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Saturday, July 19, 2008

the Fool, here we go again

Using the Fool card from the Carlo Maltese Deck, the Universal Waite Tarot Deck, and the Universal Fantasy Tarot Deck, what do I see. The Joker from Batman, the comedy/tragedy mask, taking a leap off the edge of the cliff...and I see no net here. Has his dog here, the dog seems to be saying, ahh, maybe you better think about this. I think I will just take another path here, let you jump and I'll meet you at the bottom. He, the Fool, hold a staff, or a huge banner, not the shy guy. Has plans for his future, is just a little too optimistic, maybe, or just naive enough to believe he can fly. Maybe this is Faith in Action. History is full of'em....Joan of Arc, the Wright brothers, Christopher Columbus, look around, there are some right on your street. Really, each one of us lives this card. We all have a story. Following the path of the Fool, here I go.....

The Fool...I believed I was one of the best Seamstress's ever, and did costumes for 2 shows in Vegas, that was fun!!!

The Magician...was my birth coach for my daughter Anna, got to see my grandson Averys tiny face be born, and today is his birthday, Happy 15th birthday, kiddo!

The High Priestess...Taught classes for a year at the Library Station, on the Tarot. Had a wild and crazy group there, was well worth it.

The Empress...My new baby, a business idea I had, am now selling my artsy wares online, keeps me busy between Tarot readings...

The Emperor...Cleaned out my storage unit, took control of the clutter, and stuff I have held onto for too long. Gave it to Avery to sell at a Garage sale, for his laptop fund.

The Hierophant...Have noticed with daily meditation, my readings are changing. I am seeing different things in the cards. They seem to melt together, the story comes through in vivid detail...

The Lovers...Made peace with someone from the past. Was able to let it go.

The Chariot...Just about have my car paid for...yeah!!!

Strength...wasn't feeling well, took myself to the Dr. and ask for every test they wanted to use. Got back great results....that was sort of scary.

The Hermit...still hide at the bookstore with a stack of books and mocha grande.

The Wheel of Fortune...ugh, this is my cousin Diana's idea....Just the other night, WE put money together and bought a few, I shall not say how many, $20 scratcher tickets. We did not win.

Justice...Made the decision the cut out the people around me that lie to me. No more chances. Done.

The Hanged Man...Can feel like I am going to move, but not sure where. Just feel it. Am simplifying my life, so the moving will be easier. When it happens...

Death...I bought a sweet, tiny, Yorkshire Terrier. She needed much more attention than I could give her. I gave her to a friends mother, she adores her, they're both happier. I loved her, and let her go.

Temperance...Stopped making myself crazy dieting. Eat less, move more. Duh...

The Devil...Got a new charge card from Dillards....decided to chop it up and toss it. Yeah!

The Tower...Some major thing with the wheel of my car broke, and it cost a fortune to fix it. Wasn't in the budget..ugh.

The Star...Went out with a girlfriend to listen to a Blues band...danced with a sweet, hunky man...several times...that was nice.

The Moon...Have been writing more, still working on the book, it's coming..slowly.

The Sun...Hearing my grandson David tell me he loves me. In his dutchy 4 year old language. Precious.

Judgement...Was willing to go back in time and take full responsibility for something I was blaming someone else for, happening. Johnny, I didn't make the best choices there, either. But I learned alot from it. Pain...ah the great teacher.

The World...A small group of girls and I get together weekly, and make manifestation scrapbooks. Then get together to see what we have manifested, and celebrate!!! It's working...!

Take a chance, I used to have this as my motto...'no guts, no glory.' Pretty good motto.

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