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Sunday, December 26, 2010


The Hierophant

The day after Christmas, I wonder what he would say about all the holiday hoopla. I don't think this is what He is trying to teach us. So, who is He?

For me....He is Faith, God's Will, Forgiveness. Compassion, The Teacher, my Soul. The inner guidance system out Creator installed deep, deep within each of us, that tells us whether what we choose is right or wrong. Peace. Prayer, you can see Him in each face you deeply look into. You can find him in every church, every child, every flower. He is Silence......yet he speaks volumes. Our Spiritual Teacher, our vision of God, however you see God, or I see God. Life, Laughter, Tears. He is there.

And gifts....guess what, we are the gifts. We have the gifts, and the sweetest gift of all is Presence. Just to be with someone...really be there. Hold them in you heart. Just hold them. Not buy them the biggest most expensive thing....but really see them. Really love them.

I like the arms of his Throne. The ox, bowing his face in prayer. The Servant. The one that works quietly, daily, humbly. And the scroll he holds....what does it say? For each of us, is a different message. To find your message, you have to spend time with him, he will whisper the message to you. Try it....that is the Gift. Be Blessed.....