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Friday, March 18, 2011

Japan, why?

Watching the ongoing news tonight, the pain, loss, devastation in Japan. Horrible. And the cry of one lonely voice, standing out....'what did we do to deserve this? All this....why?'
It must be a human condition to always want to know who's fault it is when bad things happen. To any of us. And especially to the ones we love or when it is you or me in the hot seat.
This may be a strange reading....but I learned a long time ago, you cannot be a Tarot Reader and have an Ego. You can be exact on some things, and others, all over the place. We read energy, patterns, intentions. Symbols. I think I am more accurate than our weather man! But so is Joe the Barber! I do trust the details, colors, feelings that the Tarot Cards invoke. But I don't know everything, so I study every day, and learn something new about the Tarot and about God, and Life. I honestly believe, in getting still with them, being precise in my question, and keeping my heart open about whatever the answer may be, helps. And then sit with them longer....just see what images pop up. Journal with it....be fearless, be playful, be humble. Ask questions, then ask more questions....
So, tonight I ask, 'why did this horrible thing happen to Japan?'  And you know it could happen to any of us at any time, so go through all your hoarded stuff and donate like crazy. What you don't use may be all someone else will have in their empty closet.  Back to my reading.....
This first Tarot Deck I drew from is the Rumi Tarot by Nigel Jackson. These 3 cards came out....

The Tower...2 of Stave's...The Lovers

The Tower is true, one day and devastation. The rug ripped out from under your feet. Your family, your home, your work, your life, gone. Changed. Never, ever the same. And your future? Dare we even go there with that question? The second card says 2 Wands will come together, and the quote on the cards is perfect....'I will give you sovereignty without soldiers and armies.' Without a fight. And the Lovers. It's like 2 nations marry. 2 become one. We see the 2 of Wands, the 2 Kings below, the two Wands becoming One Wand in the second layout. Again, two become one. They seem to be offering them love, gifts, hope, clean land and food. They reach out and touch them, take care of them. How wonderful that seems. But with the Ace of Wands and the Tower showing up together...that makes me nervous.
Money, Power, Passion.
I pray it is a good thing, a blessing in the midst of a horrid tragedy.

So I pull out the Universal Tarot by Lo Scarabeo and ask the same question. And I draw these:

The King of Cups...The King of Pentacles...The Ace of Wands

Two Kings come together, unify, becoming an Ace, Super power. A King of the Water, and and King ruling on land, An Olive branch is offered, accepted, sealed. Clear, clean land is in sight. A new beginning. A promise of power that this will never happen to them again. But do you see that grayish cloud that surrounds the arm holding the Ace? Storm clouds, or radiation clouds on the horizon. The country looks stark, empty. Are they being sent there to protect themselves, or others? Like lepers being sent to the outside of town....banished. But promised a shiny new proposition. When you have nothing, anything looks good. I honestly hope it will be. Trusting soul....I am not. I try. But these are Kings in Power, Kings wanting more power, more land, more people, more money.
Then just for kicks, I ask what country, or land, where would this offer or alliance come from? I drew cards that said East of them, a bit North East. So I google my handy Atlas, and there is Russia. North Korea first, but behind that, lots of land in Russia.

I ask my gifted oldest daughter what she thought these cards could mean, as I don't get a warm fuzzy feeling about the layout. She thinks it could mean the other Nuclear accident at Chernobyl......maybe this will cause a couple of our leaders to find a better way to generate energy. And get rid of this dangerous way. I pray so. That Ace of Wands represents fire.......raw fire with great power. But I don't see the sun in this card, in any of these cards. So, where did the Sun go? And 5 out of 6 cards show strange clouds. Might keep that in mind. Look up people, strange things are afoot.
I am Spiritual, and consider my own Faith strong, always seeking, questioning. And always finding Peace. I connect with Jesus, as the 'Father' image is painful for me, so I cannot see God as loving if I envision Him/Her as a Father. Or even a Mother. But Jesus, I adore. I know all the end time fear stuff. Was raised on it....and know we are all going through some kind of test at any given time here on Planet Earth. If you really read the Scriptures....you were warned to be strong, hated, people will want to kill you, and the more you are tested the happier you should be. How's that for Prosperity Teaching? But, the good news is there is a Plan. And I don't have to know it. I just have to pray and love whoever shows up in my path. And focus on one day at a time, and keep my simple faith that whatever any of us need, we can pray to God, The Huge, Awesome, Bigger and More Massive God than we could ever get our heads around, hence we see Jesus. Dressed like a human! Bet he loved that mission...One of us. But there are many others sent, with the same message, Love.  These people all over the world, going through crisis, war, sickness, are our family, our human family.....please give whatever you can and help them. Fast and pray....and hold on tight. This year is one for the books.  Linda