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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Worst day cards, or what?

What would you think, if you had this scary group of Tarot cards, show up for your daily, personal, journaling reading? Oh, no! Put them back in the deck and keep shuffling. Draw again....hope for better cards!
Not really. They may be great cards. You just have to look a little deeper to see the message here. That's my job! Dig deep. Be a reporter, see these 3, from every angle. Good, bad, and whatever, talk to me cards, what ARE you trying to say?
This is the Golden Tarot of Klimpt, the Devil, 10 of Swords, and Death. What a party!
Good news version.....a person, I see a woman, is pure hell to deal with. She lives to torture you, she says nothing but underhanded, evil remarks about you. She despises you. Hey, we all have one of these around. You know who she is. Medusa. Ah, she's giving up. You're immune to her nasty venom. She's found someone new to torture. Good deal.
Bad news....What you fear, have nightmares about, is at the front door.
John the Baptist, his head on a plate for Herod's beautiful stepdaughter/sexy dancer. What do you fear, and how can you face it, with NO fear? This 10 of Swords, can be all in your mind, over and over, never shutting up. Magnified by fear, but, hey, the end is in sight. Go to sleep and wake up in the morning, perhaps it was all a dream, and it's gone now. Finished. Over.
Another way to read these cards....you really are stuck. No matter what choice you make, you're tortured. If you stay with the situation, it IS hell. If you give up and leave, you feel like a loser. Take time to talk to someone else, and get more insight about what choices you honestly have. You may be so worn out by the crap going through your mind about this mess, you can't see a path out of this. Stop believing what your mind is telling you. Get someone else's opinion. And pray. Help is all around you, you just have to ask. So, walk out of that dark, secret place you're hiding in your mind, and get honest. No matter how bad it seems, it will pass. Hanging onto it isn't helping. Maybe is hurting you, making you sick, killing you. Surprise your fears, do something unexpected. It couldn't get worse, you have imagined the worse, over and over. See what the truth is, and relax.
I don't care how bad some readers see the cards, I look at this from every angle, and will find something good in here. I have to. If I didn't really believe 'all things work together for good', then I have no hope. And hope is in the story, somewhere. I promise to find it.
If I could choose who I am today in these 3 cards, I am the baby the gentle lady is holding. I am safe, and asleep to all the crap the news is spouting, and the naysayers are predicting. I am innocent, and trusting. I am good. I have hope.
ps. I chose these cards to write on today, didn't draw them for my journaling. Thank God. These are panic attack cards. But, hey, there are meds for that! And I have it.

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