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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am using the writing prompts from Corrine Kenner's book, 'Tarot Journaling.' I love this book, and tell every Tarot lover to buy and use it. Turn to page 145, please.

I am the 7 of Swords. Spiritually, I feel: stuck. Like I have worked through many issues...but have a couple I am still unable to deal with. But I am working on it. Not there yet.

I am the King of Pentacles. When I pray, I pray to: God, a compassionate, gentle, Being of Light. I drew this King of Pentacles at random, that impresses me. For I reach to feel the security this King has attained. But, in Spirit, I feel that feeling of 'it will all be ok.' So, it will.

I am the Ace of Swords. When I pray, I pray for: Clarity. Wisdom. Strength. Vision, Passion. I pray about everything. Literally.

I am The World Card. I have always loved: finding out what the end of the story is. Maybe that's why I love the Tarot. It gives me a glimpse of what is coming around the corner. But always gives me choices, also. This card shows a lady dancing in joy, having mastered all the lessons she was sent here to learn. A card of victory. Thank you, I need this one. !

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Anne Pressley

Police: Arkansas TV anchorwoman Anne Pressley attacked in home

Monday, October 20th 2008, 2:58 PM

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - An intruder beat and stabbed a popular TV anchorwoman in her home during a possible robbery, and left her with life-threatening injuries, police said Monday.

Anne Pressly, 26, was found lying in her bed and bleeding from severe wounds early Monday, police spokeswoman Cassandra Davis. She found non-responsive and bleeding from the head, Davis said.

"She was beaten and there were some cuts to her body," said Davis. She said the cuts were stab wounds.

What happened? I followed her story when it first came out, and tragically, still am following it, and asking the cards, what happened?

WHO is responsible for hurting her, taking her life? The 2 of Cups, the 7 of Swords, and the 10 of Pentacles. A man smitten with her. A sneaky man, that was watching her, chasing her, a man with money. He did not need her money. He may have worked with her at some time, and he really liked her. I think she was kind to him, yet she did not lead him on. She just thought he was friendly, and harmless.

WHY did he hurt her? The Knight of Cups, Temperance, and the 6 of Wands. He desired her, had waited and waited....was tired of waiting for her to let her walls down and let him get close to her.She seems innocent about what his intentions were. He was hungry for her, he was fierce about her....lost all control and just decided to surprise her with his affection. She refused him....he overpowered her, he lost it.

WILL they ever find out who did this...and catch him....Ace of Pentacles, Knave of Cups, King of Wands. Yes. They know who he is right now. They have papers with his name on them, and know where

he works. The are just waiting....and yes they will catch him.

DID she ever feel in danger from this person? 2 of Wands, Knight of Wands, and Ace of Cups. No. She thought he was very interested in her, seen him around a lot, was that a coincidence? She even may have liked him. But not loved him. Or wanted him.

I pray he will be found, and all the questions will be answered. Sadly, it will not bring her back. My prayers are with her family.