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Friday, December 30, 2005

One year. What will make me remember this year, as different from any other? I ask my cards, I used the vividly beautiful Gilded Tarot, and laid out 3 cards, the Page of Cups, the Hanging Man, the 2 of Swords, and laid out 3 more to clarify the first group, getting the 5 of Swords, the 3 of Cups, and the Page of Swords. Starts with talking/writing/journaling and ends with the same. Many things seem to be on hold, and the surrendering of the Hanging Man and the 2 of Swords, seems like what I wished to manifest last year is still unseen. The 5 of Swords, if I have engaged in battle, to demand from life what I wanted, I may have gotten a small victory, but really not, as anything you have to fight that hard for doesn't really belong to you at all, you just hang on to it refusing to give in, and when it leaves you, you have a few good memories. Just a few. Writing is healing, and maybe that is what I have been doing this year. Sort of a sabbatical, many hours reading, napping, praying, wondering if I am doing this right. Letting go, the 3 of Cups says I am healing on a deeper level, there are vivid colors of energy swirling around the dancers, prisms of light flowing from their hands, and it appears the Page of Swords has dropped all the Swords from the battle scene and is keeping only one. Paring down, relax, it's all good. The sweet Page of Cups in the first card is the tender hearted poet, calmly trusting, and seeing beyond the antic's of the other cards, telling the Page of Swords to write it down, as you know the pen is mightier than the sword, and watch it happen. Good things come to those who wait, and wait, and wait. Right?

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I am fascinated by what tidbits of information floats up through the Tarot. I believe every answer to every question you could ever ask is right there in front of you. I have so many clients that are confused by relationships (include me in this box!) and seem to get caught in this circle, even though they know, logically, it will not ever work out, they cannot help but keep repeating the same dance steps and are so frustrated by what seems to be beyond their reach, I designed a Tarot layout to help clarify and understand what is going on that we cannot see. It is a spread of 22 cards, three rows of 7 cards, one for the person in question, one row for how you two connect, and one row for you. The 22nd card it called, the Gift. It is what you both got from this interaction and the key to what the Gift was for this, sometimes most painful lesson.This is a present life reading, or a past life reading, and can be about any 2 people, lovers or family, anyone you have a confusing connection with. It is amazing. My daughter Jona and I finished tweeking it this weekend, and we were playing around with it doing a layout about me and a man I cared about, notice past tense, and am completely confused about , like what the hell happened there. So, I am using this layout with some of my clients on Keen, and getting great answers for the questions that seem to have had no answer. So, I want to ask the Tarot today, what impact will this layout I designed have on my Readings? I am using the Nigel Jackson Deck, beautiful details on watercolors, and I drew people cards! The King of Cups, the King of Coins, and the Queen of Cups, and laid out a clarifing card, the 10 of Cups. What a happy trio. On a personal level, I feel it is saying I will understand the connection I have with 2 men, and be able to be at peace with what happened and even be happy. Then as I look deeper, I see a couple dancing in the 10 of Cups card, so I believe the lovely lady chooses one of the men as her dance partner, and dances into the future with him, happily ever after. As for what the cards are saying about this layout and my clients, I see twice as many men asking for the reading, and loving it, finally getting the point about what is really going on inside the womans head (and yes, there really is something there) so, it seems to be a real asset to my readings. Each of the 7 cards represents a catagory, so you get 7 different ways you are connected with the person in question and clear answers about how it will play out, and why. In doing the past life reading, it is really funny, as most of the time you are repeating what you have already done, just different costumes and props. And the dance goes on......

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

This morning I am in a rather quiet place. I am preparing to sing for a funeral of a friend named Donna, this afternoon. She was kind, she gave me stacks of pristine clean (used) baby clothes when my second daughter Anna was born, 31 years ago. She was beautiful. Tall, blonde, a slender woman always taking care of everyone else, always finding a way to laugh through the tough times. And she was very familar with the tough times. As I am remembering all the times she appeared in my life, the word 'kind' would most describe her. I ask my Tarot what it would tell me about her today, and what she might want me to know. I am using the rather large and different Victoria Regina Tarot deck, black and white images from the Victorian era. I drew the Temperance card, the 2 of Swords, and the Sun. I laid out 2 more on the 2 of Swords and got the 4 of Swords and the King of Coins. It is saying that 2 things/people keep her energy here, for today, and she has 2 sons she pretty much raised alone, they are both grown with wives and children. In the Temperance card there is an explosion of energy, and it spills over the 2 of Swords card (even being so connected to her two sons could not stop this powerful passage of energy that draws her into the Sun card). The Sun card seems to be showing up in my readings many times connected with death. It would be literally 'going to the light', as a child, innocent and beginning again, and again, dazzled by what we cannot see here in this place, we only see the shadows and with fearful curiousity we wonder -where did she go? She went home. Home, a word so precious, a place you are loved, safe, protected, your family around you, a party to celebrate your arrival....she may appear to be the woman lying in perfect stillness. That is what we see, but she is really the child in the sun, dancing with the angels, seeing what we cannot see, and laughing in delight that she is finally free from pain and home. This King of Coins, is a man that is with her, he is someone she loved and embraces now. I believe he was her father, he has been hanging around in Spirit and letting her know it is ok, his big, stong hand was the first thing she grasp, as she walked into the brilliant light of the Sun. Amazing Grace is playing in the background as I write this morning, bringing back memories, so many memories. And the words from the fourth verse, right now sing.....When we've been there, ten thousand years, Bright shining as "the Sun", We've no less days, to sing God's praise, than when we first begun.......... I love you, Donna.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

I am dragging this week. The last mad dash to Christmas and then the 'eat yourself silly all day' and it's over. I just ask the Tarot today what I need to know, and used the Nigel Jackson deck I drew the Queen of Cups, the 2 of Pentacles, and the 2 of Cups. I am the Queen of Cups, very emotional, a Pisces with a Cancer rising, the first thing I see is the woman with her arms upraised and it appears she is just letting go and throwing whatever is precious to her to the Gods. The man in the cards is very vacant in my life, and this feels like I am really letting go of any illusions of who or what he is. Or, even where he is. All the cards have water in them, this feels like an emotional day, I am needing to just find a hot tub and stay there until this too shall pass. On the flip side, maybe being so emotional is a release for me, and keeps me sane. (Some / most people I know would argue that point.) Hey, we are all just doing the best we can!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Just to be different, and I have never been one to worry about that, I ask the cards, this morning, how today's lunch will go. The reason I ask is because I am having lunch with my FAMILY, and 'tis the season, for all the relatives you have not seen for a nice while, to show up and it can turn into quite an entertaining venture. And since I am a believer that our family and friends from "the other side" tend to show up at any gathering, no doubt for entertainment purposes only (!!!) it can be rather interesting. So, I ask my cards, today I used the beautiful Guilded Tarot, how our lunch will go, I got great cards (suprisingly!) the 9 of cups, the Ace of Wands, the 6 of Cups. Something I have been wishing for, manifests today, one person stands out, is highlighted, happily, and this is a great time and a very happy memory. Background info: I have not seen my father for some time, he lives a distance from me and he and his wife will be here, meeting with me and my 3 renegade children and 2 darling grandchildren, for lunch. In great anticipation of this, I franticically scavenged the family archives for every old photo I could find, to make my father the coolest Family Scrapbook, as he claims to have no family pictures (there could be a good reason for that, a shredder perhaps?) So, I am anxious to give him this much laboured upon gift. So, this Ace of Wands stands out, I am a believer that the Spirit world is all around us and often show up and make themselves known, and love the family scenero.Cheap entertainment at our expense? So, I ask, WHO is this Ace of Wands person, and I lay out several cards and I get not 1 person, but 3 in Spirit that will be here today. The Ace of Wands, and the 4 of Pentacles come up together: My Uncle Leroy, he was an Aries, fire sign,his birthday had the 4's in it, born April (4)-14-of 1924, and the next male energy, Ace of Swords, with the 8 of Pentacles, another male, My Grandfather, Roy, he was an Aquarius, born Jan. 28, 1894, died when he was 80, ( hence the 8's) and then the Chariot comes in with the 5 of Pentacles, and another ace, the Ace of Pentacles, female energy, my grandmother Tashie, on that card I drew the Magician, someone with long silver hair holding 4 things, she had long silver hair and had 4 children, my father the baby, he and a sister Rosella still with is. The Sun card popped out by these cards...she is happy and was always the Power source of the family, very independent and enterprising woman, that actually rasied me, so she would be a source of 'warmth and talent' for me. The 5 of Pentacles had shown up, and I lay out another, I get the 5 of Cups, then the 5 of Wands and the 5 of Swords....All those 5's make me nervous. Fives can mean conflict, difficulties, separation. I lay out another, and get the 9 of Pentacles and the 6 of Wands. So, this would mean it wasn't easy for them to be with us today, and this is one of those moments in time, that we will always remember, very special. It was not easy to get this branch of the family tree together, maybe we had some help from the other side? Oh, and I almost forgot, Uncle Leroys daughter Diana will be here, maybe that is why his energy comes through first and bringing the others with him. I may even take a picture and post it here, and see if the energy comes through in the picture. We shall see...I shall make note to tell you later what transpires, should be interesting......

Friday, December 16, 2005

'Tis the season, busy, busy. Think I will ask some specific questions today, and see what the Tarot says. That is my favorite way to use the cards, as just throwing them at random is fun, but rather vague. I am a detail person and would rather ask for a direct answer, seems to work for me. So, the burning question today is: Will I, this year, get back into singing and be part of a REAL band and sing the blues, give Aretha a run for her money. I drew from the Nigel Jackson Tarot, another of my favorites, I love the art work and the descriptive details....I got the High Priestess, the 2 of Swords, the 6 of Pentacles, and then below them I drew the beloved Tower (not), the King of Cups, and the 10 of Wands. Looks like a YES, even writing some of my own lyrics, getting ready for a couple of months (I have been getting ready of longer than that, I was a Professional Singer a loooong time ago, and have sort of lost my confidence, and want to do it again just to say I can.) Back to the cards...By June I am there, on stage, every friday night, and actually have a adoring fan (aka Mr. King of Cups) that is pushing me to do this, and a music lover himself, if not Mr. I own the band and this is one of those be careful for what you wish for, he could be pressuring me to do more than just play with this. That may be fine, but until then, it's practice performing for the neighbors, (you know they gotta love that, and I don't even drink (much!) so....). I think the Tower is saying I could actually suprise myself and not only have a blast, but make a profit and do two things I love, sing and write, and the man in the cards is just icing on the cake. Ok, back to today......

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Black coffee, the Durer Tarot Deck, and Rosanne Cash singing in the background. Today...the Queen of Wands, the 6 of swords, that the King of Swords show up, so, just for kicks, I throw 3 more on them and get the 10 of cups, the Star, and the King of Cups. Happy layout. This chic has 2 men showing up on her horizon in the next week. She has the art of bluffing down to an art, and the courage of a loiness. She wants it all, and looks like she gets it all. The sweetheart of a man on the last card, is busy listening to everyone but his own heart. Finally, he hears it loud and clear.Maybe there really is a Santa, seems this Queen had gotten to the head of the line at the mall, and Santa's lap is the place to be. And Santa gives her two big hunky choices. Instead of leaving Santa cookies and milk, I think I will make him my brownies with the Baileys in them, that should get some extra points this year.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hot tea is ready, cards are laid out, it's cold and overcast here. I am using the 'Lovers Path' Tarot Deck again, I love the colors and how big and artistic the cards are. I have the 5 of Coins, Triumph, and the 9 of Staves. Not the most cheery layout, but I shall see what is hidden in the symbols today. I see a woman holding on by just a string, it is behind her as she doesn't want anyone to know how close she came to giving up, the whole world is behind the couple embracing, so it seems he is a traveler and has been everywhere except where she was. That 5, not too good, she is walking through a freezing cold winter storm, barely protected, holding a tiny baby close to her heart to keep it alive. And the last card, everything looks like a tangled mess, and yet if you look deeper, there are a couple embracing there hidden in the forest.Looks like Sleeping Beauty has been woken by a kiss, but she still thinks she is in a dream, and it cannot be real. I would put all these stories together and say...don't despair, embrace the cold, the snow, the path you walk alone, hold close to you the things most important and don't let go of that slender, frayed, string of hope. You are tired and feel like just going to sleep, well, just go ahead, the person, thing, gift you have prayed for is seeking you, it will wake you up when the time is right. Since this is rather a challenging message from the cards, I am adding up the numbers on these 3 cards and that would be 5+21+9= 35. This number will give me a card that will be hidden, but will be the key to this reading......it is the (how funny) 9 of staves, it was one of the cards drawn this morning. So, showing up again, it is saying,LOOK AT ME. Is shows someone being so tired, and wounded, and defensive, and combative. Yet, strength in reserve, and just enough to get through the next battle. But it is a card of taking no action, just wait. The answer is finding you, and if you keep hopping around, it will just take longer to find you. Stay put, rest, stop worrying. Prince Charming must have gotten lost, or maybe he wouldn't stop to ask for directions and is still out there lost in the blizzard. More hot tea for me.

Monday, December 12, 2005

As a lover of the Tarot Cards, everyday I draw 3 cards and journal what I see in those cards and how it will influence me today, and then I shall post what strange happenings the cards I drew, predicted. So, today I am using the beautiful 'Lovers Path' Tarot by Kris Waldherr. I drew....the 10 of Arrows, the 4 of Staves, and the Princess of Cups. This presents a story that goes something like this.....10 choices, which one is the right choice? I have decided I am over being single, and have joined a couple of dating sites, could this be.....10 potential men, however 9 arrows are pointing down, not the best choices, but one arrow has fallen free and is pointing to the 4 of Staves card, which is the Marriage Card, showing a loving couple embracing, reminds me of the movie Braveheart when the young lovers run away to marry by the priest by the secrecy of night. So, one choice is true, and flying right into the other card. The couple seem to only be aware of each other , and nothing else matters. The Princess of Cups stands gazing at the happy lovers, and as she waits to hear the news that good things really do come to those who wait, and wait, and wait, she holds the 'ace of cups' in her hands, and knew that the 'one' that she had been searching for was right there all the time. Hidden in the maze of the men masses, he falls, and thinking he has no hope and is really given up, he falls into her waiting arms. So, where is he? I have no clue, but I trust the cards more than the dismal facts (that all your friends seem to want to quote, to comfort you, bring on the hemlock tea.)
Today is the first day I am letting the whole world inside my head. I am a blonde, so there is plenty of room there.

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