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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Lady Justice

I have been carrying Corrine Kenner's newest book around, 'Tarot for Writers,' and finding all kinds of new ways to see my cards! I am using the Nigel Jackson Tarot, well, I have trimmed the sides off...hey, I paid for it, it's mine. And they are so big, hard to shuffle. And I am a Seamstress, with too many pairs of sharp scissors. And I love the way without the borders, they lay together. Like a picture that just melts together. This is just one way of having fun with them, make them yours. Trim them, write on them, play with them all the time. I do.

I was studying the book again and found this suggestion....write about something insignificant. One little thing on a card that no one really notices. I pulled this card at random.....and found something to write about. Do you see it? Something only a woman might notice, or a man with a foot fetish. She has no polish on her toenails. Her feet are bare. I cannot see her finger nails, they seem to hidden from view. But I do see her unpolished toe nails. I wonder why this is what I see. I am a detail person. I want the tiny, vivid, every scrap, details. She looks like a woman that's worked hard and long to be in her position of 'higher' power. She is dressed in blue, love that color. She is simply dressed, she had 9 circles of gold over her heart. 9, the number of perfection. A ornate gold crown, and heavy gold sword, and a big set of golden scales.Empty scales. Sitting in a golden throne, high and alone. Cool, fluffy white clouds blow about her, rest below her, she sees from a high vantage point. She knows much. Has to. Why is her hair blue? Is she ancient? I think yes, and no. She is ageless. She is a Universal and Spiritual Law. She embodies it. The insignificant details.....her bare feet and toes, show me she is humble. Vulnerable. She walks gently. Softly. She is not about beauty, she is about truth. She doesn't really care if you see her or not, she wants you to see the scales, the sword, the crown. That is who she is. When she's not at work, maybe goofing off at home. She is still barefoot. And relaxed. And just herself. I see her with a new novel, curled up with a cafe mocha, easy to be with. She knows what no one says....and she needs no adornment. She is pure. Real. Cool.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Where is Madeleine McCann?

One day this week, on Oprah, Madeleine McCann's parents were on the show. I am always curious what the Tarot will say about missing people. She has been missing for 2 years now. That is horrible. And not a clue what happened to her. I am using the beautiful, newly released, Touchstone Tarot by Cat Black. Utterly gorgeous. I ask......

Is Madeleine alive?
These cards I drew....the Ace of Swords, the 6 of Coins, and the Queen of Cups.This is a yes. She is very much alive. Looking at every symbol that stands out, I see this....

She is alive. She is in the possession of a wealthy woman. A powerful woman. A woman that gets everything she wants, and bought this child. This stolen child. She has many takers to do her business. They are well paid, and she is quite happy. She lives in a cold country. North. Mountains, very high. She is not questioned, as she has information on people she would use against them,if she had to. She keeps Madeleine from the outside world, thinking she is protecting her, yet she is the one the child needs to be protected from. She desired a child young enough to not remember her family, not remember anything. And yes, I believe a man was paid to steal this child from her family. They had twins also, maybe that was a nice gesture, he did leave the twins. Whatever. I believe he was watching the family...waiting for just the right moment. She is unhurt. She is well taken care of. She knows only what she has been taught by this lady. Sad. But she is still alive, and there is still hope.

I ask, will she be found....Yes.
I drew the Judgement Card, the 9 of Cups, and the Ace of Wands.

She will be found. Someone knows this story, and knows the lady with the child. I am so glad they did the age progression of the child, I believe that will be how she is recognized. Her family's wishes do come true, in one day, they will receive a call, and they will have her back. I believe it will be within one year. Their prayers will be answered. They will be happy again. I see this beautiful Angel in the Judgement card, watching over her. And her family. The truth will come out, as it always does. The thief will get caught, and the woman with everything will have nothing. Call it karma, or I would rather quote Jesus....what you reap, you sow. Cause and effect.

Pray for her, and her family. And the person that makes the call that will tell us where she is. She will be found.


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

My scanner is broken. I can't post the cards I usually scan and do readings on, so for now, I decided to just write. I miss the writing....

I was invited to a Writers group meeting on Saturday. I am going. The speaker is a Psychic, and does not like the Ouija Board or the Tarot Cards. A friend of mine confided this to me, so I will restrain myself from plopping them out on the table in front of me, as I usually do. I guess she is a 'real' psychic. I immediately grabbed my soapbox, and as I have time and time again, came to the defense of the Tarot Cards. The Ouija Board, I have never had any interest in....so that didn't bother me. But the statement about the Cards....that does bother me. I think it must go back to a time I was taught they were evil. The devil's tools. Seemed he has many tools, just about anything that's fun seems to be his. The first deck I ever seen was the Mythic Tarot. And I just loved them. Artsy, detailed. And how cool, ask questions and the answer floats up from the layout, with details and all kinds of extra tidbits about the question. I was hooked. So, I battled. Were they evil or not? I am a studier....I got the books, looked up the history, listened to both sides. Packed them under the bed....what was the answer. I prayed, and waited, and kept searching for an answer. Good or bad, Godly or Devilish...This is my answer. They are a tool. A box of beautiful artistic cards. The pictures invoke deep reactions, sometimes playful, sometimes sad and deep. Gestalt. They have only the power we give them. I think of it like this....think of a beautiful handcarved knife. Displayed in a woodblock in your kitchen. I could see that knife, and panic. Say, I don't like knives, I was cut by a knife one time, had to have stitches. Bled all over the place. Keep that away from me, it is evil. Or, I could say, how cool, a knife to cut my bread with. A knife to clean away the stuff from the veggies, so we can eat them, nicely cleaned. And my steak....it will be fantastic it cut my steak with. It's a tool. A knife. It is maybe a deadly weapon in the hands of a robber, or a healing tool in the hands of a surgeon. Or an artist's tool in the hands of a wood carver. But, until you hold it, or use it, it's just metal and wood. Same with the Tarot. The cards are an extension of whoever is reading with them. You see the symbols from your filter of your belief. I read every book that is written about them, study, soak up every word, love it. They are a way to use my imagination, and intuition to create a story, with the answers popping up. If you want to play, are open to other views than your own, play with them. Play is the key word. Whatever your reader tells you, will resonate with you. Yes or no. Above all, listen to your heart and follow what you feel to be true. Cards or not. Usually they verify what you already are thinking might be the answer. But, I don't know that. I just tell you what's in front of me....and let you decide.
Maybe I'm just lazy. I could, pull the answers out of thin air, really pay attention to the symbols all around me, and do a reading with no tools at all. But each artist has his tools.....and to paint the very best most beautiful picture for you, of your options and answers, I love to use my tools. I get way more information with my tools. I consider them gifts. And thank every Tarot artist and designer, so very much for creating such beautiful works of art. I love them. And I am very proud of the tools of my trade. I anxiously await each newly published deck that comes out. Preorder, love that. Keep them coming.