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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Barnes and Noble Party

Happy Holidays! I wanted to post something very special today, and when I received this poem from my good friend Jerry Mac Johnston, I knew it was exactly what I would love to share with you. Sometimes, the very best gift you can give someone you love, is not wrapped in shiny, expensive paper. But scribbled on a wrinkled napkin, as you sip on your last cup of coffee, for the day. And it comes straight from the heart.

I am placing my interpretation of his beautiful poem, with the Tarot Cards that depict it, using the Victorian Romantic Tarot, wonderfully created by Karen Mahony.

Here we are together, yesterday at Barnes and Noble...wrapping gifts for the Writers Group we both belong to, Sleuth's Ink.

1st place in the members only ' Poets and Friends' category. His poem...Stars for Sale.


I did not do such a good job
of watching over you
and I know at least one
who would say
I have no right
to ask you for anything
Yet I have a wish
When I die
buy a star in my name
Trees in Israel
or Yellowstone
seem much too transient
for my purpose
I want each night
for you to be able to
look up
point to a star
and no matter how random
it might seem
be able to softly say
it didn't work out

Stars for Sale
I did not do such a good job
of watching over you

and I know at least one
who would say

I have no right
to ask you for anything

Yet I have a wish
When I die

buy a star in my name
Trees in Israel
or Yellowstone
seem much to transient

for my purpose

I want each night
for you to be able to
look up
point to a star
no matter how random
it might seem,

to be able to softly say

it didn't work out

Thank you Jerry Mac...this was lovely.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

This is the very Halloweeny, Beautiful Bohemian Gothic Tarot by Magic Realist Press....aka Karen Mahony. And I love it! So artsy, dark, interesting....

I laid out cards for tonight...as I am going to Halloween Party, taking this deck with me to entertain my masked, costumed friends, want to see what lies ahead, in my future.....

The 7 of Cups, The Chariot, and the Moon

I love the mask the Charioteer wears....I have a black feathered mask I am taking to wear. Maybe. The masks, how we love the masks. Maybe we need the masks. And they are a gift, not a curse. Who is it I shall really be?I don't know yet...she is waiting to get there, see who comes out to play.... In the 7 of Cups, I can be anything. Imagine this....she is in her own fantasy world. A scarlet red drink? I choose a frosty Coke. I do not drink or smoke, so the Party Girl I am not. But this may be fun.....And the stairs behind her, she is going down. Down to a part of herself she wants to explore...Or maybe she is climbing up, to sneak out the rooftop opening...climb out of her boring life, into someone else, in the dark of night. This handsome man with the majestic Black feathered wings...he is robed in rich blood red scarlet, just a wrap. Seems to be barely holding onto it. Looks like a Chippendale Dancer on Halloween. That would me nice tonight....! Those massive stone carvings of the dark and light woman. We all have the dark side. Be honest. Get to love it. It is a Universal law, people. Just like the Law of Attraction. The Law is of Polarity. There will always be equal amounts of dark, for light. Day...night. Masculine, Feminine. Ying, yang. Tonight is the night to play in the dark side....dance the night away with your fears...And the Moon. Ah, I just love her, and her white wolf, howling in the darkest hours of the night. She is in deepest blue. Blue....one of my favorite colors. She is quiet, watching. Farther out in this card, is an image of a person crying. Alone, sadly in the night. Yet not alone, as she is watching vigil, compassionate from a distance. Pearls are woven in her hair, and a silver crescent moon adorns her long, luxurious hair. She blends with the night, unnoticed, just there. She is the night. Absorbing it. Feeling it. Being it. 

FYI. I think I was the quiet one watching. It was entertaining....and I did blend with the night...unnoticed. I kept sneaking outside, to get away from the smoke, and gazing at the Moon and stars. Felt more at home there. In the quiet, in the dark.
It was fun....I came alone, and I left alone. I met up with friends....but it was really nice to come home to my home. Looking at those cards now...I see they might be saying...your party will be an illusion...not what you think. Go ahead and drive, enjoy the view. The best view will be the stars and the moon. And it was! 

Thursday, October 29, 2009

So, Tuesday morning this week, I do my daily layout of my cards. I use the beautiful Fenestra Tarot. I have my coffee....all is quiet...peaceful...and I draw these 3 cards. I think, gee, I wonder what these are saying to me. So, I think...maybe I am stressed, from talking all the time, and need a man to distract me from my work. Or, maybe I have too many things going on...I have really gotten into making Fabric Postcards, fun and artsy, but sort of over commited myself to doing several of them. But, got them done on the deadline, mailed out. The Emperor looks heavy....strict. Maybe it means I need to be a bit stricter about that 10 pounds...wands....I have been wrestling with...speak an affirmation out loud about it.

The 10 is a card of too much....over the limit...over doing it....
The Page of Wands...zealously showing someone your point of view....talking to them...giving them an important message...
The Emperor...Big Daddy, someone in power, the Boss. Someone controlling their environment....

And I leave, have an appointment across town. So I am just a tad late. Get half way there, and see the bright flashing lights of a police car....right behind me. Me? Surely not me. Yes. I get a ticket for speeding. Well, everyone else was going the same pace as I was...I urgently explain, as he has is ink pen poised over that yellow citation pad. And yes, I try to talk my way out of it, to no avail. 51 in a 35 mile zone. When I get back from the appointment....I see these cards still out on my desk. And now I know....you are going too fast, you cannot talk your way out of it, and you will be a little intimidated by Mr. Policeman. The Tarot Cards have such a sense of humor...don't they. I surely did not see this in the cards....but later I did. Learn something new every day. I do.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Still looking for Pictures in Pictures

Today, the Universal Waite Tarot, is where I find matching cards, for my pictures. This young, curious boy, is my beloved grandson David. He is peering inside the box that held the Nigel Jackson Tarot Cards. Just like the Page of Cups, he is wondering, what is in there? And what would this mean, a fish in a cup? A talking fish? Cards that tell stories? Cards full of colorful images, who are these people on these cards, and what are all the pretty pictures? He is already an artist. My own Page of Cups, with crayons, markers, ideas....he already has every superhero down pat. He will draw the story, then ask me or anyone else around with a pencil to write out the story to go with his picture. He believes in 'talking fish.' I liked how the back of the card he is holding had the same circle that the Ace of Pentacles has. He's holding it so gently, and obviously focused on something, an image, intently. Knows there is a story here...just got to get the details. And at this tender age, they have no problems with imagination. He can give me a run for my money, as a reader. He inspires me!

The soft colors of the Universal Waite deck, are the same soft colors in Davids pictures. I see an arched gate on the Ace, with blooming Surprise Lilies, and a mysterious landscape beyond my vision. He sees the same thing, and when I ask him what is past the gate? He can give me a story about the boy in the other card, he is there. He is standing by the lake we cannot see, and is all dressed up for a play at school. Looks like he is having a fish sandwich for lunch.

Sometimes, when I get caught up in the stacks of books with all the 'professional' meanings of the Tarot....I need to go back to looking through a child's eyes. Just play with them. Stop trying so hard, and just let the images tell the story. The wilder the better. And have David over, find the Hulk, Iron Man, and Cat Woman in the cards. And let the characters tell the story. Or let the child lead me....

Pay attention to the Pages, young ones, curious and questioning ones, around you. They don't know the rules yet. And what we are yet to learn, is who wrote the rules? Listen to their wisdom. Wow, even Spongebob has some pretty good advice...never knew that until David shared it with me. Go backward in time, and tell your own story. And make it a good one...tell it like a 4 year old would...

Friday, October 02, 2009

Morning Glory

Every day the symbols from the Tarot show up around us. Just takes a second to pause and notice, what that symbol might be telling you. I was outside with my little yappy dog, and seen these blooming Morning Glories. So delicate, and white. Pure, innocent. I grab the camera and take their picture. I pick up this deck of cards, The Fantastical Tarot, and here is the same picture. A healthy, green, winding vine, reaching up from the ground. Holding onto something metal, a thick cable cord in one picture and a thick heavy sword in the other. Two open white flowers, almost a third.

If I were just drawing a daily card to think about...I would think this would mean (Gestalt, here) marking a spot. The Sword has been stuck in the ground, not needed. Yet, it's there, ready, should it be needed. And long enough for these wildish flowers to wrap around it, decorate it, bloom---Mary Englebreit's...'Bloom where you are planted?' Yes. They have bloomed where they were planted. Or where the wind of fate blew them. You think they are angry about where they are? Doesn't look like it. Looks like they're very happy. Open to the Sun, showing off. Holding on. Simple. Trusting. Looks pretty easy, wonder how they do that. There have been storms here, and wind. And lightening. And they are on a metal cable...could get fried. They don't care. Reminds me of when Jesus told his groupies, 'Think about how the lilies grow. They don't work, or make clothing.(ha! and I am a Seamstress, and am sitting in a room-right now, filled with fabric, patterns and the Work of making clothing!) Yet, not even Solomon in all his 'glory' (morning glory!) was dressed like one of these flowers. If that is how God dresses the wild grass, how much better will he dress you! After all, the grass is here only today. Tomorrow it is gone. Your faith is so small. Don't spend time thinking about what you will eat or drink. DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT. People who are ungodly ( have no God to trust, turn to, depend on?) run after all those things. Your Father knows that you need them. Luke 12:27 (really? He really knows what I need today?)

Well, seems to be a theme here. I added the symbolic meaning for Morning Glories. And it says, they bloom in the morning, and die in the afternoon. Well, that sucks. Yet, sometimes life feels so fleeting, fast. And past. And yet, somewhere in here, there is hope. They have seeds that fall, (lots of seeds!) never have to be replanted. Life replants them. They come back every year, no one has to work at planting them, and it says they don't take to 'repotting' well. They are where they are supposed to be. And they hang on and just bloom. Cool.

The Morning Glory in Chinese Art

Morning Glory SymbolismThe star-shaped morning glory is symbolic of a single day each year in which the Chinese lovers, Chien Niu and Chih Neu, are allowed to meet. According to Chinese lore, Chien Niu was a boy star who was entrusted to take care of water buffalo in the heavenly kingdom. A girl star named Chih Neu was put in charge of seamstress duties. They fell in love, and the romance caused them to neglect their duties. In anger, God forced the young lovers to be separated on both sides of the Silver River and allowed then to meet only once during the whole year.

Seamstress Duties!!! How funny. And only allowed to meet once a year. It must be getting time for my yearly date!

Morning Glory Facts

Morning Glory Flower MeaningThe morning glory is aptly named, as the flower blooms in the morning and dies by the afternoon. The flowers are funnel-shaped and prefer full sun. Morning glories will grow in poor, dry soil. They are a vine flower and are highly useful for trellises where they reduce the heating and cooling costs of buildings.

And they make themselves useful.....saving heating and cooling costs....how funny.

Look around you and see what shows up, and the card that matches it. Write about it. It will give you a message...what you need to know, to know you are ok. Really ok.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Every day, I journal. I draw 3 cards, I ponder what they could mean for today. I read my Bible. Edgar Casey read his Bible every day. He was one of the most popular mystic's....and he humbly realized his gifts were of a higher realm. Gifts from God. And he desired to be guided by God. Not ego, not fame. Just simply use his spiritual gifts to bless whomever may be showing up for him that day. The Bible grounded him, as it does me. I will always be the granddaughter of a Pentecostal Minister...and never forget his wise teachings to me. Somehow those teachings weave into a larger pattern of who I am today. And what I believe today.

So, as I am reading my 'Message' (translation) Bible, I am thinking of the beautiful Surprise Lilies, that I seen, the last time I visited my Mother. Huge clusters of them, everywhere I looked, their delicate stalks barely able to hold up, all those dainty pink blooming flowers. As I am opening the Bible, glancing around to see what I should read today, I see the word 'lily' stand out. And I read this....

1 Kings 7:19 (The Message)

15-22 First he cast two pillars in bronze, each twenty-seven feet tall and eighteen feet in circumference. He then cast two capitals in bronze to set on the pillars; each capital was seven and a half feet high and flared at the top in the shape of a lily. Each capital was dressed with an elaborate filigree of seven braided chains and a double row of two hundred pomegranates, setting the pillars off magnificently. He set the pillars up in the entrance porch to The Temple; the pillar to the south he named Security (Jachin) and the pillar to the north Stability (Boaz). The capitals were in the shape of lilies.

Jachin....the 'J' on one of the pillars in the High Priestess Card, and Boaz....the 'B' on the other pillar. One represents Security, and the other Stability. I never knew that. How cool! And the pomegranates are there, behind her. A double row of 200, that's a lot of pomegranates. Some think the fruit in the Garden of Eden was pomegranates....not the poor apple that's been blamed for mans downfall.

I also found this...'The completion and printing of the first bible included elements of the Torah, known as the Old Testament. The references to pomegranates remain intact, including the passage: “Let us go early to the vineyards to see... if the pomegranates are in bloom—there I will give you my love.” Song of Solomon 7:12'

And...'During the Persian wedding ceremony, a basket of pomegranates is placed on the ceremonial cloth to symbolize a joyous future. In Turkey, after the marriage ceremony, the bride throws a pomegranate on the ground. The number of arils that fall out are believed to indicate how many children she will have. In Crete, when a bride enters her new home, the groom hands her a pomegranate. In China, a picture of a ripe, open pomegranate is a popular wedding present, expressing the wish, "May you have as many children as there are seeds!"

POM Wonderful: www.pomwonderful.com

And about the Lily....'In early paintings, the Angel Gabriel is seen handing a bouquet of white lilies to the Virgin Mary. In other paintings, the saints are bringing vessels full of lilies to Mary and the baby Jesus. In another legend, a visit to the tomb of Mary three days after her burial found nothing in the tomb except large bunches of lovely lilies. Artists have often used the lily to represent the Resurrection of Mary. The white petals of the lily are said to represent the spotless body of the Virgin Mary and its golden anthers are said to be her soul glowing this heavenly light.'

Lilies and Pomegranates, and the beautiful High Priestess Card.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Legacy of the Divine Tarot

What happened to Carol Daniels?

Oklahoma pastor found dead inside her church

ANADARKO, Okla. (AP) — Authorities say a pastor in southwest Oklahoma was killed and her body was found inside her church.

Carol Daniels' body was found early Sunday at the Christ Holy Sanctified Church in Anadarko, Okla., which is about 60 miles southwest of Oklahoma City.

Investigators say they have no suspects in Daniels' death and few leads to follow. Authorities did not say how, when or where she died. Officials on Sunday spoke with several people who gathered around the building after hearing about the killing.

Authorities say Daniels was in her mid 50s and lived in Oklahoma City.

Her church is in a small A-frame building that sits along a main road in the Caddo County town of about 6,600 people.

Using the new, Beautiful, Legacy of the Divine Tarot, by Ciro Marchetti, I am asking questions of the Tarot, about what happened to Carol Daniels?

In the first row of cards, my question was simply.....'what happened?' I drew the Sun, the 7 of Wands, and the Moon.

She was a 'light bearer', of the Truth. She was protecting
something, or someone. Would not give the killer what they wanted. I see the Moon, which stands for Mother issues, and the Sun, sometimes a play on words...did she have a son? Or someone she thought of as a 'son?'

Second question, Who did this to you? second row of Cards....Page of Cups, The Chariot, The Emperor.

Someone she trusted, someone running away. A man and a child? A childish man? A man wanting something she had, taking it, running with it. What did he want?

He wanted to fight for something he thought was his. The Knight of Wands, the 6 of Cups, and the 7 of Swords. Hurry, get this done. He rashly thought he deserved it, in his childishly 'fantasy' mind, he was going to take it one way or the other, even steal it. He was angry, petty, mean. A rebel.

And the last row of Cards....'What was this about, how can I solve this mystery?'

The Page of Pentacles, the 5 of Swords, and the Empress.' Again, a child and a mother. A bitter young man, full of vengeance, hurtful words, like daggers. She, never in fear, only compassion and love, a true Mothers love, understanding the pain, the anger. Offering him what she could offer, he wanted something else. And he took it. Her life. Her.

There could have been an older man, and a younger man. One watched, was a lookout for the other. Strange as it seems, I see the younger man as the angriest man. The man that killed her.

In this layout, I use sets of 3 cards. And I notice the numbers...the Chariot=7, 7 of Wands and 7 of Swords. Mystery numbers. Was this person a Mystery to her? Someone she never understood, never really knew? I believe she did know him, as she seemed to welcome him and show no fear in standing up to him. He is one the road, not there in that town. Running. The main thing he stole from her was her life. I don't see anything else here that indicates he wanted money, or items to cash into money. He wanted his mother, or a mother. And she had been that to him. Somewhere inside him is a wounded child, and she could see that, and still loved him. Her last card is the Empress...utter Compassion.

I believe he will be found, caught. His own conscience will convict him. He will tell someone else about this....a possible drunken confession, and he will be discovered. He wants help. He is desperately crying for help. He will get help, but not the way he wanted it. This group of cards, just screams....'Past life scenario.' This group of 3, have been together before. And will come back and do it again. The Moon, Emperor, Empress, Sun.....father, mother, son....going deep into the past. Not resolved this time around. And she, killed in a Church? Or somewhere else and brought to the Church? A holy place of sanctuary. Years ago, it would be the only safe place from someone that wanted to hurt you. In 2-3 weeks the truth will come out. Maybe 2-3 days. Fast. She is ok.....her soul is at Peace.

Anyone other readers out there, care to add to this post, feel welcome. I appreciate your insight, and your comments. Even negative! I am still a student...always will be. Linda

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Victorian Romantic Tarot

I just had to post this....!

I was sent an email from the Yahoo Personals, someone was checking me out...flirting with me. So, I pull up this profile from a man named 'Fred' from Fayetteville, AR. He is 63. This is what his profile says....check it out if you don't believe it...really.

My ideal match must love muscle cars especially since I own a Z06 Corvette 6speed. She must also not not loose bladder control easily. It would also be helpful if she were able to fit comfortably into the bucket seat. My only other requirements is that she be kind, thoughtful, open minded and have a sense of humor. (Definitely having all of her hair is a plus and be able to "dress up" for special occasions is also right up there.) Bossy, red-necked, overbearing women should not even attempt to respond.

And just for fun, I drew these 3 cards on Fred. As I have many callers, including myself, single, looking around for Mr. Wonderful.

I am using the Victorian Romantic Tarot. This is a serious romantic reading, you know. Ah, 10 of Pentacles, Knight of Pentacles, and 4 of Cups. The cards say....

This man has a lot of stuff. Property, things. Possessions. He wants a lady to bow before him, kiss his hand in homage....he is a real treat. Well, he has that fancy car, you know. What else would a single woman be looking for? And seems another woman has had an accident there....hope he had plastic covers on that thing. I bet he does now. Well, he's still shopping, not to sure if anyone will 'fit' what he wants.(Hence the fit into his bucket seat...whatever.)Has all her hair....how does he know if she has all her hair? Get a picture of her from 5 years ago, and compare hair, here? Will he obsess over the hair in the sink? Or secretly check out her hairbrush? I wonder why he hasn't posted a picture of himself. And does he have hair? Or teeth? Or is it just the 'stuff' he has to offer? Well, not really. It is his stuff. You would be his stuff. And that 4 of Cups....he would find something he didn't like about you....So what is his problem? I think the answer is in the first card. He has had someone he really loved, she was the one that helped him acquire all this stuff. And she is gone. He really wants her back...and no one can fill her dainty little shoes. And some women out here would really try to. And be never what he really wants. I'm thinking I really do like my dog....and I have so many great friends....single's not so bad.....
Ah, the dating games....how fun! He's still free, girls! Go get him!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Lady Justice

I have been carrying Corrine Kenner's newest book around, 'Tarot for Writers,' and finding all kinds of new ways to see my cards! I am using the Nigel Jackson Tarot, well, I have trimmed the sides off...hey, I paid for it, it's mine. And they are so big, hard to shuffle. And I am a Seamstress, with too many pairs of sharp scissors. And I love the way without the borders, they lay together. Like a picture that just melts together. This is just one way of having fun with them, make them yours. Trim them, write on them, play with them all the time. I do.

I was studying the book again and found this suggestion....write about something insignificant. One little thing on a card that no one really notices. I pulled this card at random.....and found something to write about. Do you see it? Something only a woman might notice, or a man with a foot fetish. She has no polish on her toenails. Her feet are bare. I cannot see her finger nails, they seem to hidden from view. But I do see her unpolished toe nails. I wonder why this is what I see. I am a detail person. I want the tiny, vivid, every scrap, details. She looks like a woman that's worked hard and long to be in her position of 'higher' power. She is dressed in blue, love that color. She is simply dressed, she had 9 circles of gold over her heart. 9, the number of perfection. A ornate gold crown, and heavy gold sword, and a big set of golden scales.Empty scales. Sitting in a golden throne, high and alone. Cool, fluffy white clouds blow about her, rest below her, she sees from a high vantage point. She knows much. Has to. Why is her hair blue? Is she ancient? I think yes, and no. She is ageless. She is a Universal and Spiritual Law. She embodies it. The insignificant details.....her bare feet and toes, show me she is humble. Vulnerable. She walks gently. Softly. She is not about beauty, she is about truth. She doesn't really care if you see her or not, she wants you to see the scales, the sword, the crown. That is who she is. When she's not at work, maybe goofing off at home. She is still barefoot. And relaxed. And just herself. I see her with a new novel, curled up with a cafe mocha, easy to be with. She knows what no one says....and she needs no adornment. She is pure. Real. Cool.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Where is Madeleine McCann?

One day this week, on Oprah, Madeleine McCann's parents were on the show. I am always curious what the Tarot will say about missing people. She has been missing for 2 years now. That is horrible. And not a clue what happened to her. I am using the beautiful, newly released, Touchstone Tarot by Cat Black. Utterly gorgeous. I ask......

Is Madeleine alive?
These cards I drew....the Ace of Swords, the 6 of Coins, and the Queen of Cups.This is a yes. She is very much alive. Looking at every symbol that stands out, I see this....

She is alive. She is in the possession of a wealthy woman. A powerful woman. A woman that gets everything she wants, and bought this child. This stolen child. She has many takers to do her business. They are well paid, and she is quite happy. She lives in a cold country. North. Mountains, very high. She is not questioned, as she has information on people she would use against them,if she had to. She keeps Madeleine from the outside world, thinking she is protecting her, yet she is the one the child needs to be protected from. She desired a child young enough to not remember her family, not remember anything. And yes, I believe a man was paid to steal this child from her family. They had twins also, maybe that was a nice gesture, he did leave the twins. Whatever. I believe he was watching the family...waiting for just the right moment. She is unhurt. She is well taken care of. She knows only what she has been taught by this lady. Sad. But she is still alive, and there is still hope.

I ask, will she be found....Yes.
I drew the Judgement Card, the 9 of Cups, and the Ace of Wands.

She will be found. Someone knows this story, and knows the lady with the child. I am so glad they did the age progression of the child, I believe that will be how she is recognized. Her family's wishes do come true, in one day, they will receive a call, and they will have her back. I believe it will be within one year. Their prayers will be answered. They will be happy again. I see this beautiful Angel in the Judgement card, watching over her. And her family. The truth will come out, as it always does. The thief will get caught, and the woman with everything will have nothing. Call it karma, or I would rather quote Jesus....what you reap, you sow. Cause and effect.

Pray for her, and her family. And the person that makes the call that will tell us where she is. She will be found.


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

My scanner is broken. I can't post the cards I usually scan and do readings on, so for now, I decided to just write. I miss the writing....

I was invited to a Writers group meeting on Saturday. I am going. The speaker is a Psychic, and does not like the Ouija Board or the Tarot Cards. A friend of mine confided this to me, so I will restrain myself from plopping them out on the table in front of me, as I usually do. I guess she is a 'real' psychic. I immediately grabbed my soapbox, and as I have time and time again, came to the defense of the Tarot Cards. The Ouija Board, I have never had any interest in....so that didn't bother me. But the statement about the Cards....that does bother me. I think it must go back to a time I was taught they were evil. The devil's tools. Seemed he has many tools, just about anything that's fun seems to be his. The first deck I ever seen was the Mythic Tarot. And I just loved them. Artsy, detailed. And how cool, ask questions and the answer floats up from the layout, with details and all kinds of extra tidbits about the question. I was hooked. So, I battled. Were they evil or not? I am a studier....I got the books, looked up the history, listened to both sides. Packed them under the bed....what was the answer. I prayed, and waited, and kept searching for an answer. Good or bad, Godly or Devilish...This is my answer. They are a tool. A box of beautiful artistic cards. The pictures invoke deep reactions, sometimes playful, sometimes sad and deep. Gestalt. They have only the power we give them. I think of it like this....think of a beautiful handcarved knife. Displayed in a woodblock in your kitchen. I could see that knife, and panic. Say, I don't like knives, I was cut by a knife one time, had to have stitches. Bled all over the place. Keep that away from me, it is evil. Or, I could say, how cool, a knife to cut my bread with. A knife to clean away the stuff from the veggies, so we can eat them, nicely cleaned. And my steak....it will be fantastic it cut my steak with. It's a tool. A knife. It is maybe a deadly weapon in the hands of a robber, or a healing tool in the hands of a surgeon. Or an artist's tool in the hands of a wood carver. But, until you hold it, or use it, it's just metal and wood. Same with the Tarot. The cards are an extension of whoever is reading with them. You see the symbols from your filter of your belief. I read every book that is written about them, study, soak up every word, love it. They are a way to use my imagination, and intuition to create a story, with the answers popping up. If you want to play, are open to other views than your own, play with them. Play is the key word. Whatever your reader tells you, will resonate with you. Yes or no. Above all, listen to your heart and follow what you feel to be true. Cards or not. Usually they verify what you already are thinking might be the answer. But, I don't know that. I just tell you what's in front of me....and let you decide.
Maybe I'm just lazy. I could, pull the answers out of thin air, really pay attention to the symbols all around me, and do a reading with no tools at all. But each artist has his tools.....and to paint the very best most beautiful picture for you, of your options and answers, I love to use my tools. I get way more information with my tools. I consider them gifts. And thank every Tarot artist and designer, so very much for creating such beautiful works of art. I love them. And I am very proud of the tools of my trade. I anxiously await each newly published deck that comes out. Preorder, love that. Keep them coming.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Orbs....what are they? What does the Tarot say they are?

When I am not reading, playing and studying the Tarot, I design costumes, unique clothing, and artsy quilts. This is my friend Don, he works at the Zoo here in town. He ask me to create a Pirate Costume for Halloween, to wear to the Zoo.
Also he entered a Best Costume Contest, at this bar his daug
hter was dancing at, with the coolest group of Bohemian Belly Dancers (I have pictures of them too, really fun!). I had a blast. And he won first place.....!

So, here we are arriving at the party, and then, a friend said to him, look like a real pirate....so he made some scary face for the camera. She took all these pictures with a tiny digital camera. The only lights in the place were red stage lights. So, who or what was in front of him, and then moving over to the side of the next picture?

I had a sweet lady client of mine here for a reading this week, she has the most unique 'orb' pictures....and we were doing cards on what or who they could be. According to the scientists, it is dust particles....on the lens of the camera. I really doubt it. Well, not here. A mass of dust moving around the dance floor? Yeah....right.
Her pictures made me want to post these pictures, take another look. See if I could find anything I had missed her before.

His father is deceased, we wondered if it might have been him. As Don and his daughter Missy were her together, maybe Dad was hanging out with us. It wasn't frightening....we didn't even know it was there until the pictures came up. What do you think?
I drew 3 cards from the Tarot of the Golden Dawn, asking what 'these' Orbs would be. And this is what came forth...

The High Priestess. The Justice Card, and the 4 of Wands.

Looking for Orbs...or circles in the cards, I see the swirls of energy all around the High Priestess. She is also known as the Female energy of God. Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom. She is pure energy...female, creative,
the Womb of life.

Looking for a circle in the next card wasn't easy.
I finally found it
in her golden headband. Encircling her thoughts of truth, her mind....manifesting outward?

The 4 of Wands...a card of marriage....sometimes, or bringing two elements togethe
r, blending it into one. And another circle, a golden bowl, two hands from
Source mixing up a scarlet, flaming mix, with an ample, satisfied woman watching. Creating, cooking something up. Energy. Mixing....Manifesting.

So what would the Tarot be saying about the Orbs in the pictures from the party?

I see a woman, the cards were all showing a female. He was not married to her, but loved her, as she loved him. I think she is standing in front of him, then moving around the room, but there for him. I believe she was a woman that died, maybe not really intending to. She shared part of his life, still finds comfort in being around him, even after death. She was fascinated with his Pirate getup, she wanted to come to the party. He knows who she is...a lady he has never forgotten. But until I laid out these cards today, I did not realize it was her. Well, it is. Maybe they shared a Pirate past life together....who knows. She waits for him on the other side. How cool!!!

My personal opinion, is, they are people without a body. They show up as circles of energy, hovering over us, watching over us, just hanging out with us.
What do you think? And do they show up in your pictures? Look closer....they just might....! It's all good....Linda

Friday, January 30, 2009

Who is this woman?

Using writing prompts from this beautiful Empress, Corrine Kenner. I was drawn to the page, 'Character Sketches', in her book Tarot Journaling. My copy is quite worn out. That just means I really love it. And I do!!! She has another book, 'Tarot for Writers' coming out the first of February. I have already pre-ordered it. Yes, I have all the books, and all the decks. Can one have too many? No. !

Imagine, I am a writer for some really, snazzy women's magazine. And my assignment is to find an amazing woman to write about. Well, I wouldn't have to look to far away. I happen to be surrounded by amazing women. Ah, choose just one.
My editor gives me a stack of photos to choose from. Women from every walk of life. And this woman is the woman I choose.
I am to write about why she is dressed up, as she is in this picture. So, if I were to meet her for coffee at Starbucks this afternoon to chat....this might be what you would hear, should you be evesdropping next to us.

It's so nice to finally meet you! This is the most interesting picture of you...can you tell me some personal things about yourself, and why you are dressed up like this in your picture?

I would love to....my name is Emma. I will not tell you my age, as I feel ageless! Like I have lived forever, and will always be here! I live in the country. I love to be surrounded by gardens, flowering gardens. Animals, baby animals. I have a big front porch, with a swing on it. I have coffee there, watch my grandchildren play. If you were to come to my home, you would feel so comfortable, you would never want to leave! I love to cook, and I would feed you healthy, nourishing foods. And fresh baked apple pie. You must have dessert!
I am married, very happily married, with a house full of children, grown and tiny. I am thrilled with each new baby that comes into our family, a new gift from God. And the wisdom of the children, they are the teachers. We need to listen to them. Not train them to be like us...we have it backward. My favorite things would be my hot tub, outside on the deck. Surrounded by trees, stars at night. A glass of wine....my husband....I am a happy lady! I also do interior designing. Keeping a beautiful home is one of my favorite things. I have a group of girlfriends. We get together, once a month or so. Have lunch, listen to each other, are there for each other through whatever we may be going through. And my church. That is my safe place. To have a haven to run to, when I am worried about my family, I need my church. I have worked outside my home, but really don't like to. I love being home to do my freelance jobs. I really enjoy taking naps in the afternoon. And having quiet time to read. And write. I want to be ever available to my husband, or my children, should they need me. My joy comes from seeing them happy. As a mother, my rewards may seen small to some. But, for me, it is the best gifts life has to offer. Special memories I treasure....making my daughters wedding dress and veil....arranging her hair right before she walked down the aisle...my husband, his tummy full, his heart happy, holding him through the night. Listening to him, loving him.....the last time my oldest daughter came to visit me. She came up behind me, hugging me, said, I really have missed you, mom.......my son, seeing him smile, eat, sleep, knowing he can tell me anything, and I never judge him. I would do anything to protect my children. And the grandchildren...how can you love those little faces any more? Your heart just expands bigger than you imagine.

The reason for the picture, I was playing around with my girlfriends, we were dressing up, and I choose this ensemble. The red dress. Power color. Passion, blood red. The golden, sequined top, a shimmery piece of art. The light catches the sequins, and prisms of colored lights shoot out everywhere. The playful face under her chin....sticking it's tongue out. Life is just a hoot. Play with it. Take nothing serious. The bronze helmet. I do not choose to hear the bad news about the world. Or the what ifs.....I have been knocked down by life, and I have fought, fiercely, and won. I am still standing. My one arm appears to be going right through the wall. And it is. Nothing is a wall for me. I am a mother. I can to miracles. And I do them daily. And, the little person in my other hand. My children. I see them as adults, fearless, happy, arms wide open, embracing life. Needing nothing but what I have taught them, and knowing I still and always will hold them in my hands and heart. I must say, being a wife, and a mother, and a grandmother, has been the very most rewarding job I have ever had. I do not regret one single moment of this journey. The hand the rocks the cradle, truly does rule the world. Remember that.....

Each Tarot card with all the different images, colors, style of clothes, you name it....will mean something to you. She is my card for today. I think I'll wear red lipstick just for her.....

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A girl from Moab....

The pictures on the cards, the images, the reactions they invoke from the readers, and the inquirer, are amazing. I love the Gestalt method of reading the cards. Goes deep, pulling out memories, hidden in dark corners, ready to face the light. Ready to be healed. Also, reminders of who we are, and where we are going. Or the choices on the path, where we can be going. Or not. And why.

This morning, with a steaming cup of Earl Gray tea, I am journaling on these 3 cards from the Victorian Romantic Tarot. 6 of Swords, Queen of Swords, and the 9 of Pentacles. I started writing a story that seemed to be floating up from these cards. Then I thought, this story has already been written. Long time ago. And still has the same wisdom, and lessons for any woman (or man,) out there, willing to listen. It's in the Bible, the story of Ruth. These cards depict her journey. Her personal journey. With no man in her life, to help her, support her, guide her. A wonderful mother in law, and I had a wonderful mother in law once, she was my true mother. And other images that show up in the cards, mirror her path, her story. My own version....Cliffnotes by Linda...

A loyal wife and mother of two sons, all hungry, starving, move to the country of Judah. The 'settled' there, was not there true home, and they did not plan to stay. She, displaced, of her friends, family, faith, loses her husband by death. The 2 sons marry women from that area, then the 2 sons die. From where she was sitting, she could see not light at the end of the tunnel. Nothing. Hearing there was now food in Bethleham, the 3 women gather what they can carry, and start the journey home. (the 6 of Swords card) Well, home for Namoi, but a strange land for the daughters. She decides to send them home to their family's, their faith. Maybe they can find husbands, homes, and happiness again. Bless them, thank them, just let them both have a chance for happiness. She has given up on ever finding that again. Stripped of everything she had, she lets the last 2 people in her life, her only family, go. Orpah, goes home. Sadly, leaves. Ruth clings to her, vows to stay with her, even vows to follow her faith, change anything about herself that would represent her past, become someone new. Whatever it takes.

They travel on, and on and on. Finally get to Bethleham. Namoni now calls herself 'Mara', 'the Almighty has made me very sad.' A widow (Queen of Swords, woman of grief, sorrow), and both her beloved sons, dead. One small beam of light, follows her around, the younger widow. Ruth.

They arrive at the beginning of the barley harvest. Timing is everything, don't you think? And a rich relative, handsome, no doubt, needs workers for the harvest. And Ruth, time on her hands. She decides to become a harvester. And she does very well. Gets the rich, handsome land owners attention. He favors her, protects her, blesses her with extra piles of grain, falling right on the path in front of her. ( here I must say, if men just knew this one thing about women....really. They could get any woman the wanted. Do something to make her life easier. Just one thing. Change the oil in her car....fix her front door....take the dog to the vet...get the idea? Being in her shoes today, isn't any easier than it was for Ruth, then. Many single women are widows, maybe not by 'death', but by divorce, by life. Alone, they may have a mother in law, or a friend, to hold them. But not at night. And the burden of supporting everyone is overwhelming. I wonder if she ever cried on the way to the harvesting field. I think she did. But she hid it from everyone. Got to be strong. No one likes someone needy. Act like you have it all, and you will. I do believe that. But until you do, some days you cry.)
O.k. Back to the story....Ruth asks Boaz, the handsome landowner, 'Why have you been so kind to me?' Surprised by kindness. Some days, it's just one nice thing someone does for you, and that's enough to keep you going. One nice thing. His kindness, changed her life. I think she started to dress up a bit, become trusting, even happy. And hungry no more. Acquired some curves, and he noticed. Yes.

The rest of the story, for another day, goes to the happy ever after place. But for now, she began to be happy, feel valuable, make friends. She was still humble, appreciative, honoring her mother in law. Just doing every day what she needed to do. Small gestures. Small steps. Looking in a mirror, maybe the only thing that looked different was her eyes, and her smile. That's enough. She had come a long, long way. From another culture, country, family, status, occupation, appearance. She was a different person. A happy one. And very content. That's enough for today. Bless where you are, love it. It's the right place. Watch for signs on the path, even crumbs....showing you the way, home. Love ya...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Initiatory of the Golden Dawn

Come fly with me.....
Using the Initiatory of the Golden Dawn Tarot, these 4 cards flew out of the deck this morning. Fell right out as I was shuffling. One way to get my attention.

The Tower, The Ace of Wands, The Princess of Wands, and The Magician.

And what story would these cards tell? I think they reflect the changes we're going through, all over this planet. Every level. Every person. And they give good news....

The Tower....everything that is/has/will seem to fall apart, is meant to fall apart. Sucks, I know. But look beyond it. You can and will have so much more than you have, or have ever had. This is just life, shaking you up a bit. Let it go, don't fight it. Actually laugh at it, watch in fascination as it morphs into....

The Ace of Wands....A smoldering ember, on an idea simmering in the back of your mind. You haven't had time to do it, or money to make it, or a friend to believe in you. Guess what, today it the day! Dig out the idea, feed it, get it burning, plan your future. Remake yourself, you have this very powerful Ace to open whatever door you want to pursue.....

Princess of Wands....Passion, fire all around her, enthusiasm, look at this idea!!! I have a vision, I can see it as already finished, selling all over the world, helping people, blessing me, my family, yes! She is the cards that 'speaks' with fire, get it moving, clear the path. She can see inside the crystal ball, the future. And she can't wait to get there....

The Magician....Everything comes together. Timing is perfect. All the elements are right in front of this man. His hands are open, ready to create. He is a Master of Creation. Whatever that idea was from yesterday, he has done it, or will fearlessly do it, now. The golden yellow of his tunic stands out against all the blazing red's of the other fire cards. He is is confident, intelligent, clear, focused. It's already done....

Looking back at the placement of these cards, and having stacked them like this to scan them for this posting, nothing is by accident! Look at the Magician looking up at the Tower Card. He was the man that fell, and the Princess of Wands was the woman that fell. They seem to have disappeared in the Ace, but not really. Maybe they were healing, resting, waiting. That was a long way to fall. He is looking back on that day, and seems to be contemplating how this all needed to be exactly as it was, to bring both him and her to the place they are right now. Stronger, experienced, knowing they hit the wall, and lived to tell it, and even turned it around into something to create, write about, overcome.Laugh about. It was a gift. All of it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Using the Writing Prompt...'Double Dare, finish the story. Start with: She said
I double dare you.....'

I drew three cards from the lovely Llewellyn Tarot, probably my all time favorite deck. These are the 3 cards I drew.

The Ace of Pentacles
The 5 of Cups
The Three of Pentacles

She said, 'I double dare you to put your money, every dime you have, every dime your mother has,
on your crazy idea for that business, you keep talking about.'
He had, had the idea for a long time. Just simmering under all the daily stuff that seemed to
take up space in his head. She was over the whole, what if, fear thing. Well, what if you
lose it all. What if you have to pay back everyone you know for the next 10 years. So what. At
least you took the chance. She believed in him. Well, truthfully, his apprehension wasn't unfounded. He'd taken chances on a couple of his ideas, and lost the farm.Well, lost the savings.
She didn't care. He was a man before his time. An inventor. High on life, full of ideas, or singing the blues, and bemoaning the path destiny drug him down.
Where was his, enthusiastic leap into the unknown, fearless, what the hell spirit? It was there. And the 'double dare' challenge just
put the fire under his sweet tush. Start with 3. Just 3. Three clients, then decide. Or let them decide. But do it. And he did. And it worked! Well worth the wait, rocky road, and the push from her. Ah, a happy ending.Now he's writing books on how to do it. And she just smiles, knowingly.

If you were sitting right in front of me, just saying, tell me something. Anything. The dreaded 'general reading.' And I drew these 3 cards for you. This is what I would say....

You have the sweetest opportunity for taking a chance to make some big money. An offer is coming out of the blue, to you. At first, you will be giddy, seeing previews of your new life, full of new toys, and new adoring friends, and shiny diamonds. And....then the reality hits you. You tried something like this before, and it seemed good, but you hit the wall.
Will you be willing to take the chance and try again? Can you go back in time and see where you need to correct yourself? I say, take the chance, but give it 3 months, take baby steps. I see that spiderweb, fragile, yet bravely waving in the breeze here. This can call for precise, delicate actions. All you need is one step at a time. Don't expect to get whatever you are shooting for in one month. Just relax. You have this great Ace, a Powercard!!!! Keep it up your sleeve for when you need it most. And stop crying over things you could not, or cannot control. You have you, believe in you. See the money, it is stacking up beside you. As you are working your plan. I love the quote the Prophet said, 'work is love made visible.' And it is. And the money will be there!

And you won't even notice, as you are having a party just doing what you love. So, do it. Just do it. And you can give your card reader a great tip today.

Some readers of Tarot, love to have the good old Celtic Cross layout, as the only 'real' way to read the cards. Not me. I have tried about every layout 'someone else created.' And must say this is my very favorite. 3 Cards. Maybe 3 more cards, and then 3 more cards. But, let the cards tell the story.

Let the story, tell you the story. Trust it.
Sort of a Tarot Improv.
Don't have a category it must fit in. Don't have just one meaning that card could mean. Just sit with it. Let it float up. It will tell you the story. Have fun with it.

I randomly drew these 3 cards from the Alchemical Tarot by Robert Place. Love his
precise artwork, symbols, colors.

Knight of Vessels, Temperance, Knight of Swords

Softly gaze on the cards...let one image stand out....let the story come...

I see the Knight of Swords, he is in full battle mode. Looks neck and neck with a mean dragon. See the bones of the last guy that jumped that dragon? His face helmet looks like an undersea headpiece. He dives right in. Loves the fight. And his shield, gold, a fierce lion's face glaring at the enemy. Right on top of the dragon, going for the jugular. The only bare skin I see is his hand, gripping the heavy sword. Doesn't show much, skin, emotions, plans. Just passion, and commitment to getting the job done. The man to call if you need someone to fight for you. He is hungry, zealous, professional. Loves mind games, challenges.

Moving to the other Knight, he draws my attention. Both are Knights....equal in rank. This Knight of Vessels has another way to fight his battles. The, kill'em with kindness way. He seems to woo the fish to him, befriend the little fellow. Show it the pitcher, isn't it pretty? Next thing you know, he sweetly gets the fish to joyously jump into the pitcher. He did have to wade out into the water, but not much. And the whole picture is one of calm, clear, quiet, except for the lapping water on the shore. Like he knows how to catch the fish, by thinking like the fish. Gentle, kind, funny, a sweetheart. Accomplishes the goal. Easy does it. His mantra.

In the center is the Lady / Angel Temperance. Barefooted. Out in the wild with only a red gown and cape to protect her. She holds a silver chalice, she has the look of confidence, another chalice mirrors the first, upside down. The path behind her shows how far she has traveled, her experience, her wisdom. And the terrain of the jagged mountains in the far distance, rough, she has scars. Now, standing on the tender green grass, of the mountain top, she calmly poses. Shows us the blooming flowers, 2 colors, red and white. Colors of healing. The clouds of smoke that surround the flowers, pale blue and pale pink. Male, female. Blended into one. Working together. Manifesting blooming flowers. Out of thin air. When I look at the dark pink area behind her, I see it as a shadow, of the mountain she stands on. Gestalt here. Each one of us could see something different. So, she has had to face her shadow, to climb to the top of that mountain. Ah, the shadow lessons. 'You will NEVER see ME do that.' Yeah...you just signed up for the lesson. Join the rest of us humans.

She is also the only Major Arcana card here, the others are Minor cards. No less important, just different in placement. She has gone further, knows more. Says less. Just lives it. Doesn't fight it. Knows it will all happen in time...let time pass, trust it.

If you were sitting in front of me, and these were the cards you drew....here is what I would tell you....

You have 2 ways of accomplishing your goal. The easy way, or the hard way. You can have whatever you desire, time will bring it to you. Why not enjoy the scenery while you wait. Or not. You want it 'right now?' Jump on it...but you may lose some sleep fighting the dragons that go with the battle. Is it worth it? Maybe. Depends on what you want. Example here, say you want to lose weight. So, do you attack the goal? Sign up for gastric bypass, order some program from an late night info commerical, max out the credit card, sign up for a gym membership you never use. Or, do you take the time to journal, maybe pray, ponder, why you choose to eat the foods you eat. How you can gently love yourself and let go of the weight. Walk a little more, move a little more. Baby steps. Find the reason under the weight. Listen to it. The weight is protecting you from something, what would that be? You can attack it, but unless you know what the dragon is, how can you slay it?
Lady Temperance says, time is on your side. Face the shadow, walk through it. Befriend it. Even love it. Then watch it melt away.
And watch the weight melt away.

Just 3 cards have so much in them....let them tell you....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Using a writing prompt, to tell a tarot story, is 'Gypsy'. My deck of choice today is the Universal Fantasy Tarot by Paolo Martinello. Sci-fi, vivid colors, and can really stir your take on the cards. Just go with it...this is a really artsy deck. I love it.

'You are in a bus depot in New York. A gypsy appears out of nowhere and hands you this card. It is the 4 of Cups card.' See 7 things on this card, and tell a story.

a man trying to sleep outside
a cold, dark place with naked trees
an angel? a devil? offering him a golden cup?
rich, thick purple blanket
beautiful sword sheathed
layers of clothing, cool leather outfit
his pose, almost fetal, defensive

Using the 7 images that appear on this card, a story begins:
.......It almost seems impossible for me to go back to that split second when.....

my phone rang at 4 in the morning. A night I will never forget.

Randy had called me several times that week. 'Let's go have a steak dinner. Now.' I was busy working. Said, wait a few weeks, my job had me tied up 6 nights of the week, for 6 more weeks. Later. Wait.
I was sort of proud of him. He had just gone through a stint in jail. Selling drugs. Was set up by someone he trusted. Just seemed like an easy way to make fast money. Is there such a thing? The offer came from a woman, a woman the thought loved him, to help him out so much. And they could split the money. What an offer. Don't worry about it, just do it. She would protect him. So, he did.

When he gets home from his long, confined, seeming to never end, room with bars, he has no where to go. Sleep somewhere, not here. Go away. So, he took his stuff, favorite stuff, blanket his sister made him, sword his father left him, black leather biker jacket his big brother (when he wasn't mad at him) gave him. And moved away. Maybe a fresh start is what he needed. But that didn't seem help.

So he thought, maybe I should see her. Jane. She must still love me. I need to see her, talk to her. Find out why she did this. Why this happened the unbelievable way it did. Must be a huge mistake. She loves me. She must. And she'll help me. I think she will.

So, he sojourns back, to where the chapter of this part of the story, began. Her house. But, before he see's her, he needs a drink. Strong drink. Feels like he needs Jack Daniels to protect himself. Just a couple of drinks. Little did he know how right he was.

Four in the morning. Who could be calling?
An unfamiliar man's voice, asks me, 'are you awake?' I am. I say 'yes.' He says, 'I am your mothers neighbor, Dan.' I vaguely remember him. 'Yes.'

These words still echo....am I still asleep, is this a dream, a nightmare?
'Your brother Randy was in an accident. Lost control of his truck, ran off the road, hit a tree. Was killed instantly.'

A cold, dark place with naked trees. The last thing he seen. But, the last place he was, was at her house. Jane' house. No one knew if it was an accident, or on purpose.

True story.

Each card has so many symbols, colors, images. They evoke deep reactions. Things buried so far down, like rings in a tree. Working with a card, journaling with it, can bring up some strange stuff. Just sit with it. There's a message for you. From your soul. Where do you think the messages come from? I believe from deep within each one of us. Our soul. And each one of us would have a different reaction to the same card. Play with them. Get to know them. Let them open up Pandora's Box. Trust what they evoke. There's no wrong way to read them.

Maybe I needed to think about Randy today. Miss him. Just need to feel it.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Using the writing prompt.....'Haunted House. You are going to spend the night in a haunted house, what do you take with you.' I am using the Bohemian Gothic Tarot by Karen Mahony, love it! I drew these 3 cards at random...if there is such a thing as random. Not. Three cards to tell me what to take with me for my little creepy vacation.

The Tower, too creepy.
The Sun, I see 2 Suns shining on this card.
The King of Wands, and his friend in the shadows.

Looks like it may be a great night for huge thunderstorms, lightning, if there is any electricity, it will go out. Take along some candles, don't be wandering around the courtyard, could be stuck by lightning. Or...maybe bring a taser. Good idea!

And two Suns....double vision? Blinded by the light? A white horse to ride out of here on, if you last the night? Or maybe this is a little ghost, wanting attention. A child playing pranks. Lights flicking on and off. Sounds of childish laughter, running in the halls. Or a child peeking around the corner, you see just a glimpse. He is there.

Ah.....a man. Taking a man is a great idea! And letting him have a friend on speed dial just in case the place is really haunted. This man looks brave and fearless. Qualities you need in a dark scary place. Maybe he's a Paranormal Investigator, has all the hi tec. gadgets to show where the ghosts are dancing. Cool.

If these three cards came up in a general reading, I would say they say this:

Watch out, you are in for a surprise that scares the wits out of you. When you find out the truth, you will be happy, it's all good. Be ready to take action, act like a pro, calm, have a plan. Think John Wayne. What would he do? Look for he gift in the hall of mirrors....it's right there in the middle.

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