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Friday, December 23, 2011


As I chat with friends on Facebook this morning, a new chat window pops up.
It is my friend Clarence. He is someone I met years ago, while I was doing Tarot Reading in Elaine's lovely little bookstore, 'Renaissanse.'
He has been a minister, missionary, inventor, designer of meditation gardens, a painter of beautiful pictures, and now is nearly famous for his spiritual tweets, bits of divine wisdom going all around the world....daily.
Last week he went in for some medical tests, biopsies, you name it. Short of breath, thought it might be his heart. And what a huge, precious heart, he has. But it was his lungs. An incurable, rare, lung disease. Go home, deal with it. Merry Christmas.
If there are Angels in human bodies, whispering words of comfort, words of wisdom, words to make us stay here, on planet earth, and not want to go 'home' until our mission here is complete.....he is an Angel. When I ask, what can I do? How can I help? He answered, 'pray.'  And I am. 
5 of Swords. 5 words......An incurable, rare, lung disease.
Swords are forged in fire, and ice cold when perfected. I wonder what is the most painful....the struggle to breathe, the Doctor's honest answers, or the faces of his grandchildren as they grasp to understand what this means.
I believe in miracles, and so does he. Many mornings you will find him in a tiny chapel, sitting silently, reverently, waiting. For the whisper of Wisdom to float up in his heart, to tweet, to spiritually starving souls, across the waters. We all have a pulpit. Just like Moses....when he was arguing with God about how he could not do, any of the things God was asking him to do. And God said, 'What is that in your hand?'  Moses said, numbly, 'a staff?' And God started to show him how many miraculous things He could do with that simple Staff. Shut Moses up for a minute. What is in Clarence's hand? Something to Tweet with. Well, he went right to it. And tweet he did. And still is, every day. You will find him here: http://twitter.com/cvposing
How about that, he is using his other name, Victor......how cool! And still speaking words of Wisdom. Wonder what kind of miracle this will be.....I'm expecting something big!  L.