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Monday, February 25, 2008

The Universal Fantasy Tarot....I love it. Sci-fi images...vibrant colors. My kind of deck. The cards I randomly drew are 7 of Swords, King of Cups, and the Hierophant.

First I draw one card....but I can't stop at one, so I pick 2 more. I need them to tell me what the first card is saying. I am doing the 3 kinds of reading, best, worst, and spiritual. Humor me, I like to see how much I can glean from each set of cards. I think I have an overactive mind, some people call it ADD, and one guy even called it, a steel trap. Ha, I don't think he meant that as a compliment. Whatever. On to the story....

Best News: Once upon a time....this guy is on a quest. He sees all kinds of challenges around it, but he is more than up for it. He has a goal, is listening to God, knows this is the thing to do, just not sure how he will do it. But, his heart is in the right place, and he is a man of faith. Sort of like David, fighting the giant. He can to it, just let him try. His faith is big...!
Worst News: Look at that river, he'll never be able to cross it. And that shield, what will that protect? Looks pretty, and shiny, and the banner waving through the air, he has a mission. Being that King of Cups is sitting there, meditating, me might have got the idea this was something God required as a test of faith. A 'how much do you love me' thing. But guess what, read about Grace. Trust in the person he prays to, and stop trying so hard to prove who he is. Who is he trying to impress, anyway. Looks like between the raging river, the dragons surrounding the craggy castle, and the stormy dark skies, he needs to just wait on further instruction. Go back to the center card, pray. Get focused. This could be a spiritual battle, or something he needs to fight with other ammo. Just wait, you don't have all the info yet.
Spiritual : 3 stages of being. Young and eager, ready to take on anything. Mature, confident, in touch with your feelings, and relaxed. Just go with the flow....see the sailboat in the background. A wise man. From the path he has taken, he is now a guide for others. He sits on a grand throne, and has a beautiful armor protecting his body. He also has a picture of a woman he gazes on. He has found his inspiration, and honors it. He has faith, chooses his battles well. Wonder it this man is free Friday night, looks like my kind of man. Yes!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

This is a picture of my Aunt Roberta, when she was just a young girl. She died yesterday. A devout Christian, and I mean strict Pentecostal. Is no doubt, very happy in her new heavenly home. She was the kindest mother, wife and aunt. We are all here for such a brief time....but not forgotten (for good or bad, and in our family we never forget any little detail.) My, well disciplined children, would to steal popsicles out of her deep freeze on the back porch. I think she kept it full of popsicles for all the neighbor kids to get into. I love you.

Friday, February 15, 2008

This chic adorns the wall in my living room. She holds a book, like a little High Priestess! I was playing with my camera, and loved this shot. She looks soft, defenseless. Gentle. I usually draw Tarot cards, jot down whatever comes to mind...but tonight I am using some pictures from my home, as my prompts. Her calm face reminds me, it will all be ok. Wait. Just wait.

And these beautiful yellow flowers, a gift from my grandson Avery. I had a rough day....he was so sweet to think about me. Would this be the Sun Card? The colors. Red and gold and yellow. Yeah. This did make me happy. I know I 'read' cards, but really the symbols are all around. Just look.

The World Card? Angels, books full of words of knowledge.Is it finished, or is it just starting over again? I love how the word 'miracle' stands out....I really lean on that, hard. Every day.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Loving What Is.....
A great book by Byron Katie. I read everything she writes. And I practice what she preaches.

I had something strange happen this week. I dreamed about the man I was engaged to 4 years ago. In the dream, I had 3 white pieces of an beautiful outfit. One lace blouse, a long skirt, and a vest. I just loved the lace blouse. He and I were arguing, and I couldn't find my white clothes. I ask him where they were, he said he gave them to someone else. I was ripping mad. And I woke up. Tonight I draw these 4 cards, at random. Just to see what might show up.

If I were to give just a few words for each card here, the 3 of Pentacles : 3rd time is a charm, working at it will really fix it, try harder. The Tower : coming unglued, explosions, surprises, can you believe this? The 4 of Pentacles : I have it, I think I have all my bases covered, it's mine. The World : Walk away a winner, walk away with nothing on your back, and don't care or need it. Victory, maybe.

So, I am at Barnes and Noble, getting my book fix. I look up, and there he is. I have not seen him in years. I just dreamed about him the night before. I am really shocked. He is looking for me. He hugs me....wants me to come outside and see his little Yorkie. I go outside. We talk.....and I reach out and hug him, and say, I love you. I will always love you. And I start to cry. He tells me he loves me. And I hurry to get to a lunch appointment....and wonder what just happened. He is married now. Has it all. Has lost weight, has the dog, the skinny wife, the new house, the new car, has everything. Why look for me?

I think the cards pretty well say it all. He would have been my 3rd serious try at love. I really tried. Then I tried harder. It all fell apart. And I tried harder. And I got mad. Mad at him, mad at myself. Mad at life. It was over, I moved. I couldn't decide if I won or lost. Ever felt like that? Felt like a rollar coster ride....that would never end. And when it did, I cried, I slept, I started over. I was just numb.

When I use Katie Byrons suggestions for working through something that just keeps showing up...I go through her list of questions.

What belief am I working on? That if I would have tried even harder, I would not be single right now. Not sitting here alone. He is not alone.

Who would I be without that thought? I would be ok. I wouldn't feel guilty, or punished for not trying hard enough. I think this goes way back to my marriage of 17 years. Try 'till you die. Well, almost. So, If I turn the thought around, like Katie says, it would be....He didn't try hard enough. And how can I turn it around to myself....I didn't try hard enough....to love me, to give me what I needed. And turning it around the other way, I didn't try hard enough.....how did I not try hard enough....I didn't trust him. And turning it around again...And how did he really try? He let himself love me. He let me redecorate the kitchen (no small thing, after about a thousand fights), and he loved it. So, how has my thinking hurt me? By believing a real relationship takes enormous amounts of work, never ending, just gets more work. We were never on the same team. No wonder it was so hard. We both had the 'keep your back covered' thing going.

I feel like, what the cards say is, I really did try hard enough. And it is a happy ending. And when I seen him, I do love him. And I'm glad she is married to him. Maybe it was just closure....it was sweet. And I passed the test....! I stayed tender, and forgiving...and grateful. No small thing....! Oh, and the 3 pieces of the white outfit from the dream....I have thought about that. I really just loved the white lace blouse. The others didn't seem to match, they were just white. A blouse covers your heart....the rest weren't important, and I didn't really care to lose them. But he gave them all to someone else....another woman. I had lost my heart to him....but after seeing him the other day, my heart is ok. White, purity. My motives were pure....and he knows it. A good ending....I think.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What's up with this horrible weather? 67
Tornadoes? And the Oracle says.....

3 of Wands, Justice, 10 of Wands, and today I am adding up the numbers on the cards, and using the book, 'Numerology, the Divine Triangle' by Javine and Bunker. The number is 25, The Knight of Wands.

Justice sits in the center of the cards, she is the 'cause and effect' energy. She is the one to make tough choices, the baby in front of her is from the Bible, when King Solomon was to make the decision about which lady really was the mother of the baby. He chose to cut the child in half, giving each half the child. The real mother said, NO. Just give the baby to her. He did this knowing only the real mother would sacrfice what she wanted, for the life of her baby. He gave the baby to the real mother. On the first card, I see someone pondering the smoke from the fire, and the images in the smoke, 3 wands appear. 3 elements are at work here, creating this wierd weather. The last card, the 10 of wands, a man stuggles to get home, he carrys too much of a load, and it is smoking, too. Smoking.....that seems to be the match on the cards. Can the smoke, the pollution, the too much crap in the air, be effecting out weather patterns? Justice would say,you did it,now deal with it. The hidden card, number 25/7, is the Knight of Wands. Another fire card. 'Change of residence, trials, health, success after difficulty. You may experience trials and difficulties which make you draw on your energy reserves.He presides over the spring season, this time of year you gain strength by mastering obstacles. There can be difficulties you struggle to meet, but you preserve through hard work.'

On a personal level, I say we are in the global warming phase, 3 things we are doing to our environment are causing these horrible storms. We cannot keep crapping in our nest. Or we cannot live there anymore. And Mother Nature is angry. A Divine Anger. Clean up the stuff, the smoke, the trash, respect the land. And each other. Or, face the Judge....Justice. I pray for every family that last nights storms effected. Love each other, protect each other. Help get our planet clean again. We all are responsible. In the meantime, do what you can to help the ones that are homeless and starting over. It could be you, next week.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Superbowl, today!

Just for fun I drew cards on which team will win the Superbowl today. Here is what the cards say....

These are the cards for the New England Patriots....

I drew 4 cards, one for each quarter, 5 of Swords, 2 of Swords,

Hierophant, 7 of Wands. I also drew an outcome card for the end of

the game, I got the Hermit.

Looks like they start off slow, then they tie with the other team. 3rd quarter, something major happens, that seems to be the most important quarter. They hold the Giants at bay....they are very wise and they win. My money is on them today.

The New York Giants.....

This is strange....twice I scanned these cards, as the first time I laid them out, they were in the opposite order. But each time I scanned them, this is how they appeared....so I am leaving them in this order.

7 of Pentacles, Knight of Swords, Nine of Wands, and the Page of Wands. The outcome card is the 4 of Swords.

They start off good, fierce, really showing their stuff. In the 3rd

quarter, they struggle. They try to regain their poper, but it's

weak. They end with the 4 of Swords. Quiet and flat. I do not

see them winning today. I am posting this now...so I can

watch the game and see what the results are. Here is the

outcome card.....

While I was doing these cards, the 2 of Cups card fell out, so I think

this will be an entertaining, close game. Watch it....! I am.

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