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Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Touchstone Tarot

The Touchstone Tarot
by Kat Black 

I was going through my stash of favorite Tarot Cards, and seen this deck. It's lovely box enclosing the golden, gilded, large, and lovey cards. I started going through the deck, and since I have watched 'The White Queen' by Phillipa Gregory, over and over, I love that time in history. Love the clothing, the dancing, the manners of politeness. I could not put the deck down. Now that I have read every book I could find about that era, I picked up Kat's, very well written accompanying book, and re-read it. Actually until 2:00 this morning. !

The first card I want to draw attention to is her Introduction Card....and it is so quaint! Not only are you given a phrase to say over the cards as you shuffle them, you are given this advice from a lady in the most divine, bejeweled clothing and hair dressing! 

Then I went on to find my favorite card from her Touchstone Tarot Deck, and it would have to be the Chariot Card,#7. Her headdress has an angelic phoenix with white feather plumes.....and she is in control of her chariot, dressed elegantly, even pearls at her neck. Her face is serene, and her goal is in reach. A white dove fly's behind her, watching over her. And a golden wrap, flows in the wind....she is on the move. I adore her. 

I looked for the Card I liked least....and it would be this 3 of Swords. Clothing of mourning, stormy skies gathering, her eyes look terrified, and she holds the 3 swords close to herself. Could this be 3 people that have hurt her? That she thought were friends, close to her? Like deadly hurt her? In Kats accompanying book, it suggests this is Katherine Howard, Henry the 8th's, 5th wife, that followed in the footsteps of her cousin Anne Boleyn. Once she was his 'Rose without a thorn' now she is to be gone. Like forever.  This part of history I'm not crazy about....but I can see how we have not evolved so much. Look how women are still being treated in other countries. And sometime in our own country. This card saddens me, and when drawn for a reading, I pause. I am very careful to look at the other cards that surround it, to see the most accurate way I can interpret this for my reading. 

The last card is the 9 of Cups....and it confuses me. At first. I had to sit with it, think about it. It typically represents joy, getting your wishes fulfilled, happiness. Yet, this man does not seem happy to me. But when I studied it,  he is older, has lived a long, healthy, life...that is a gift. He has had 9 wishes fulfilled....all of them still sharp in his memory, as they sit on a shelf that aligns with his upper head. And his memory being sharp, I think he fondly remembers each golden cup. Some could be something he could never tell anyone about, some of those are the best stories! And he is dressed in a lush fur coat, rich indeed. And a golden wedding band still adorns his left hand. He is not alone. He has someone to share his life and his joy with. She could be one of those golden cups. The memory, like the movie, "The Notebook" of someone you love so much, you cannot literally live without.  No doubt, children. And grandchildren. But his life is his wish, all come true. There is a bowl of cherries on the counter, and the saying,' life is like a bowl of cherries, it comes with the pits.' That can be true...but toss them aside and savor the cherries.  I can imagine sitting with him in a lovely old library, filled with books and cherished items. Memories all around him....happy ones. .

Silence, then he slowly starts to open up to me, and his life is very blessed, and rich. And he is most grateful. Now I love this card. 

Take out a deck you have, and find out 3 cards, you love, hate, and one card that don't know what you think about it. Journal on it. And it will open up to you. 

Thank you Kat, for your Art, your Passion, and please keep creating!   Linda