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Thursday, April 03, 2008

8 of Swords Day

Was taking a little break yesterday, drew one card to think about. This is the one I got. Grabbed Corrine Kenners book, Tarot Journaling, found some questions to use with this card, here is what I get....

Survey the Grounds

Not much ground here. Tied in knots. In time out. Wounded and bandaged, can't see how to get away, or where to go. At the edge, stuck, no answer's an answer. Silence. What happened and how did I get here? And how do I get away? Wait. Just wait. Help could be on the way, but I see no help today. I see nothing. The center card is from the Magna Tarot, he looks like he is in a hospital gown,his ankles are bound, the swords stabbed in the soft earth, form a barrier, he cannot walk away. He is sick, confused, looking for something, anything that may be a sign to show him the way out. Ugh, no signs. Nothing. The first card is from the Archeon Tarot. Dark blue, the blues. Yes. Left behind. Forgotten. Striped naked, tied to the stake. Let's burn her, she's a witch. Or a bitch. Or just a really smart woman, that has answers for everyone but herself. The last card is from the Tarot of Reflections. Dark, bound, fierce wind whipping her hair, her gauze coming unbound. She's coming undone. Anyone care? Anyone see? No. Very alone cards. Must be the answers are all inside of her. And she'll find them. As she waits. Cries. Prays.

The Safe Haven

If this was a safe haven, even though it doesn't look like it from here....how would it be safe? I see no one around to torture her anymore. They have left. Moved on to find another person to hurt. Safe. I love that word. It says you can sleep, you are being watched over, maybe by Angels, yes, by Angels. Haven, heaven, sort of. A place of suffering, transformed into a place of peace. Strangely. And you don't know how. It just happened. While you slept. You can't do much from this place of being stuck. So, just go to sleep. Stop trying to fix it, think your way out of it. Just do nothing.

My take on the Swords, is they have no timing. It's a mental thing. A choice. Or a double edged sword. Or pile of them. Nothing is happening here. Except going inward. Processing, praying. Waiting. Help could be on the way, or not. The good news is her tormentor is gone. She is bandaged, that has to have been done by someone other than herself. A friend, a kind person to listen to her. Care.

Just another day in paradise. This too shall pass.

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