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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I am using the 'Mona Lisa Tarot' with the writers prompt: you are standing on the side of a closed door......

I randomly drew the Hierophant, the Stars, and the 6 of Wands. Here is the story....

The young man desperately needed an answer. He sought the path to God. He followed all the rules, listened to the knowledgeable. Read all the books. Wore the right clothes. Hung out with the right people. Silence. Nothing. No answers. Seemed to be only closed doors surrounding him. Ok. Maybe there was another way. He sought out the palm reader. He paid all the money he had....she held his hand. She listened. She gave him all the answers she had. It helped, but it wasn't the key to the closed door. What was the door? Fear. Only he held the key. Courage. The courage to listen to the whispers in his soul. And trust himself. To know the path to God is right where he stands. To listen to himself, to overcome the demons he holds at bay, behind the door. Let them go. They run from light. Be the light. This first card looks like he is seeking answers in the graveyard. 'God is not the God of the dead, but the Living.' The answer is not there. This could be described as, digging up bones. Leave them buried. Leave them in peace. The key is inside him. Stop running, open the door. Reminds me of the term, 'a ghost in the closet.' Well, set him free. Sometime the closed doors are'nt even locked....just closed. He opened the door. He faced his fears. He is victorious. Cool.

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