it, her jade green gown has fallen to her knees, and she is almost naked (well, that didn't happen, but I have this vivid imagination) and her body language is that her arms are crossed over her heart, and her face is turned away, she is leaning away from him. He is standing behind her, his strong arms holding onto her tightly, and his face is one of 'I wish things were not this way, but they are'. He is only there for a moment, and gone. He is careful to not look into her sad eyes, he has to go. This card is tenderness wrapped in sadness. Most of the other decks would depict this 2 of Cups card as love, marriage, vows of forever. This card is saying no. A small crumb of time is all there is, and that is going, going, gone. I believe her nakedness is emotional, and one-sided. She had once opened her heart to him, but now it is hidden far, far away. Well, too bad. At least I had all the chocolate I could eat last night. Love these cards.......

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Just a quick note to let you know how my date with Michael was tonight. Very sweet. It is 1:20 and he just left. We went out to talk and eat, we laughed alot, he is very interesting and easy to be with. We definately share a love for music, and understand the language of the stage and the choices you make to sing for your supper. I would like to see him again, I will ask the Tarot about it tomorrow and post what it says. Sweet dreams....

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Another new Tarot Deck to add to my collection, the new Harmonious Tarot by Walter Crane and Ernest Fitzpatrick. Utterly beautiful. Dainty, very detailed, soft healing colors, plenty of symbology to really tell the story. I love the size, they are easy to work with, and the colors are so soothing. I think some artists go overboard on the dark side of the Tarot, they like the shock appeal, and I believe that being a 'sensitive' reader, sometimes the dark and 'too much information' on some decks can make you want to put the cards away and go right back to bed. I am using this deck to read with tonight, and my question is : How will my evening go tomorrow night, I am meeting a man named Michael for coffee and converstion. 18-the Moon, 10-the Wheel of fortune, and 10-the 10 of Cups. Total of numbers together 38 added together =11 added together=2. In my 'Numerology and the Divine Triangle' book, this is very, very good! It represtents the Queen of Cups energy, which is me, I am a Pisces with Cancer rising, a real mermaid here. It says this vibration carries the gift of vision, being poetic and imaginative we would see things that are hidden from most other people. And the original cards, the Moon would say that going into the beginning of the evening, it feels mysticial, other worldly, a strong past life connection. The Wheel, how sweet, things move right along, we share many interests, and have fun, not a boring moment, and the last card, the 10 of Cups, feels like we both have a great time, and make plans to see each other again. Want to hear more? He is a Professional Musician, we both share a strong love of music, and I write, would love to write lyrics, he can put my words to music.We are both artists of a sort, creative and definately two of a kind. Well, I shall keep you posted on how the evening goes. Also, I would like to tell everyone that wants to see any of the Tarot cards in living color, check out this link http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/ you will love this...

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