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Thursday, March 08, 2007

My Aunt came home from the hospital today. I am going there on Sunday to see her, stay with her if I am needed. I drew these cards about this trip, to see what the Tarot of Durer has to say about the next few days.

Great cards....9 of Cups, Justice, 10 of Cups.

I see alot of company, family gathered together. Drinking, eating, laughing. The happiness is flawed, there are cracks in the wall of that 9 card, and a bunch of garlic to ward of the vampires of gloom and despair. Face the truth, be nakedly honest, relax, rest. Gifts of love from unexpected sources, calm waters, a safe solid place to be. Maybe it takes time to be a family. We all seem so disconnected. I hate that. I crave having family. I need my family. My father will be there, I want to see him. This Justice Lady had huge Angelic wings. I know I will feel Grandma there, hanging out in spirit. If feels very right. And blessed.

I have a new deck of Victorian Flower Oracle cards, by Karen Mahony. I usually stick with just the Tarot, but tonight I wanted to draw one of these beautiful detailed cards, to see what space I am in. Ah........

'Sympathy'. Scabious and Marigold. The little booklet says...'whatever this woman is going through, there is much sympathy to help her in this time. People will be understanding, and it is good to lighten the load, let them help.' I see it ironic, the lady with the purple, is holding the hands of twin girls. My Aunt has identical twin girls, the same age as me. And they both brought her home from the hospital today. I think the card is a window, the young lady is my Aunt in her youth, healthy and outgoing. Now sad, and very sick, she needs help and sympathy to manage. And she certainly will have it. Living there all her life, she knows everyone, and they know her. Neighbors, what a blessing. I pray this is a time of happiness for her, and healing. At least Peace, and finally being home surrounded by her family. And what a motley crew we are.....

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