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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Orbs....what are they? What does the Tarot say they are?

When I am not reading, playing and studying the Tarot, I design costumes, unique clothing, and artsy quilts. This is my friend Don, he works at the Zoo here in town. He ask me to create a Pirate Costume for Halloween, to wear to the Zoo.
Also he entered a Best Costume Contest, at this bar his daug
hter was dancing at, with the coolest group of Bohemian Belly Dancers (I have pictures of them too, really fun!). I had a blast. And he won first place.....!

So, here we are arriving at the party, and then, a friend said to him, look like a real pirate....so he made some scary face for the camera. She took all these pictures with a tiny digital camera. The only lights in the place were red stage lights. So, who or what was in front of him, and then moving over to the side of the next picture?

I had a sweet lady client of mine here for a reading this week, she has the most unique 'orb' pictures....and we were doing cards on what or who they could be. According to the scientists, it is dust particles....on the lens of the camera. I really doubt it. Well, not here. A mass of dust moving around the dance floor? Yeah....right.
Her pictures made me want to post these pictures, take another look. See if I could find anything I had missed her before.

His father is deceased, we wondered if it might have been him. As Don and his daughter Missy were her together, maybe Dad was hanging out with us. It wasn't frightening....we didn't even know it was there until the pictures came up. What do you think?
I drew 3 cards from the Tarot of the Golden Dawn, asking what 'these' Orbs would be. And this is what came forth...

The High Priestess. The Justice Card, and the 4 of Wands.

Looking for Orbs...or circles in the cards, I see the swirls of energy all around the High Priestess. She is also known as the Female energy of God. Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom. She is pure energy...female, creative,
the Womb of life.

Looking for a circle in the next card wasn't easy.
I finally found it
in her golden headband. Encircling her thoughts of truth, her mind....manifesting outward?

The 4 of Wands...a card of marriage....sometimes, or bringing two elements togethe
r, blending it into one. And another circle, a golden bowl, two hands from
Source mixing up a scarlet, flaming mix, with an ample, satisfied woman watching. Creating, cooking something up. Energy. Mixing....Manifesting.

So what would the Tarot be saying about the Orbs in the pictures from the party?

I see a woman, the cards were all showing a female. He was not married to her, but loved her, as she loved him. I think she is standing in front of him, then moving around the room, but there for him. I believe she was a woman that died, maybe not really intending to. She shared part of his life, still finds comfort in being around him, even after death. She was fascinated with his Pirate getup, she wanted to come to the party. He knows who she is...a lady he has never forgotten. But until I laid out these cards today, I did not realize it was her. Well, it is. Maybe they shared a Pirate past life together....who knows. She waits for him on the other side. How cool!!!

My personal opinion, is, they are people without a body. They show up as circles of energy, hovering over us, watching over us, just hanging out with us.
What do you think? And do they show up in your pictures? Look closer....they just might....! It's all good....Linda