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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!

Using the 'Vanessa Tarot' by Lynyrd Narciso, I ask the question of the Tarot....what's the secret to being a good Mother?

Page of Coins, Knight of Wands, and Strength!

Keep your eye on the little buggers all the time, they grow up so fast, and always still need their Mother. Looks like she is trying to show this little guy how to jump in the right direction, land on the yellow spot. Maybe she's looking to see if he is ever paying any attention. Some days that would be a no. So, she fearlessly goes into action, kicks him out of the nest, teaches him to fly. But she has a parachute and safety glasses on, just in case he needs help, she's ready to be there. Courage, crack the whip. It may feel like a jungle, they are all wild animals, and they are. Just relax, your Strength is what teaches them to have Strength. It's the hard things in life that define who we are. Push them, love them, just be there for them.
I have 3 children, and love them so much. Some days I question, am I still doing this the right way? And I remember something my sweet mother in law told me....you can never go wrong being a mother, no matter how many times you screw up, if they know, really know you love them. Keep telling them. She was a great example. Good advice!

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