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Monday, September 19, 2011

Really is a mystery

Just wondering......

This seems to be rampant, and I hear it every day, as a Tarot Reader. I honestly try to be nonjudgmental, but some days I just wonder what these women are thinking. And these are
Spiritual ladies. Good women, with wonderful qualities, nothing wrong with them. Except they are tired of waiting. And sick of being alone. And afraid it will never end. I am single, too. I do understand. But if you believe in Karma, or Jesus....'what you sow, you will reap,' or what your wise old grandmother would say, 'what comes around, goes around.'  Then what do you really expect to happen with this choice? And what can I say to you, that will give you hope and patience? Rather than slam the phone in my ear....and find another Reader, that will tell you anything you 'do' want to hear.

The question that is bothering me so much today, is......'Why are so many beautiful women, doing anything they can think of to steal someones husband from another woman?'  It makes me think of this scripture in Isaiah......

Isaiah 4:1

1 In that day so few men will be left that seven women will fight for each man, saying, “Let us all marry you! We will provide our own food and clothing. Only let us take your name so we won’t be mocked as old maids.”

Is this true of women of our time? So desperate for a husband they will do just about anything for a man? Provide their own food and clothing, make sure they bring enough to the table, try to make sure he will choose them, over all the other single, attractive women out there. Not that I haven't done all kinds of things to try to please and show a man I was with (at that time) how much I loved them. I honestly believed I was the better woman....am duly humbled by that arrogance now. I must not have been, as I am still alone. And confused. Is this the answer, how to not end up being alone? Just pick someone you are attracted to, and go after them?

 So, I ask my Tarot Cards, why, why are so many women compromising themselves, having no conscience about going after someone that is married? 

These are the cards I drew.....thank you Ciro Marchetti for this beautiful 'Legacy of the Divine Tarot,' I am using tonight.

The Knight of Cups, The Moon, the 6 of Wands

My spin on this is romance, love, tenderness, someone to play with, be best friends, immerse yourself in the depths of passion. Being alone can make you starved for this, so starved, no one, not your children, or your great friends, or your Faith, no matter how strong it is, can fill that empty place in your heart. Except a man. And there he is, sharing time with you, talking to you, the way he can not talk to anyone else. Playing with this.
 Then we go into the Moon Card, shadows, uncertainty, nakedness, soft candle light and secrets....illusions. This chic reminds me of Bathsheba, bathing on her rooftop, minding her own business, and King David catches a glimpse of her nakedness, her beauty. He goes for her, married or not. Not his proudest moment, and he paid dearly for his choice. As did she, and I always wondered, what was her choice? Did she even have one? Or was she lost in the mystery, the favor of the handsome King, with a harem full of beautiful women, and he chooses her? Was she smitten, or stunned? She obeyed the summons of the King....I would love to know the details of that night.
Then we have the 6 of Wands....time to go. A card of action, victory, moving on. But I only see a 'couple' in the first romantic card, they show up as stingrays....how true. Play, but you just might get hurt. Really hurt. The couple may be together in the shadows of the night, and what a night it is,  but in the light of day, someone is leaving. And 'they' are not together.

 Maybe this is a life lesson. We want what we cannot have, and we do not want to be left behind. Alone. I took this class, and failed miserably. So what can I say to my dear Sisters, who reach out to me for words of wisdom, answers to their questions? Sometimes I cringe, yet I tell them what I see. And I hold out hope, that love does not have to be blind, or painful, or you lose everything you are and have to be with your supposed 'Soulmate.' If he really is miserable, and has married someone he no longer shares his life with, then he should/would joyfully take care of that Other woman, his wife, and give her what she needs to have a happy life. Why can't this be a win-win thing? Maybe she can't stand him and would love to move on, but as I have been told, 'the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know.' So, I really cannot tell anyone out there what their choice should be. I will be honest, and understanding. And hope it has a happy ending.  In this last card, the 6 ( and the number 6 is the Lovers Card of the Major Arcana ) shows, someone is happy. Someone has what they wanted....but it doesn't say who.