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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
This year is 2014, so I have added it’s numbers up and it equals ‘7.’ Which is the Chariot Card in the Tarot deck. !!!  A divine card to have this year. Honestly.  Do you see all the images in this card?
Taking Action, Being in Control, the 2 horses give you a choice, which way? Either one is the right way. The Wings of a Angel….you are graced with focus and determination. No sitting on the couch this year, you will be up and moving, literally, moving….a new home, a new job, a new lover, something new, and if not what you want, on to what you do want. 


I have divided the Tarot Cards for each number of this New Year, 2,0,1,4. And we have :
The High Priestess
The Fool
The Magician
The Emperor
What a line up!  

The wisdom you have been adding to by, reading, studying, listening, knowing deep within your mind, that you have needed to keep a heads up attitude…..is now right there for you to call upon. Front and ready….
Don’t get so serious that you forget to have a bit of fun and make some crazy memories this year. Keep the camera handy, and take your friends and family up on impulse journeys, get together, zany birthday parties….follow you instincts, trust yourself, bring your dog alone and remember, the journey is really the lesson. The goal will be reached, then you will knock it up another notch, and off you go again. Keep that smile on your face and joy in your heart, that is what it is really all about.
Look what you have created! It has been simmering in the back of your mind, and you play with the idea….now, is the time to bring it out and tweak it, finish it, get it ready to be used, and in a big way. You cannot even imagine how far this will go, so don’t speak limits on it…just keep the faith and watch it go. You are talented beyond anything you have ever thought. And this year, you will have tools placed on the table of life right in front of you, and you will know how to use them, and how to bless and be blessed with them. A very good year. Go to some New Years Eve Party and really Party! This coming year will be worth dancing on the table with the lampshade on your head! Send pictures, please!   Linda

This lovely Tarot Deck is designed by Ciro Marchetti, It is the Tarot of the Divine Legacy. Check out his site, and all his beautiful Tarot and Oracle Decks.  Thanks, Ciro!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

8 of Swords

I have not posted on my Tarot Blog, for over a year. There is a good reason, I was hurt in a car accident, and have been slowly, really slowly, recovering. I have had many hours to read, and play with my cards. One day, I was shuffling through the Gilded Tarot Deck designed wonderfully by Ciro Marchetti, and found one card that stood out for me. This card depicts how I feel….and how this past year has been.

Knocked to your knees…humbled and in a prayerful position.

Blindfolded….not seeing the car that hit me, and unable to see when I will feel completely healed. Time to go within, focus on what I can do, go with the lesson; look at this from another angle. Surrender into feeling helpless and actually needing friends and family to help me….learning to ask for help. Not easy. Even when I cannot see, when this place is going to be over, I have no power to make it happen sooner. Just relax and stay in this moment.

Hands being bound, by chains….ugh. Stop trying to fix it, and cannot do one thing to change it.

She seems to be suspended, not on the ground (no solid ground), in an unfamiliar place.

8 Swords surrounding her. 8 is usually a number that represents Strength. In the Major Arcane is it the Strength Card. The bad news, she is stuck. Any way she tries to move out of this dark hole, she is unable to. And it’s not just one issue; it is 8 things that you will deal with. The good news, you will get through this, you will come out of this test, stronger and wiser. You will learn to ask for what you need, and you will find out who your friends are, and who could care less.

The white gown….could be a soft nightgown. Go to bed, read, pray, sleep. Let your body and mind heal. And the color white, she could be innocent. Not her fault, or bad karma, in any way. It just happened. Keep the innocence, trust the process. Don’t blame yourself, or anyone else. It just is.

I am a Seamstress, and love to use fabric to create Artsy Fabric Items. I have already gathered the items to re-create a fabric version of this Tarot Card. I have posted a picture of what I am putting into this project. As I go through each phase of creation, I will post pictures and thoughts that float up, and play with this 8 of Swords. I am giving myself a one month goal, to have it finished…..and then I will choose another card, and recreate it into something using fabric and embellishments. This seems to me, a great way to work with the painful parts of this experience, and create something lovely from it. Stay tuned…!