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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Lady Justice

I have been carrying Corrine Kenner's newest book around, 'Tarot for Writers,' and finding all kinds of new ways to see my cards! I am using the Nigel Jackson Tarot, well, I have trimmed the sides off...hey, I paid for it, it's mine. And they are so big, hard to shuffle. And I am a Seamstress, with too many pairs of sharp scissors. And I love the way without the borders, they lay together. Like a picture that just melts together. This is just one way of having fun with them, make them yours. Trim them, write on them, play with them all the time. I do.

I was studying the book again and found this suggestion....write about something insignificant. One little thing on a card that no one really notices. I pulled this card at random.....and found something to write about. Do you see it? Something only a woman might notice, or a man with a foot fetish. She has no polish on her toenails. Her feet are bare. I cannot see her finger nails, they seem to hidden from view. But I do see her unpolished toe nails. I wonder why this is what I see. I am a detail person. I want the tiny, vivid, every scrap, details. She looks like a woman that's worked hard and long to be in her position of 'higher' power. She is dressed in blue, love that color. She is simply dressed, she had 9 circles of gold over her heart. 9, the number of perfection. A ornate gold crown, and heavy gold sword, and a big set of golden scales.Empty scales. Sitting in a golden throne, high and alone. Cool, fluffy white clouds blow about her, rest below her, she sees from a high vantage point. She knows much. Has to. Why is her hair blue? Is she ancient? I think yes, and no. She is ageless. She is a Universal and Spiritual Law. She embodies it. The insignificant details.....her bare feet and toes, show me she is humble. Vulnerable. She walks gently. Softly. She is not about beauty, she is about truth. She doesn't really care if you see her or not, she wants you to see the scales, the sword, the crown. That is who she is. When she's not at work, maybe goofing off at home. She is still barefoot. And relaxed. And just herself. I see her with a new novel, curled up with a cafe mocha, easy to be with. She knows what no one says....and she needs no adornment. She is pure. Real. Cool.

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Shirley McCann said...

Funny. I zeroed in on her toes too, but not because they weren't polished. I thought one foot looks as though it is turned at a funny angle. Like she had something to hide.