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Monday, January 30, 2006

Busy weekend, working, didn't find time to write, until now, and it is early Tuesday morning. And I cannot sleep. So, I ask my Goddess Tarot, the very female deck, that I love, 'why am I so restless?' The cards say....ah, the 2 of Swords fell out right in front of me, then I drew at random the Princess of Staves, the Justice Card, and the Queen of Pentacles. These 2 females , the Princess and the Queen would represent to me, my two daughters. The 2 of swords, is saying I cannot do anything about a situtation that to me, feels very unfair. The Justice card is the strongest card showing, and it reminds me that there is a higher Justice and it will see that the outcome will even out. I am the lady in the 2 of swords card, crossing my heart and praying that, even though I cannot see anything, literally blindfolded and in time out, Justice is right above me and is working on this situtation. I can just rest and not jump in and try to help, just wait, and most of the time that is the hardest thing to do. Both of the pillars in the Justice card would remind me that both of my daughters are strong and will handle this little tempest 'strongly'. That could be good, or bad. But, however it is, I am to step aside and wait. Playing with the Tarot brings me peace. Even when the cards do not show the things I want, they show why and give me insight about the inner workings of whatever I ask about. So, I may not know exactly how it will play out, but I can rest and wait that it will be ok, and maybe even better than what I see. And I trust that.

Friday, January 27, 2006

I love photography. I like unusal pictures that are sort of like the tarot, they let your mind wander about where the story is going, and your imagination adds the details to make a picture. I was out walking and happened to see this little girl, just gazing up this old flight of stairs, she was part of a tour group, had a paper with her name and phone number on it, and I was just charmed, she was just a darling and the image just caught me. I an using my Durer Deck tonight, and I drew 3 cards on why I was so enchanted by this scene. I drew the :I drew the Hanged Man, the Tower, and the Temperance Cards. All 3 are Major Arcana and quite important cards. The first thing I see is that huge bolt of lightning that snakes down out of the black stormy sky and hits the house, it looked solid and safe, but not, the couple are out in the storm and the house is on fire and falling apart right before their very eyes. The Hanged Man is just stuck there, not really where he wants to be, and cannot help himself or anyone esle, looks like he is yelling for help, but nothing but a chicken seems to be around, and that is not helping him.Then I see the gentle kind card of the Temperance card, this milk maid is pouring cream into a bowl, the white cow stands behind her and is almost friendly, she is just doing her work. I think putting this with the picture above, the story would go like this..... Once upon a time a castle was built there, strong and beautiful. A huge storm came upon this humble town and the house is gone now, not even one stone left. Just a path of old stairs going to the path to where the house stood. The man many have been hurt in the storm and the loss of the house( his pride), but the lady just took it in stride and knew it was only a rock house. If they survived together and could start over, they could make a home wherever they lived. Grand or humble. For me, the little girl is full of wonder and knows something huge has happened there, for nothing at all to be there, just wild greenery and trees. But the feeling is quiet and healing, and it makes you just want to sit on the steps and relax. And the steps are right there on the Tower card, minus the house. Also, the vibrant orange of the milk maids' gown stands out, orange stands for confidence and she is dressed very fine to be just milking a cow. I think she is the secret to the whole reading, no matter what you are doing or how much chaos is going on, just be kind, and make the best of the situtation, and make even humble work be inspiring. My thoughts tonight.........

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sorry about sneezing through all my readings tonight on Keen. I am taking a break to write in my journal, and get back online. Bear with me... I am using the (sneeze again....) Tarot Journal book again and at random picked out 3 statements to use with the Delicate, Durer Tarot Deck. I love these prompts, as they let you get into the person or scenery of the card and you can pull out all kinds of cool things you never seen before. #1. I am the '5 of Swords' card, you would never guess it by looking at me, but : I have gone through some tough stuff this week, and am still standing. The white flag of surrender, I am barely able to hold it up, but I give in. The only good thing I see in this card is the fact everyone else has shut up and it is now quiet and peaceful. But it was after the crying.
#2. I know someone who reminds me of the : Kinght of Pentacles. I think that is me. Hiding behind work, being busy. Always a project half finished, and another started. At the end of the road, and doesn't have a clue where to go next. Just standing there waiting for a sign. Even the Golden Eagle in the card is waiting for a sign. And where is the sign? Maybe they are taking a break between unfinished projects. The horses tail is in a knot, "he knows not what to do next." So, waiting would be a good thing. Just don't grow roots there. Finish something and get moving again.
#3. I am the "Emperor", my most prized possession is: my children's baby pictures. We had a fire and lost everything several years ago, now whenever I take pictures, of my 3 adult kids and my 2 little grandsons, I copy them to disk and make sure someone in the family has copys. I am doing scrapbooks, another unfinished project !!!! and I am going through all the pictures I have borrowed from family members to copy and make another stash of family pictures. The Emperor wants to control his surroundings, maybe this is a way for me to be artistic and recapture the pictures I lost, and get back in touch with how very happy I was when my babys were babys. I loved being a mother, and a wife. Well, how time has changed. Seem like my role now is the Artistic Gypsy. The Emperor in me would want to build a house and stay there forever, and have my kids over every Sunday evening for dinner and be up on everything going on in their lives. Maybe someday. For today, I know they are ok, out testing their little wings. Getting banged up a little, but that is how you learn to fly. I know they will figure it out.....hopefully.
Taking Nyquill and getting back online, thanks for everyone that has patience to put up with me tonight. You must really love me....

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

This sunny afternoon I am playing with my new favorite Tarot book, 'Tarot Journaling' by Corrine Kenner and my new favorite deck by Ciro Marchetti, 'the Tarot of Dreams'. On page 144 are a host of questions to use to get into the character of the Tarot. I am using 4 questions from the list and drawing 4 cards at random to fill in the blanks with, and just writing for my own entertainment today. I am the '6 of Wands'. I was born to: Overcome every challenge that has been thrown my way. To discover how strong I really am, and let nothing stop me from achieving my personal goals. I have a light, and I refuse to hid it under a bushel. I will find my passion and live it, every day, every moment, with joy.
I am the 'King of Swords'. I was destined to: find answers to the questions not one wanted to ask. To study and study and not be afraid to speak, knowing my voice is my gift, and my writing is a source of strength use the power of words to heal and challenge and love with. A King is a Master, and the King of Swords is a master of words.What a gift. I am the 'Queen of Cups' (I really am, a Pisces with a Cancer ascendant). My biggest mistake was: Not going on to Designing School when I got out of high school. I wasn't sure I was good enough, and decided to get married and forget my dreams of being the next Vera Wang. I have had a career as a Seamstress, and right now, have a beautiful sewing room to create whatever I desire. I have plenty of time (when I am not reading cards!) to rekindle that dream. Some sheer burgandy & black fabric is draped over my seamstress body form, just waiting to be stitched into a revealing blouse by Vogue. Baby steps, time to recatch that dream. I am the' 7 of Cups'. I often fantasize about: ah....many things. Seven images on this card, 7 things to dream about. A life with a man, what would it be like to wake up next to the love of my life every morning....ah. And I want another dog. I miss my dog. A home, a real house, with a yard. And flowers that bloom in the spring. A big kitchen table with a laughing, loving family around it. Holidays with the grandchildren and the homemade food. And the happy memories. And this little red sassy car, convertible. I think what we fantasize about we can manifest. Here's hoping..................my phone is ringing, back to work I go.....

Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Durer Deck, I am using tonight to do my reading with. I ask, what do the cards want to tell me tonight? I drew the 4 of Cups, the 9 of Pentacles, and the Lovers. The first thing I see is the birds on the cards, on the first card is a baby dove just coming out of its fragile broken shell. The 2nd card had a full grown golden eagle, being tamed by the gentle hands of this classy lady, she has her eyes closed and seems completely relaxed as she is moving her hands over the wild bird. Then we see lovers playing in the wild, the male, he plays music to enchant his lady, she, wrapped only in a swath of green fabric reaches out to touch him, drawing him to her, as a pair of white love birds nestle behind the woman. I would see this as a progression of a relationship that begins as a fragile, unexpected blessing. He would appear somewhat a wild card, but she gentles his flighty spirit with her tender touch. Ah, I love a good love story.......

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Saturday night, I have the Celestial Tarot by Kay Steventon, soft colors flowing easily from one card to the next. A handbook of the heavens and an oracular guide to the inner life....this deck uses the minor arcana as constellations of the stars. An astrologers dream. I just drew at random, sort of in a mellow, sad mood tonight, and got these cards: The High Priestess, 3 of Pentacles, King of Cups, and 3 more right below the others....King of Pentacles, Queen of Cups, and the Princess of Swords. Quite a party of personalities.An intuitive take on this batch would be...Three people would be in this dance together, 2 men and 1 woman. Another woman is at the side, an angry woman, one that knows the bitter winds of winter bring her news she doesn't want to hear. The Priestess appears as a graceful dancer, flowig with the music that no one hears but herself. She works silently, those watching see nothing, but much is taking place. Two men walk abound the Queen of the deep, and neither have her heart. She meditates on what the Priestess has taught her, 'silence is wisdom, and meditation is power'. Sometimes to say nothing is the best answer. The Priestess dances beneath a sheer veil, topless and erotic she is, her skirt, just a wrap of deep blue wisking about her as she moves. A divine mystery, her power is silent, and profound. Both Kings would bring gifts to lay at the Queens feet, but she looks away. What she desires is yet to come. Sorry boys........and the mad princess, you can have them both. Go play now......

Friday, January 20, 2006

Ahhhh. What great cards I drew today. From the Gilded Deck by Ciro Marchetti. Rich, realistic scenes, vibrant colors. Another of my favorite decks. I have the 9 of Cups, the 3 of Pentacles, the 10 of Cups.The first thing I see is the 9 golden cups, on display in all their glory, and a man that is holding one up as if he is toasting someones happiness. This is the Wish card, and when you draw it you are to make a wish and watch it happen! In the next card (3 of Pent.) the master craftsman is finishing up a work of art, he knows he is talented and proud of what he creates.Going into the next card (10 of cups) you see 2 women sitting outside a cozy cottage home, they are sewing and chatting, happily recounting all their blessings, as 10 golden cups arch over the home and rainbow colors prism off of the cups. Together these cards would say, what you wish for is being created, you may not see it as it is not quite ready yet....but the end result is well worth waiting for. The power of a single wish. As Dorothy would say.....theres no place like home, theres no place like home. The center card is the craftsman, and he is down in the basement, working away, so he cannot see what the others are so happy about. He takes joy in the smallest details of his work, I think he will be happy to see where his newest creation will end up, no doubt in the home of the last card. I think he is the husband and he has built and landscaped this charming cottage. He is a wealthy man, not by the amount of money he has hoarded, but by expressing his talent and by loving his wife and family. He knows what true happiness is, and therefore has had his wishes come true. And they all lived happily ever after...........(I want the fairy tale.)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Windows open, the air is perfect, soft, warm, breezy....I am surrounded by silence, and the faint sound of the branches of the winter-bare trees, dancing together, playing in the sunlight right outside my window. I am using the Nigel Jackson Deck today, one of my very favorites. The artwork delicate and detailed. Soft watercolors, vintage costuming, symbols gallore, I am happy. The first card out of the group was the proud and regal Empress, followed by the golden Strength card, and last in place was the fiery King of Swords, ( in this deck he represents the fire element, some other decks use Swords as the Air Realm.) This Empress is begowned in verdant green. She sits in a lush green meadow, by a flowing stream of waters coming right from the top of the mountain, her home sits behind her, she has a heavy shield at her side to protect her and her young, she holds a huge staff of wheat, to grind and bake fresh, nourishing breads for those she loves. She holds a staff, but her staff is not a staff of 'power' but adorned with red and white roses, she rules with love. The Strength card is right behind her, on it she sits with a huge scary lion. Except, he is eating out of her tiny hand. Actually purring quite loudly, and the roses are now nestled around his furry neck, and they also decorate the fence posts, as if everything she touches, she touches with love. She is unafraid, as she knows love is the highest vibration in the Universe, and nothing can be stronger than the power of love. A King is watching her, he is sitting surrounded by bursts of fire, hot and fierce, he upholds a sharp sword, and holds a golden globe in his other hand, as if to say, 'look at me'......I use fire to push and burn and wave my sword to intimidate everyone. This is how it is done, you foolish woman. He looks pretty lonely sitting there in his kingdom of fire (hell?) that he has created. Power never wins. Power is an illusion. He still thinks he has it figured out, and is quite sure the lion will turn on her and have her for lunch any moment, and he can use his dagger and chop the loin up and have a huge banquet and invite all his friends and impress them with how powerful he is. Sadly not. Her gentleness has won the lions heart, and he king would be wise to watch her and see how she kneels in humility, and faces her fears with gentleness and vunerability. He really cannot figure her out, and never will. Some people never get it. She has, and will glady share it and teach what she has learned. Tenderpower.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Using the Tarot of Dreams, again and again, today I drew the 2 of Wands, and added another the to left of it, the Magician, and another to the right, the Queen of Swords. When I was shuffling the deck, the 2 of Wands fell out, and I replaced it back in the deck, it then appeared as the first card I drew, showing it wants me to see it and it has a message for me. This is a picture of steps floating in midair, lit with 2 towering torches, showing you the steps lead to 2 open doors. Sort of the version of, which door do you choose, behind door #1 is.....or door #2. And you cannot see what lies behind the door. The Magician is on the right of the center card, the door next to the Magician is a hazy pink, and that same color flows through the symbols floating in front of the wise Master, he has learned how to use his talents and manifest everything his heart desires.He is a great Teacher, sort of a Muse. Ha, 'a muse', maybe that is his voice, saying, let life amuse you and laugh at the 'comedy/tragedy' path this trip to planet earth is filled with. The beautiful Queen of Swords stands, a blue haze surrounds her, as a blue haze is in the door on her side of the center card. She is wearing huge pristine white Angel wings, and her gown is royal blue, bedecked with gold trims and shimmery white pearls. She holds a huge sword, and is the 'sharp' Queen of the deck. She is brilliant, intelligent, has walked through pain, has suffered great loss, has sought out answers in the higher realms to the why and what just happened, in her life. I look at the Sword element as, s-word-s, the power of words, for the Pen is mightier than the Sword. And words can inflict more pain than an actual dagger. Let me show you my scars. So, this layout of cards would be saying that 2 doors stand before me today, either one is a good choice, do I want to hang out with the Magician and create a work of art today, or hang out with the Queen and write . I think I can do both. Maye both doors are just different entrances to the same room.....and both guides are there, waiting on me to show up and get to work. Too, writing it down can give you the focus to make it happen. She looks like a chic that has already been where I am and is telling me to stop thinking things to death, and get on the path and choose a door. Action is reqired today. I shall see what doors appear in my life today and write about it later. She is like the Xena of the Tarot, forceful and more than a little pushy. Maybe she is what I need today to get me going..........we shall see.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Just got this in the mail, the Beautiful 'Tarot of Dreams' by Ciro Marchetti. What a masterpiece. This is my new favorite deck of cards. The set comes with a CD that has the cards animated, and a lengthy description of each card and where it resides on the Kabbalah Tree of Life. Utterly fasinating. So, for today, the one card I drew is: 5 of Pentacles. I see a woman in a cold, freezing blizzard, she is holding her baby, wrapped in rags, she is wrapped in old blankets, pieced together to make a covering against the cold. She has no gloves, and in her cold hand she holds out an empty cup, as if to say, 'please, just a few cents, or something hot to drink, I am alone and I have no money.' She is outside a church, it appears, and the stained glass window is aglow with green and gold lights shining through it. Her vision is not on the window, or a door that must somehow be near, but on a dark street with little hope. This card looks blurred, like you see it through tears. She is tired and feels old, her face is lined and haggard. Any #5 card is a difficult card, it is a hard energy, and with a Pentacle, it is money and anxiety, and loss. Or loss of any form of security. This card only shows her and the baby. What if there are other people there, only we cannot see them in this window of the Tarot? What if the door to the church or mission is right there within reach and she is getting ready with her cup and her baby, to walk in and get some hot soup and find a warm safe place for the night. I think she has come a long way and is almost to a place of help. The next card in the Tarot line up would be the 6 of Pentacles, which would be either someone giving her everything she needs, or her, finding out she has all she would ever want, she just doesn't know it in this card, and she would be 'passing in on' in giving to others. She would show compassion and generosity, she would know how they feel as she has definitely been there. Down and thrown out. This card expresses such a sense of loss, and deep sadness.But, the good news is she is outside of a place of hope and worship. She has made it to a place to pray, and eat and sleep. She is saying 'thank you' for everything that is offered, and has only humility. A few more steps and she is warm and full. Keep on going, never give up, never, and believe that what you need is right within your reach. For it is.

Friday, January 13, 2006

I have an excellent new book by Corrine Kenner, 'Tarot Journaling'. Love it, and am using it to see all sorts of new things through the cards. Today I am using the vibrant Gilded Tarot, and page 62 of this wonderful book, I am drawing just one card and going into the landscape of that card, drawing everything I can from just this one card. Here goes...it is the 10 of Pentacles. I step onto the lush green grass (He makes me lie down in green pastures, 23rd Psalm, comes to mind) I see a beautiful handcrafted cedar chest, filled with money. A treasure chest,left sitting out in this vast valley of towering trees, tender new grasses, the only sounds are the whispering of the soft winds. There sits a happy mouse, he seems to be dazzled by the sun relfecting prisms of light off of the gold in the coins heaped and overflowing, before him. A baby turtle crawls on by, unimpressed with the bounty, as he carries his home with him, and seems to need little to make his life happy.The area is peaceful.No people have found the riches and are fighting over who gets what and who found it first. Ususally this card is about family, traditions, things you give to those you love. Ironic for me today to draw this card, maybe it is a reminder that what I seek is out there, just not in the place I am seeking. It also would say that someone left the items there, as they do not need them any more, and happy day to whoever finds them, just pass it on. If these Pentacles represented other things of worth than 'money', what would they be? 10 things I can give my children.....let me see. 1.The beautiful Quilts I make to keep them warm, 2.The stacks of photo's I love to take and place in artsy scrapbooks as memory markers in time, 3.My passion for reading and constantly learning, knowledge is power. 4. My wonderful diet tips, such as 'it looks better in the trash than on my a--.' what I think of the 'clean your plate' guilt trip. 5. If you lose all your stuff (our house burned and we did lose all our stuff) you just get better stuff. Keep laughing, even when sleeping on a friends livingroom floor. Be grateful for everything. 6. Love is precious, when you have it, dance in it, when it goes, bless it. 7. Follow your heart, even when everyone thinks your nuts. Just agree, and keep on going. It knows, it leads you home. 8. The ability to always have the last word. Loudly and Proudly. We have it as a family tradition. 9. Scrabble. That is serious. I have every version of the game and play online with my daughter Jona, daily. I will drive miles to find a dictionary that has a word in it I have used and is being debated. Money is no object.We will fight to the death to win that game.And the scores ARE posted and kept (winning ones, of course). 10. Mary Kay cosmetics, fresh ground coffee and chocolate. Keep your priorties straight.
Well. The little mouse on the cards represents 'details'. And sometimes it is the tiny, small gifts we give each other that are the best. I feel better now.........

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I love the sound of the rain this morning. Today is my son Josh's birthday, he is 26. Sunday was my daughter Anna's birthday, she was 31. My other daughter Johnna, chose April to arrive, wanted her own month I guess. Watching them all mature, go through the tests life sends us, that is one of the hardest things as a mother, to see. I heard (at an Al-anon meeting) that usually the best thing to do in any situtation, is what ever the hardest thing would be to do. How true. Let them struggle, let them find answers, wait, and wait. They will get it. I am using the Avalon Tarot Deck from Lo Scarabeo this morning. My question is how can I find peace in the midst of their storms? I drew 3 cards, and got the Ace of Swords as the center card, the King of Wands as the card to the left, and the Sun as the card to the right. Sweet. Stay strong and honest. This is a test, only a test. The man to the right would be their father. He never was the 'family' man. Maybe some of this is another chance for him to be a father, and he still doesn't get the lesson. So, I still feel alone, and that is a wound that feels ripped open every time my children or I need something. The cards would say, you are not alone. Pray. Out of the brilliance of the Sun card, walks a warrior, ready to help. Call him an angel, call him just someone that listens and cares, I call him an answer to my prayers. I laid out 2 more cards on this King of Wands, and I see the Queen of Pentacles, and the Magician. This ancient sage holds the book with all the answers in it, and the gentle Queen has read it. She looks confidently into the future, knowing it will all work out wonderfully, and that Universal Laws work, just hide and watch. Love is the highest vibration in the Universe, so as long as I stay focused on love, teaching them love and being an example of love, I may fall down a million times, but love doesn't. The sun card says to come out and play, it reminds me of that old song......'I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.....I can see all obstacles, disappear....think I can make it now, the pain is gone....it's gonna be a bright, bright, sunshiney day.....

Sunday, January 08, 2006

This week I have had several of my clients from Keen ask how I lay my cards out and how I get the answers from what I lay out. So, I will be happy to share what is my favorite way to use the Tarot and easily and quite quickly get the answers, 'enquiring minds want to know'. I like you to ask the question as specific as you can, and then I choose 3 cards. The center card is the key card, so giving you an example, I could pose the question: 'Should I buy a house or just stay where I am for now?' I am using the Lovers Path Tarot, and I drew...the Ace of Swords is the center card, that is the first one I see, it is a yes, I see lightning forking across the sky, shooting toward the card on the left, it is the 4 of Cups. This chic is just sitting there looking at her choices, and not really finding what she wants yet. She has several nice options, but she is waiting for the right one to come along. She looks back into the past and is seeing something she wants, it may not be available right now, or she has the idea and has not found it yet, so this would be saying, wait. The card on the right of the center is the Queen of Staves, she has found what she wants, and she has taken action to get it. She is very pleased with herself, and sees a profit in the future from her investment. In timing, this would say I will, but now is not the time, be exact in what I want and let the house come to me. In both cards she is sitting, she is looking, but from a relaxed vantage point, so she knows that trying too hard hasn't worked, again, it is out there, but I do not see her knowing where it is today, and this Ace with wings in the higher realms looks like it is not even built yet, is on paper somewhere in the planning stages and the idea is there, but the waiting is the best course of action. She is confident that when the time is right, it will be there. I also see round river stones in the background, large ones like you would have on a fireplace you have in a log cabin home. This also looks out over the water, so she sees the hills and the water. Big old trees are there too, and a rocking chair on the huge front porch. So, I will have the home I imagine, but not today. If you lay out the 3 cards and have a confusing card show up, just lay out another below it as a clarifying card. I laid out another on the Queen of Staves, and I get the King of Arrows. So, she will not be living there alone, and he is holding the Ace of Arrows from the center card. So, he would be the man holding the plans, and he is already planning this house.Looks like the builder and the interior designer may have a common intrest here. Maybe that is why the waiting is in the 4 of Cups card, very interesting. You get the idea? As I read for you, I just keep laying out another card on a card in question, and the story unfolds quite nicely, revealing facts layer, by layer. Any more questions for me? Bring them on......

Friday, January 06, 2006

Someone told me the moon has been in Pisces, well I guess so. Talk about crap from the past crawling out of the back yard and sitting right on the door step. And I do try sooooo hard to be Spiritual, full of love and light. Well, today, I am just not even close. I just randomly threw cards from the Universal Waite Deck, and look what I got: 4 of cups, 8 of swords, 3 of pentacles, ace of wands, THE DEVIL, and finally the Sun. I think I am the devil today. I am really angry about a situtation I have NO power over, and so identify with the chic sitting by the tree in that 4 of cups card. She feels despair, stuck, what else can I do to fix this, and the 8 of swords screams, NOTHING. That bald guy in the 3 of pentacles is looking at the little workaholic, (me), as if to say, Stop. Go take a nap, do something else, pray and let it go. Then, suddenly that Ace of wands shows up, the Devil is holding it, so there is an answer, but it doesn't look to wonderful. But, this child on the Sun card is saying, Trust, trust, trust. It is all going to be good. Even great. May take a week to get there, but even the Angels need time to fix some things. Oh me, of little faith. I trust the cards more than I do the situtation. So, I will just go have lunch with a girlfriend, and relax. The devil is the fear card for me, and the sun is letting me know that all the shadows will be gone soon, and I can go out and play, and watch as this works itself out in a wonderful way. Just call me PollyAnna.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Ahhhh, the New Years Resolutions. I am making 3. Sing with a Band ( and New Years night I got the offer! Yeah!!!! Now, DO IT.) Stop dating. Bad idea, setting yourself up on blind dates. And paying Match.com for the experience. Ugh. Over it. On to #3, when my Father hugged my last week and said, feels like you're gaining a little weight, girl. In the blunt, here it comes, way that he does (and he wrote the book on whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger), I knew it is time to put this on the list. So, I ask the cards, the Tarot of the New Vision Deck, it is so artsy and cool, you see the image of story on the card, like you are behind the card. You just have to see it......anyway, I lay out 4 cards on which way (plan of attack) I will get the love handles I don't love off, easily and quickly. Weight Watchers? I draw the Ace of Wands, the Ace of Cups, the 8 of Pentacles and the Chariot. Yes, yes. I will have to be dilligent and chip away at it, and the Chariot, looks to me like the get off my rear card, and get moving. So, I would say I have the enthusiasm and a way I can have the foods I love, just stay in the stay in the point range. What about Low Carb, I ask the tarot, would that be better? I get the Knight of Swords, the 5 of Wands, the Sun, the Ace of Swords. A weak yes, but after the battle, and my love for it lasts about a day. I think the answer is finding what works for each one of us and making it a habit. Something we each can live with. So, here goes. And they have the best fudge bars.....

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