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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lovely Ace of Pentacles

The 3rd Ace in my musing, The Ace of Pentacles. 
from the Universal Wirth Tarot Deck, one of my top ten Tarot Decks! This Ace is one of my favorites, as it can mean so many different things. Many symbols here to gaze at. Doing my 'Alphabet Tarot Game' I can play and come up with 26 new, old, interesting things to see in this golden card.

If I were to draw this card today, as what do I need to know today card, I would take it as a great omen. Gold, money, opportunities. Open doors in business, new ideas, right in front of me. I love this one.
Playing with the images....here are my thoughts....

B....buffet, more than enough for everyone
C....change, money or a play on words, a change in residence or job
D....diamond....round, shiny, set in gold, bought with gold
E....ecstasy....golden moment in time, pure joy
F....found, something lost, found and cherished again
G....grace or gift, a gracious gift, something precious
H....her. If asking the gender of a newly conceived baby, this would mean a girl.
I....indulge. share, buy drinks, buy supper, buy yourself something you long for
J....jewel, precious stone, a gem of great price
K....keep, or keeper. Something worth keeping, valuable
L....legacy, money or property bequeathed to you
M....marriage. where 2 become 1. wealth of the heart
N....nature, the material world, natural resources
O....offering...giving, sharing what you have
P....passage...such as a raise or a promotion
Q...quota...share or percentage of an amount
R....release.....to set free, new door opens to you
S....secure...one thing that makes you feel secure
T....treasure,  a pirates bounty!
U...utmost, highest goal reached
V....vow, a promise of great worth
W....wealth, a profusion, riches
X....the symbol of a kiss, XOXO
Y....yours, something that belongs to you
Z....Zion....utopia, heaven on earth
One thing I love in this deck, of this Ace is, the 4 wooden branches that hold it up. Wood, something from earth, trees, roots, solid and dependable, giving shade and flowers or fruit. Producing. And delishious.  Also the beautiful shining glyphs....all the astrology symbols showing how you learn to be wealthy is to experience everything  and not judge it. Be it, and learn it's worth. And the leaves in the center, the miracle of growing plants, food for us, life on out planet. And the gold itself, buried all over our home planet. Most of us have a ring or gift we can hold right now made of gold. Imagine having bars of gold, some people do. Having something of great worth. Pentacles always represent solid, real, tangible, something you can have and hold onto. Or give away. It's buried in the black hills, and laying in the bottom of the ocean. It's made into jewelry and coins to stash away. And it stands for something you highly value. An excellent card to draw.