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Monday, May 24, 2010

It is good to be Queen. Don't you think? I was out wandering in a local park, camera in hand, and found this lovely flower standing up, waving in the breeze, all by itself. Well, not really. Surrounding it was a field of yellow flowers. And I have no idea what their real 'flower' names are, I just loved them. Sorting through the stack later, I found this one, and the Queen of Pentacles from Ciro Marchetti's Divine Legacy Tarot, are a divine match. The colors, the symbols, the ladylike beauty of Mother Nature.

She, this Queen in green, gold and white, is a blend of ..... Paula Dean, wonderful cook, loves to feed everyone. Martha Stewart, talented, can do anything with your home or garden, or your money. For good or evil. But her intentions are good. She knows how to grow things. Make money, with just about anything laying around the house. If she is a full time Homemaker, she has the coolest home on the block. And if she works outside her home, she loves real estate, flipping houses, decorating on a dime, maybe banking, investing, she know how things grow, and no sitting around watching TV for her. She has things to do, and not enough time to do them.......and she has a little group of her own ducklings following her. A soft, loving Mother, and great Wife, she can do just about anything. And make it look easy. I can imagine her loving her huge garden, taking her veggies to the fresh food market, handing out samples of her baked goodies, having a bit of time to chat with everyone. Gracious....funny, not afraid to get her hand dirty, loves her work. What ever it is. And flowers.....talk about the 'green thumb.' She has them blooming all over.
One another level, I see her as very Spiritual. She understands the Laws of Nature. Plant a seed, watch it grow. What you reap, you sow. She is patient, but can decide the whole garden is done, and rip through it with her garden tiller, bury the old, finished plants. Embrace the new. Cycles, she loves them, and understands them. I love how this plant mimics the star on her forehead. She has Wisdom, Patience, feeds your soul as well as you tummy. In a field of 'ordinary' women....she stands out. And different.....she enjoys that. Who wants to be like everyone else. No cookie cutter mom here. Her husband keeps quiet about her....can't let it out how lucky he is. She wrote the book on Sex. She knows all the ways to pamper him. Touch is a way she makes love. He melts under her tender, massaging hands. She knows how to keep him coming home. She is his home. Her heart is a safe place to be, as she protects, fiercely if need be, all she loves. In her Tarot Card, here, she reminds me of a Southern Belle. Emily Post, maybe? Need to keep the rules. But another side of her could be some sexy chic, mud wrestling on Saturday night, making stacks of money, having a blast with all her crazy friends. If you need advice, she will give it. You will at first be comforted, then slapped silly with: why did you do that, knowing it would go there? Ms. Practical. Do this, get that. But she will have a plan to get you out of trouble, and can charm everyone around her, with her soft, delicate side, as she gets exactly what she wants. And they never seen it coming. She is my hero today. Think I will get out, find some flowers growing in the wild, bring them home to enjoy. Remind me of her.

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