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Sunday, April 30, 2006

I am going to finish up this story today. I ask what is the last chapter this couple goes through, is. Happy ending or no? I am still using the Durer Deck and drew the 3 of Wands, the Devil, and the Queen of Cups. Here we go...

From the last scene we see the man in pain, decieved and feeling like he has given all he has to the lady. Looks like they are not together now. Or ever again. He is taking a break from this mess. He has his boat out, and is out there alone thinking. Looks like he has erected a monument of sorts to what he has gone through. A rite of passage. He is getting in his boat, and going far, far, away.

The Devil is the strongest card here, and lets you know the couple ended on bad terms. No forgiveness, yet, no understanding of what went wrong. Both are hurt and angry. Both feel used. Both are looking a opposite direction. No togetherness here. Both feel like the sacrificial lamb. Maybe they both are right. I think they both had hidden expections going into this. Where is the honesty? Maybe we all have things we hope to get from the one we love. Maybe we cannot even tell them, because we don't realize it. But the stage is set, and the ones we love can really push all the triggers like no one else can. The Devil is actually one of the 4 Angels that are in the Tarot. He is the Fallen Angel, Lucifer. He rules the planet Saturn which is time, death, and fateful destiny. He brings out our shadow side, the dard side we would rather hide from everyone. He tests us. And he tested this couple. But insead of coming from a place of love and overcoming the test, they attacked each other and walked away. Well, let me tell you something, if you don't get the lesson now, it will come right back again, another way with another man and you will get the wonderful chance to make a different choice. So now...or later. Your choice.

This Queen is the gentle, sensitive one. She is finding solace in her drink. So, has she taken to dealing with issues though numbing them with something to drink? Her eyes are closed, she doesn't want to see the truth, and has had it with the boyfriend. Time out is a good thing. She at least is fully present in her card, he is distant and standing turned away. She is feeling the pain, and processing it. All she holds, beside the goblet, is a small purse. She didn't take much when she left. It really was not ever what she wanted from him. I wonder if they ever get together again and talk about what happened. I hope so. For both of them, this sucked. No happy ending here.

If this was a reading for a client of mine, and I drew these cards as the ending of this saga, I would try to get both of them to see what brought out the fears they both experienced with each other. This was real, and happy at one time. Maybe it was only meant to last for a short time. I don't know. But both made the choice to let it go. Moving on. Maybe the happy ending is ahead, but with different people. I hope so.....

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