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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tarot 101: The Chariot

The Beautiful Chariot

Number 7 in the line up of the Major Arcana.
The Chariot.

I have been reading, devouring, the new book by Kim Huggens, ‘Tarot 101’.
Just love it. You need to buy it, if you want a new way to see the cards.
I picked it up this morning, and it fell open to page 43, ‘The Chariot.’
She goes into depth with each card, explaining and giving you questions to
ponder, or journal with, as I am doing right now. She talks about how
different the ‘Chariots’ can be, from deck to deck. True. And each
different angle of the Chariot, can invoke many different images to the
Reader of the Cards. I pulled out the Chariots from ‘The Bohemian Gothic
Tarot,’ by Magic Realist Press, ‘Shadowscapes Tarot, by ’Stephanie
Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore, ‘Universal Wirth Tarot’ by Lo Scarabeo,
Torino, and Initiatory Tarot of the Golden Dawn, by Lo Scarageo, Torino.
And here they are….
Part of the journey of the Hero’s Quest. Here are some
of her questions, and some of my answers. So, enjoy!
What quest am I on
currently? Today, I would say I have lost my map. This last year has been
quite a ride in the Chariot. Not easy, and sometimes my Chariot has seemed
to be broken. Literally. I need to think about where I want to go from
here, and plan to get to a destination. Life seems to have had other
lessons for me. Just when I think I have a plan, No. Road block ahead.
Turn around, Stop. Start over. I think I will meditate on this card today,
see what comes up.
How do I approach a new challenge? I study it to death.
I read everything I can to know everything I can, to think I have all
bases covered. Sometimes that works, most times not. Each challenge is
unique in it’s own way. And is a Journey in a Journey. Being the Pisces
that I am, I don’t like conflict, or confrontation. Yet the Chariot would
say, take control. Plan, do it.
So, who is driving, today?
On some of the Chariot Tarot Cards, the guidance, or power that directs
the Chariot, seem be other things….statues, set in stone, weathered by
time yet wise. Excitedly playful unicorns, an easy journey beginning in
the clouds, taking you anywhere, just let go, let the Chariot go where
ever it wants to go. Men/people, advisors, inspiration, not trying to do
this alone. And wild horses….dust flying in the wind, black and white,
choose something, and race toward it.
How quickly am I making progress? It
would appear, slow. So slow. But, on another level, things from the past,
unfinished things, have shown up in my life, and are now finished. Maybe
they were detours I needed. It wasn’t like I sought them out .Really didn't want to go there. Life set
them right in my path. And I rode them out, until they were finished.

Where has the Charioteer come from, and where is he going?
He has come a
long way. He has learned so many things, and unlearned so many things. I,
personally, know you can make plans, set in stone, and it does not happen.
So what do you do then? Get mad, at yourself or the Powers that Be? Or
ride out the storm, see where life takes you? I am there. I trust in Life,
the Universe, God. I will make it to my goal, maybe not in my or your
timing, but Life’s timing. I think my favorite Chariot card, from these 4
chosen ones, is the one with the Unicorns pulling it. She has let go, is
enjoying the ride. Made an Altar, written out Prayers, put my favorite Angels on each 4 corners, chosen my favorite Tarot Cards to watch over the process, add some beautiful stones, my ivory pearl Rosary, and a beautiful candle to burn as often as I can. Or/And stuck her desires on her Vision Board, and goes there
in her mind, just to visit and feel like she is already there. And let
Life be Life. Sometimes it feels like someone else is driving, and maybe
some days, that is a good thing. Let someone else drive the Chariot. And
relax, knowing the places and people you need to be with, the lessons, the
joys, will be there when you get there. But make your list and have a
plan, anyway. I have done that. And stop trying to control everyone and
everything. Only one of these Charioteer’s seems to be in Control mode.
And he is stirring up a lot of dust, making a big show of it. Ego.
The 2
images that guide the Chariot, seem to be the 2 choices you always have.
Life always gives you at least 2. And I think, both ways may take you to your
destination. So, either way just has different scenery. You really can’t
screw up. Just keep going. So, get out your Chariot card today, and see
what it tells you, see what journey you are on, or getting ready for. And
play with it…enjoy the ride. And buy the book, you will love it.