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Monday, May 15, 2006

This is the Fantastical Tarot by Nathalie Hertz. What do you think? I love it! It has a goth, fun look. And is very accurate with the symbols that give you the meaning for the cards. Going into each card, I want to give you what it feels like to me, and then putting the 3 cards together, what that would say as a group. Here goes....

The Moon....She is so mysterious, meditative, calm. She has an inner focus that guides her through the uncertain path she travels on. It is dark, and could be scary, but she is unafraid. She has befriended the darkness, it is safe. I love how she wears the moon symbols all over herself. She is the moon. Woman, guided by the flow of nature. In sync with the mystery.

The Sun....He is Power. To be respected. Crackling with energy, light, no secrets here. Wild with adventure, trophy's adorn his neck, from his journey through this life. He is proud, wild, passionate. Full of life.

Temperance....She is gentle. Giving, kind, balaced. She warns of the undercurrents that can seduce you, pulling you under, away from your goals. She tells you to wait, like the tide that changes daily, she changes. Sometimes you must wait for the right time to act on whatever it is you seek, and she would guide you to know the exact time. But waiting is hard. She will tell you when to go, or when to stay. Listen.

As a 3 card reading, the first card I would be drawn to is the Sun. It grabs your attention, it radiates out with it's beams of light into the other 2 cards. The Moon is looking away from the group, alone and in silence. He seems to be waking her up, telling her to stop praying and start doing. He reaches into the Temperance card to say, let me warm the water you pour, let me bring some fun and passion into your life. She also seems asleep, her eyes closed and just going about her business. His energy would shake her from her watery cocoon, and pull her out for an adventure. He is saying that Now is the time to go for whatever it is you want. Maybe waiting has become safe and predictable. He sweeps in to pull both these cards out to play. Time for an adventure. Have fun with it!

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