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Monday, December 22, 2008

The Bohemian Gothic Tarot by Karen Mahony. Just so fun to read with! Many decks are filled with soft colors, only happy thoughts...this one is dark, fun, really has many images to use, to read with. The artwork is beautiful. My deck of choice today!

I ask, what do I need to meditate on today...and drew these 3 cards.
The Nine of Wands, The High Priestess, and the Hierophant. Nice group.

The person in the 9 of Wands, is tired, has had it. Is just waiting for it to be over...whatever he's been going through. One more hurdle, and home free. Is guarding what is his, and ready to attack anyone foolish enough to try to take it away from him. The lovely High Priestess is draped in deep, dark blue, patterned silk. Wearing purple (color or royalty) underneath, and a jade green covering on her hair. A color of a healer. The columns that are in her background are dark, and light. Polarity...contrast....choices. The Hierophant is in deep thought. I see a nun in her dark coverings, glancing at him, through the lattice work behind him. He wears the deeper purple, with a burgundy cap. He holds a scroll of paper....holy writings, no doubt. The way the church has always done what they have always done. Do not change it, and do not question it. Just shut up and show up. Ah. Together these 3 would say....
I am tired, but still seeking Wisdom, Holy knowledge. I have followed several paths that lead me right back to where I started. So, maybe I was on the right path and didn't know it. Maybe I am trying to hard, and it is right in front of me. The High Priestess is my favorite card here. She is Holy Sophia. The feminine face of God. She is my mentor. She seems relaxed, calm, waiting, knowing it is all well. Plenty of time. Whatever is yours, is yours by Divine right, and no one can really take it from you. So, don't be afraid, and do not fight to hang on to everything. You don't have to. And guess what....! Holy words are being written every day! God is still talking, to each of us. Don't make it so hard. Relax. Think I will design a deep blue silk tarot bag to carry my cards in. It will remind me of her.