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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Joie de Vivre Tarot Review

As a lover and collector of Tarot anything, I received a new Tarot deck in the mail this morning. Oh Joy! I am so enchanted by it; I have to write a review about it! Paulina Cassidy has created the charming ‘Joie de Vivre Tarot!’ Her style of art, her use of color, her images, are so delicate and perfect! I have not set it down since I received it! French, ‘For the Joy of Living’ the name truly captures that child like joy and essence. U.S. Games is the publisher.

I have searched through the deck to find a favorite card, to display for my review, and cannot find just one! So being the Pisces I am, I chose ‘The Moon.’ I also love the night, and the music of the night. Music is the language of the Soul. And she the enchanting musician center stage, Paulina has named Phantasm, with an audience of 3 mesmerized white owls, named Haze, Daze and Maze. Owls, the symbol of Wisdom, just look into their little faces, they are lost in the watery world of stars reflected on the peaceful water of the night. And a colorful dragonfly sitting on the end of the violin, cannot get close enough, I think. The decorated tree the owls sit on, for long past, has lived in the water, and under the shadow of the waves, is a sleepy starfish. I have a starfish that was a gift to me by a young girl named Christine, years ago; I still cherish it, it watches over me as I sleep. And her hair!!! How creative and lovely, not a style many may copy! We moon people delight in being different, in every way imaginable. The last thing I notice is the golden glow of the stars surrounding her as she lights up the night.

A lovely lady of mystery, and wonderful card to meditate on. What wisdom do the white owls hold for you? Take time to sit with them awhile, and see what your mediation reveals.

A must have deck for any Tarot Reader. Even the Rider-Waite diehards will enjoy this one, as on each card, is a symbol from the most traditional Tarot decks. You just have to look closely, and see what else is hidden within each playful card.  Enjoy!