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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Universal Wirth Tarot

The Ace of Cups.

The second Ace I have drawn in my All about the Aces Series! Using the alphabet, I will find something from every letter to define this card. Stretch your imagination people. Every card is loaded with ideas, images, messages.....!

C...Caress...the softness of the butterfly wings, tender, soft
D...Demonstrate....show someone you love them
F...Famous, huge, star like
G...Golden, solid gold, real, a home for your heart
I...Innocence, new, trusting
K...Kissed, very well kissed!
L...Loved, and generous with your love
M...Marriage, happy ever after
N...Nest, a safe place
O...Open, keeping your heart open
P...Poetry, sweet lyrics
Q...Quaint, charming
R...Rely, someone you really can rely on
T...Temple, a place to worship God
V...Vulnerable, to let yourself be open to love
W...Wealth...what true wealth is
X...I call a  blank for this letter!
Y...Yes, Yes, Yes!
Z...Zeal, get really happy!

This image from this Tarot deck, is about home, safety, a beautiful golden goblet holding everything you may ever love. A precious card. One that is a blessing to draw in your daily card journaling. That lovely butterfly that has transformed and is lifting into the clouds....changing your attitude can be the same as this image. Let yourself go, abandon yourself to love. Let life change....trust it. No matter how crazy it gets in the process. Love.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ace of Swords

A Study on the Aces...

I love the variety of the art in each Tarot Deck. This Ace of Swords is from the Universal Wirth Tarot. Not a Polly Anna deck, but a very realistic view of the meaning of the cards. And another of my favorite Tarot Decks! I have been seeing many Ace's popping out of the readings I have been doing lately. New beginnings. New doors opening, new choices. That is the good news....and endings. Yeah, slammed doors, no, never, when hell freezes over....is the bad news.
So, one this one night that there is no lightning, thunder, pounding rain, I want to ponder this card. And journal about it. If this were my handy notebook I have stuck in my purse and pull out at any given moment to catch an idea that just flew by, this is one of my favorite ways to play with this card. The ABC idea. Any card from any deck will have way more than just one meaning. The longer you hold it, sleep with it, stick it on the front of your computer and just keep it on the back burner in your mind....it will show up all day. And tell you things, you never noticed before! Sort of a Freudian play on images...but this is the way I find out what is going on under my skin. Or your skin, should you call me for a Reading. Be brave, now.  How many ways does this card poke me, wake me up, anger me, calm me. Teach me. Your list may be totally different.....it should be. It would be you.
On a letter I have no idea.....I name it a wild card and put whatever word pops in my mind first. Don't try to figure me out....it's futile. ! Just love me like I am......with deck in hand....and about 200 more stashed around the house....meet the Ace of Swords.

A...Ah, you have my attention, said the lobster
B...bingo, nailed me
C...the current is wicked, thought I would never get caught
D...dagger, desire, dismay
E...enough already. What, you want my head on a plate? I guess you do....
F...frigid, and I thought the water was cold....that steel blade is ruthlessly icy
G...God, Hello... I am praying, remember me? Think I need a little help here....
H...Hell, no. I may look dead, but I clean up well....just hide and watch.
I...Indignant, why are you jabbing around in my watery world? Stay in your element, Air. Now.
J...Jealous? And you think getting rid of me will fix you? Wrong.
K...Keep...me on the string? Keep me waiting? Keep me loving you? I think not. Not into pain.
L...lament.....the choices I have made that I grieve over, the doors I chose that were a blind alley
M...marriage. Ah.....how sweet that sounded. Two become one. Then go back to becoming 2....then 3
N...nettle. A wild plant that stings when touched. Enough said. !
O...Obstacle......you know, those signs life gives us, ROAD CLOSED AHEAD, or this could be a bad idea......and I just think, well, maybe the force is with me today......and it is with the other guy....
P...Pervert...yeah, I said pervert. If someone asks me how their new date will be....looks like he has one thing on his mind....if he pays for dinner, you are dessert. You might want to think about that.
Q...query....you need to ask more questions....and remember, no answer is an answer. Really.
R...red-hot. Angry. Ready to fly off their handle, right in your face. Walk away, Renee.
S...settle the score. A showdown. Maybe one fact, and much fiction. Stay calm.....run fast.
T...Tantalize...you know how it torments a person, or teases a person, to dangle it in front of them, then take it away. This Ace of Swords....could be a double edged sword. Tease or Torture, but don't Touch.
U...unravel.....a teeny fact that has been eluding you, suddenly, this one piece of the puzzle falls out of nowhere....mysterious....and timely. A gift of sorts, but may not feel like it at the time.
V...Victim. One image in this cards seems innocent. One image is intent on causing pain. And all that water to hide the evidence. Maybe, but the Truth will always come out. Just a waiting game. Then the victor becomes the victim. Karma.
W...Wait. As timing goes....this is a wait and see card. Could go any way....sooner or later. Right now....you have to wait. And then, wait some more. Wait.
X...X-Ray.....seeing inside someone. Can help you, or hurt you. There may be something in there you need to know about....this card shows up....there is a source of pain, you need to find it. Mental, or otherwise. Maybe someone has a Voodoo Doll with your name on it.....and a chunk of your hair....better think about that....
Y...You. Time to focus on yourself. Be selfish. Be sharp and keep everyone at a distance. Hold your dagger high, and put the fear in someone. Mean it.
Z...Zap....act fast. Zap whatever is bugging you, so fast it didn't even see it coming. Like a Taser. I had one of those once. Loved the way that little bolt of lightning danced across the top. Made ugly people that didn't want to hear the 'No' word, suddenly listen. Isn't technology amazing?

I still find older notebooks I have done this kind of Tarot Journaling in, and the words always change. I love how the cards bring out the deeper issues. And in an innocent, playful way.  Always edgy, never dull. Not for the faint of heart. !

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!

Using the 'Vanessa Tarot' by Lynyrd Narciso, I ask the question of the Tarot....what's the secret to being a good Mother?

Page of Coins, Knight of Wands, and Strength!

Keep your eye on the little buggers all the time, they grow up so fast, and always still need their Mother. Looks like she is trying to show this little guy how to jump in the right direction, land on the yellow spot. Maybe she's looking to see if he is ever paying any attention. Some days that would be a no. So, she fearlessly goes into action, kicks him out of the nest, teaches him to fly. But she has a parachute and safety glasses on, just in case he needs help, she's ready to be there. Courage, crack the whip. It may feel like a jungle, they are all wild animals, and they are. Just relax, your Strength is what teaches them to have Strength. It's the hard things in life that define who we are. Push them, love them, just be there for them.
I have 3 children, and love them so much. Some days I question, am I still doing this the right way? And I remember something my sweet mother in law told me....you can never go wrong being a mother, no matter how many times you screw up, if they know, really know you love them. Keep telling them. She was a great example. Good advice!