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Monday, May 07, 2007

Today feels like a lazy, rainy, long day. I am using The Victorian Flower Oracle from Magic Realist Press, designed by Karen Mahony. I use these cards when I feel like playing with something other than the Tarot. An interesting mix here. I like to look at the center card, and let the story tell itself from that card. The card meanings say....A farewell, A hidden romance, A threat. Who would I be saying goodbye to? Perhaps a man that remains hidden, maybe he was always hidden. In that card, I see the 6 candles, barely lit. A shadow falls over Camillia's face, she is hidden, or is the truth hidden from her? The farewell card is tossing a bouquet of blue forget-me-not's into the river. Time to let the water wash it all away. Time to really let go. And why? Why would it be time? A suitor shows up, dressed to impress. He leans in toward the lady, and what response does he get? She is rather prickly. Doesn't let anyone get very close to her. Instead of her delicate soft hand, extended to him, he gets at huge thorn. But, look, he was prepared for her 'who are you, what do you want and and why are you here?' He wears thorn-proof yellow gloves! He's prepared for her! She is so charming. Quite the challenge, and I'd say she's well worth the mating meneuvers he goes through. Under those thorns, she's soft pink and white. She's tender, gentle hearted, easily bruised. Hence the protective attire she wears. It can come off. But not yet. I think the man she's tossing in the river, is why she needed the thorns . This new beau looks like a donkey. A democrat? Humble? Stubborn? Long suffering? Very different from her. An interesting mix. I see a red ribbon tied in a fancy bow, with a tiny golden key hanging from it. The key to her heart? He looks like he's ready to stay awhile and enjoy the show. And with those yellow gloves he might be just the guy to fearlessly take the thistles from her. Ah, she loses her hiding place. But maybe she wants to. Whoever he is, he's a real threat to her singleness. I hope he packed a lunch, this just might take him awhile.

I think it's time for a nap....

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