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Friday, January 30, 2009

Who is this woman?

Using writing prompts from this beautiful Empress, Corrine Kenner. I was drawn to the page, 'Character Sketches', in her book Tarot Journaling. My copy is quite worn out. That just means I really love it. And I do!!! She has another book, 'Tarot for Writers' coming out the first of February. I have already pre-ordered it. Yes, I have all the books, and all the decks. Can one have too many? No. !

Imagine, I am a writer for some really, snazzy women's magazine. And my assignment is to find an amazing woman to write about. Well, I wouldn't have to look to far away. I happen to be surrounded by amazing women. Ah, choose just one.
My editor gives me a stack of photos to choose from. Women from every walk of life. And this woman is the woman I choose.
I am to write about why she is dressed up, as she is in this picture. So, if I were to meet her for coffee at Starbucks this afternoon to chat....this might be what you would hear, should you be evesdropping next to us.

It's so nice to finally meet you! This is the most interesting picture of you...can you tell me some personal things about yourself, and why you are dressed up like this in your picture?

I would love to....my name is Emma. I will not tell you my age, as I feel ageless! Like I have lived forever, and will always be here! I live in the country. I love to be surrounded by gardens, flowering gardens. Animals, baby animals. I have a big front porch, with a swing on it. I have coffee there, watch my grandchildren play. If you were to come to my home, you would feel so comfortable, you would never want to leave! I love to cook, and I would feed you healthy, nourishing foods. And fresh baked apple pie. You must have dessert!
I am married, very happily married, with a house full of children, grown and tiny. I am thrilled with each new baby that comes into our family, a new gift from God. And the wisdom of the children, they are the teachers. We need to listen to them. Not train them to be like us...we have it backward. My favorite things would be my hot tub, outside on the deck. Surrounded by trees, stars at night. A glass of wine....my husband....I am a happy lady! I also do interior designing. Keeping a beautiful home is one of my favorite things. I have a group of girlfriends. We get together, once a month or so. Have lunch, listen to each other, are there for each other through whatever we may be going through. And my church. That is my safe place. To have a haven to run to, when I am worried about my family, I need my church. I have worked outside my home, but really don't like to. I love being home to do my freelance jobs. I really enjoy taking naps in the afternoon. And having quiet time to read. And write. I want to be ever available to my husband, or my children, should they need me. My joy comes from seeing them happy. As a mother, my rewards may seen small to some. But, for me, it is the best gifts life has to offer. Special memories I treasure....making my daughters wedding dress and veil....arranging her hair right before she walked down the aisle...my husband, his tummy full, his heart happy, holding him through the night. Listening to him, loving him.....the last time my oldest daughter came to visit me. She came up behind me, hugging me, said, I really have missed you, mom.......my son, seeing him smile, eat, sleep, knowing he can tell me anything, and I never judge him. I would do anything to protect my children. And the grandchildren...how can you love those little faces any more? Your heart just expands bigger than you imagine.

The reason for the picture, I was playing around with my girlfriends, we were dressing up, and I choose this ensemble. The red dress. Power color. Passion, blood red. The golden, sequined top, a shimmery piece of art. The light catches the sequins, and prisms of colored lights shoot out everywhere. The playful face under her chin....sticking it's tongue out. Life is just a hoot. Play with it. Take nothing serious. The bronze helmet. I do not choose to hear the bad news about the world. Or the what ifs.....I have been knocked down by life, and I have fought, fiercely, and won. I am still standing. My one arm appears to be going right through the wall. And it is. Nothing is a wall for me. I am a mother. I can to miracles. And I do them daily. And, the little person in my other hand. My children. I see them as adults, fearless, happy, arms wide open, embracing life. Needing nothing but what I have taught them, and knowing I still and always will hold them in my hands and heart. I must say, being a wife, and a mother, and a grandmother, has been the very most rewarding job I have ever had. I do not regret one single moment of this journey. The hand the rocks the cradle, truly does rule the world. Remember that.....

Each Tarot card with all the different images, colors, style of clothes, you name it....will mean something to you. She is my card for today. I think I'll wear red lipstick just for her.....

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A girl from Moab....

The pictures on the cards, the images, the reactions they invoke from the readers, and the inquirer, are amazing. I love the Gestalt method of reading the cards. Goes deep, pulling out memories, hidden in dark corners, ready to face the light. Ready to be healed. Also, reminders of who we are, and where we are going. Or the choices on the path, where we can be going. Or not. And why.

This morning, with a steaming cup of Earl Gray tea, I am journaling on these 3 cards from the Victorian Romantic Tarot. 6 of Swords, Queen of Swords, and the 9 of Pentacles. I started writing a story that seemed to be floating up from these cards. Then I thought, this story has already been written. Long time ago. And still has the same wisdom, and lessons for any woman (or man,) out there, willing to listen. It's in the Bible, the story of Ruth. These cards depict her journey. Her personal journey. With no man in her life, to help her, support her, guide her. A wonderful mother in law, and I had a wonderful mother in law once, she was my true mother. And other images that show up in the cards, mirror her path, her story. My own version....Cliffnotes by Linda...

A loyal wife and mother of two sons, all hungry, starving, move to the country of Judah. The 'settled' there, was not there true home, and they did not plan to stay. She, displaced, of her friends, family, faith, loses her husband by death. The 2 sons marry women from that area, then the 2 sons die. From where she was sitting, she could see not light at the end of the tunnel. Nothing. Hearing there was now food in Bethleham, the 3 women gather what they can carry, and start the journey home. (the 6 of Swords card) Well, home for Namoi, but a strange land for the daughters. She decides to send them home to their family's, their faith. Maybe they can find husbands, homes, and happiness again. Bless them, thank them, just let them both have a chance for happiness. She has given up on ever finding that again. Stripped of everything she had, she lets the last 2 people in her life, her only family, go. Orpah, goes home. Sadly, leaves. Ruth clings to her, vows to stay with her, even vows to follow her faith, change anything about herself that would represent her past, become someone new. Whatever it takes.

They travel on, and on and on. Finally get to Bethleham. Namoni now calls herself 'Mara', 'the Almighty has made me very sad.' A widow (Queen of Swords, woman of grief, sorrow), and both her beloved sons, dead. One small beam of light, follows her around, the younger widow. Ruth.

They arrive at the beginning of the barley harvest. Timing is everything, don't you think? And a rich relative, handsome, no doubt, needs workers for the harvest. And Ruth, time on her hands. She decides to become a harvester. And she does very well. Gets the rich, handsome land owners attention. He favors her, protects her, blesses her with extra piles of grain, falling right on the path in front of her. ( here I must say, if men just knew this one thing about women....really. They could get any woman the wanted. Do something to make her life easier. Just one thing. Change the oil in her car....fix her front door....take the dog to the vet...get the idea? Being in her shoes today, isn't any easier than it was for Ruth, then. Many single women are widows, maybe not by 'death', but by divorce, by life. Alone, they may have a mother in law, or a friend, to hold them. But not at night. And the burden of supporting everyone is overwhelming. I wonder if she ever cried on the way to the harvesting field. I think she did. But she hid it from everyone. Got to be strong. No one likes someone needy. Act like you have it all, and you will. I do believe that. But until you do, some days you cry.)
O.k. Back to the story....Ruth asks Boaz, the handsome landowner, 'Why have you been so kind to me?' Surprised by kindness. Some days, it's just one nice thing someone does for you, and that's enough to keep you going. One nice thing. His kindness, changed her life. I think she started to dress up a bit, become trusting, even happy. And hungry no more. Acquired some curves, and he noticed. Yes.

The rest of the story, for another day, goes to the happy ever after place. But for now, she began to be happy, feel valuable, make friends. She was still humble, appreciative, honoring her mother in law. Just doing every day what she needed to do. Small gestures. Small steps. Looking in a mirror, maybe the only thing that looked different was her eyes, and her smile. That's enough. She had come a long, long way. From another culture, country, family, status, occupation, appearance. She was a different person. A happy one. And very content. That's enough for today. Bless where you are, love it. It's the right place. Watch for signs on the path, even crumbs....showing you the way, home. Love ya...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Initiatory of the Golden Dawn

Come fly with me.....
Using the Initiatory of the Golden Dawn Tarot, these 4 cards flew out of the deck this morning. Fell right out as I was shuffling. One way to get my attention.

The Tower, The Ace of Wands, The Princess of Wands, and The Magician.

And what story would these cards tell? I think they reflect the changes we're going through, all over this planet. Every level. Every person. And they give good news....

The Tower....everything that is/has/will seem to fall apart, is meant to fall apart. Sucks, I know. But look beyond it. You can and will have so much more than you have, or have ever had. This is just life, shaking you up a bit. Let it go, don't fight it. Actually laugh at it, watch in fascination as it morphs into....

The Ace of Wands....A smoldering ember, on an idea simmering in the back of your mind. You haven't had time to do it, or money to make it, or a friend to believe in you. Guess what, today it the day! Dig out the idea, feed it, get it burning, plan your future. Remake yourself, you have this very powerful Ace to open whatever door you want to pursue.....

Princess of Wands....Passion, fire all around her, enthusiasm, look at this idea!!! I have a vision, I can see it as already finished, selling all over the world, helping people, blessing me, my family, yes! She is the cards that 'speaks' with fire, get it moving, clear the path. She can see inside the crystal ball, the future. And she can't wait to get there....

The Magician....Everything comes together. Timing is perfect. All the elements are right in front of this man. His hands are open, ready to create. He is a Master of Creation. Whatever that idea was from yesterday, he has done it, or will fearlessly do it, now. The golden yellow of his tunic stands out against all the blazing red's of the other fire cards. He is is confident, intelligent, clear, focused. It's already done....

Looking back at the placement of these cards, and having stacked them like this to scan them for this posting, nothing is by accident! Look at the Magician looking up at the Tower Card. He was the man that fell, and the Princess of Wands was the woman that fell. They seem to have disappeared in the Ace, but not really. Maybe they were healing, resting, waiting. That was a long way to fall. He is looking back on that day, and seems to be contemplating how this all needed to be exactly as it was, to bring both him and her to the place they are right now. Stronger, experienced, knowing they hit the wall, and lived to tell it, and even turned it around into something to create, write about, overcome.Laugh about. It was a gift. All of it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Using the Writing Prompt...'Double Dare, finish the story. Start with: She said
I double dare you.....'

I drew three cards from the lovely Llewellyn Tarot, probably my all time favorite deck. These are the 3 cards I drew.

The Ace of Pentacles
The 5 of Cups
The Three of Pentacles

She said, 'I double dare you to put your money, every dime you have, every dime your mother has,
on your crazy idea for that business, you keep talking about.'
He had, had the idea for a long time. Just simmering under all the daily stuff that seemed to
take up space in his head. She was over the whole, what if, fear thing. Well, what if you
lose it all. What if you have to pay back everyone you know for the next 10 years. So what. At
least you took the chance. She believed in him. Well, truthfully, his apprehension wasn't unfounded. He'd taken chances on a couple of his ideas, and lost the farm.Well, lost the savings.
She didn't care. He was a man before his time. An inventor. High on life, full of ideas, or singing the blues, and bemoaning the path destiny drug him down.
Where was his, enthusiastic leap into the unknown, fearless, what the hell spirit? It was there. And the 'double dare' challenge just
put the fire under his sweet tush. Start with 3. Just 3. Three clients, then decide. Or let them decide. But do it. And he did. And it worked! Well worth the wait, rocky road, and the push from her. Ah, a happy ending.Now he's writing books on how to do it. And she just smiles, knowingly.

If you were sitting right in front of me, just saying, tell me something. Anything. The dreaded 'general reading.' And I drew these 3 cards for you. This is what I would say....

You have the sweetest opportunity for taking a chance to make some big money. An offer is coming out of the blue, to you. At first, you will be giddy, seeing previews of your new life, full of new toys, and new adoring friends, and shiny diamonds. And....then the reality hits you. You tried something like this before, and it seemed good, but you hit the wall.
Will you be willing to take the chance and try again? Can you go back in time and see where you need to correct yourself? I say, take the chance, but give it 3 months, take baby steps. I see that spiderweb, fragile, yet bravely waving in the breeze here. This can call for precise, delicate actions. All you need is one step at a time. Don't expect to get whatever you are shooting for in one month. Just relax. You have this great Ace, a Powercard!!!! Keep it up your sleeve for when you need it most. And stop crying over things you could not, or cannot control. You have you, believe in you. See the money, it is stacking up beside you. As you are working your plan. I love the quote the Prophet said, 'work is love made visible.' And it is. And the money will be there!

And you won't even notice, as you are having a party just doing what you love. So, do it. Just do it. And you can give your card reader a great tip today.

Some readers of Tarot, love to have the good old Celtic Cross layout, as the only 'real' way to read the cards. Not me. I have tried about every layout 'someone else created.' And must say this is my very favorite. 3 Cards. Maybe 3 more cards, and then 3 more cards. But, let the cards tell the story.

Let the story, tell you the story. Trust it.
Sort of a Tarot Improv.
Don't have a category it must fit in. Don't have just one meaning that card could mean. Just sit with it. Let it float up. It will tell you the story. Have fun with it.

I randomly drew these 3 cards from the Alchemical Tarot by Robert Place. Love his
precise artwork, symbols, colors.

Knight of Vessels, Temperance, Knight of Swords

Softly gaze on the cards...let one image stand out....let the story come...

I see the Knight of Swords, he is in full battle mode. Looks neck and neck with a mean dragon. See the bones of the last guy that jumped that dragon? His face helmet looks like an undersea headpiece. He dives right in. Loves the fight. And his shield, gold, a fierce lion's face glaring at the enemy. Right on top of the dragon, going for the jugular. The only bare skin I see is his hand, gripping the heavy sword. Doesn't show much, skin, emotions, plans. Just passion, and commitment to getting the job done. The man to call if you need someone to fight for you. He is hungry, zealous, professional. Loves mind games, challenges.

Moving to the other Knight, he draws my attention. Both are Knights....equal in rank. This Knight of Vessels has another way to fight his battles. The, kill'em with kindness way. He seems to woo the fish to him, befriend the little fellow. Show it the pitcher, isn't it pretty? Next thing you know, he sweetly gets the fish to joyously jump into the pitcher. He did have to wade out into the water, but not much. And the whole picture is one of calm, clear, quiet, except for the lapping water on the shore. Like he knows how to catch the fish, by thinking like the fish. Gentle, kind, funny, a sweetheart. Accomplishes the goal. Easy does it. His mantra.

In the center is the Lady / Angel Temperance. Barefooted. Out in the wild with only a red gown and cape to protect her. She holds a silver chalice, she has the look of confidence, another chalice mirrors the first, upside down. The path behind her shows how far she has traveled, her experience, her wisdom. And the terrain of the jagged mountains in the far distance, rough, she has scars. Now, standing on the tender green grass, of the mountain top, she calmly poses. Shows us the blooming flowers, 2 colors, red and white. Colors of healing. The clouds of smoke that surround the flowers, pale blue and pale pink. Male, female. Blended into one. Working together. Manifesting blooming flowers. Out of thin air. When I look at the dark pink area behind her, I see it as a shadow, of the mountain she stands on. Gestalt here. Each one of us could see something different. So, she has had to face her shadow, to climb to the top of that mountain. Ah, the shadow lessons. 'You will NEVER see ME do that.' Yeah...you just signed up for the lesson. Join the rest of us humans.

She is also the only Major Arcana card here, the others are Minor cards. No less important, just different in placement. She has gone further, knows more. Says less. Just lives it. Doesn't fight it. Knows it will all happen in time...let time pass, trust it.

If you were sitting in front of me, and these were the cards you drew....here is what I would tell you....

You have 2 ways of accomplishing your goal. The easy way, or the hard way. You can have whatever you desire, time will bring it to you. Why not enjoy the scenery while you wait. Or not. You want it 'right now?' Jump on it...but you may lose some sleep fighting the dragons that go with the battle. Is it worth it? Maybe. Depends on what you want. Example here, say you want to lose weight. So, do you attack the goal? Sign up for gastric bypass, order some program from an late night info commerical, max out the credit card, sign up for a gym membership you never use. Or, do you take the time to journal, maybe pray, ponder, why you choose to eat the foods you eat. How you can gently love yourself and let go of the weight. Walk a little more, move a little more. Baby steps. Find the reason under the weight. Listen to it. The weight is protecting you from something, what would that be? You can attack it, but unless you know what the dragon is, how can you slay it?
Lady Temperance says, time is on your side. Face the shadow, walk through it. Befriend it. Even love it. Then watch it melt away.
And watch the weight melt away.

Just 3 cards have so much in them....let them tell you....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Using a writing prompt, to tell a tarot story, is 'Gypsy'. My deck of choice today is the Universal Fantasy Tarot by Paolo Martinello. Sci-fi, vivid colors, and can really stir your take on the cards. Just go with it...this is a really artsy deck. I love it.

'You are in a bus depot in New York. A gypsy appears out of nowhere and hands you this card. It is the 4 of Cups card.' See 7 things on this card, and tell a story.

a man trying to sleep outside
a cold, dark place with naked trees
an angel? a devil? offering him a golden cup?
rich, thick purple blanket
beautiful sword sheathed
layers of clothing, cool leather outfit
his pose, almost fetal, defensive

Using the 7 images that appear on this card, a story begins:
.......It almost seems impossible for me to go back to that split second when.....

my phone rang at 4 in the morning. A night I will never forget.

Randy had called me several times that week. 'Let's go have a steak dinner. Now.' I was busy working. Said, wait a few weeks, my job had me tied up 6 nights of the week, for 6 more weeks. Later. Wait.
I was sort of proud of him. He had just gone through a stint in jail. Selling drugs. Was set up by someone he trusted. Just seemed like an easy way to make fast money. Is there such a thing? The offer came from a woman, a woman the thought loved him, to help him out so much. And they could split the money. What an offer. Don't worry about it, just do it. She would protect him. So, he did.

When he gets home from his long, confined, seeming to never end, room with bars, he has no where to go. Sleep somewhere, not here. Go away. So, he took his stuff, favorite stuff, blanket his sister made him, sword his father left him, black leather biker jacket his big brother (when he wasn't mad at him) gave him. And moved away. Maybe a fresh start is what he needed. But that didn't seem help.

So he thought, maybe I should see her. Jane. She must still love me. I need to see her, talk to her. Find out why she did this. Why this happened the unbelievable way it did. Must be a huge mistake. She loves me. She must. And she'll help me. I think she will.

So, he sojourns back, to where the chapter of this part of the story, began. Her house. But, before he see's her, he needs a drink. Strong drink. Feels like he needs Jack Daniels to protect himself. Just a couple of drinks. Little did he know how right he was.

Four in the morning. Who could be calling?
An unfamiliar man's voice, asks me, 'are you awake?' I am. I say 'yes.' He says, 'I am your mothers neighbor, Dan.' I vaguely remember him. 'Yes.'

These words still echo....am I still asleep, is this a dream, a nightmare?
'Your brother Randy was in an accident. Lost control of his truck, ran off the road, hit a tree. Was killed instantly.'

A cold, dark place with naked trees. The last thing he seen. But, the last place he was, was at her house. Jane' house. No one knew if it was an accident, or on purpose.

True story.

Each card has so many symbols, colors, images. They evoke deep reactions. Things buried so far down, like rings in a tree. Working with a card, journaling with it, can bring up some strange stuff. Just sit with it. There's a message for you. From your soul. Where do you think the messages come from? I believe from deep within each one of us. Our soul. And each one of us would have a different reaction to the same card. Play with them. Get to know them. Let them open up Pandora's Box. Trust what they evoke. There's no wrong way to read them.

Maybe I needed to think about Randy today. Miss him. Just need to feel it.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Using the writing prompt.....'Haunted House. You are going to spend the night in a haunted house, what do you take with you.' I am using the Bohemian Gothic Tarot by Karen Mahony, love it! I drew these 3 cards at random...if there is such a thing as random. Not. Three cards to tell me what to take with me for my little creepy vacation.

The Tower, too creepy.
The Sun, I see 2 Suns shining on this card.
The King of Wands, and his friend in the shadows.

Looks like it may be a great night for huge thunderstorms, lightning, if there is any electricity, it will go out. Take along some candles, don't be wandering around the courtyard, could be stuck by lightning. Or...maybe bring a taser. Good idea!

And two Suns....double vision? Blinded by the light? A white horse to ride out of here on, if you last the night? Or maybe this is a little ghost, wanting attention. A child playing pranks. Lights flicking on and off. Sounds of childish laughter, running in the halls. Or a child peeking around the corner, you see just a glimpse. He is there.

Ah.....a man. Taking a man is a great idea! And letting him have a friend on speed dial just in case the place is really haunted. This man looks brave and fearless. Qualities you need in a dark scary place. Maybe he's a Paranormal Investigator, has all the hi tec. gadgets to show where the ghosts are dancing. Cool.

If these three cards came up in a general reading, I would say they say this:

Watch out, you are in for a surprise that scares the wits out of you. When you find out the truth, you will be happy, it's all good. Be ready to take action, act like a pro, calm, have a plan. Think John Wayne. What would he do? Look for he gift in the hall of mirrors....it's right there in the middle.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Using the writing prompt...'Love Letter Story,' what story would these three cards tell?
I see the older man, in the center card, dressed in vivid, colored clothing, even a bright gold scarf wrapped around his head, accenting his wise smile. He has it all, and never takes it for granted.
He is the man with the 'love letter story.' And he has never told it ever before. Just kept it hidden away in his heart. It is precious, he is saving it for a very special time. So the story will be honored and remembered, and cherished.

The first card tells the story, the third card tell the where the story goes. The second card is the heart of the story. And here is the story....Linda's version....!

It was as though an Angel brought them together. No other explanation would do. She from one country, Paris. He from Germany. It was war, not the time for love. Be prepared to die, not live, or look up one day from the morning newspaper, in the local coffee shoppe, to see the face you know that you know. It has always been in your heart, almost as though you have looked in every woman's face, untill now, and today, you have found what you didn't even know you were seeking. How do you describe it? There are no words to describe it. Home. That is the word. Your heart has found it's home.

From where he sits today, he loves to go back in his stack of cherished memories...see her for the first time again. And again. And the love letter? He wasn't really fond of putting his thoughts, or feelings of her on paper, how does one do that? But, before he left her country, he did it, wrote one letter, made sure she was to receive it after he was gone. He left the choice of staying in touch with each other, up to her. Being realistic, knowing he may not be going home, he wanted her to know, how very much he loved her, and if he did make it through this horrible war, he would find her. If she wanted to be found. She did write, and pray. And love him. And later, he did find her, and take her home with him, as his wife. She kept that letter, with all her most valuable things.

One day their son feels he has to give up, on his love, for circumstances take them down different paths. He thinks his father would never understand the tears he cries inside his heart, how could anyone understand? Mother gets the letter, quietly hands it to father, who takes the son outside to the garage. Time to talk. He reads the letter to his son, and tells him the story of how impossible it seemed that he and his young, beautiful, Parisian love would ever find a way to be together. Yet, an Angel was always there to guide them, give them hope, and signs, they would be together. And they were. Pass on hope. Tell of the path you have walked...leave crumbs on the path for those you love to follow.

Someday, the letter will be passed to the two sweet, granddaughters. When they despair of love, and miracles, and Angels. A letter, just paper and scribbled words, hold precious gifts. Family. Hope. Love. That little love letter, lives on.

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