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Saturday, September 20, 2008

In your own words.....

Using the writing prompts from Corrine Kenner's, 'Tarot Journaling" book, I am writing about 3 cards. Universal Fantasy Tarot Deck is my pick of the day!

My favorite card is________ because_______. I chose the Sun Card, because.....
the first thing I think of is the song, 'I can see clearly now, the rain is gone....I can see all, obstacles, disappear'
Happiness, victory. You are riding the white horse, above everyone else...and going the way you want to go. The golden sun is above you, guiding you, no shadows in this card. I love it.

I don't understand the_______ because______.
I don't understand the 2 of Cups card. They are meant to be together, they are right there, looking at each other, mirroring each other. But miles apart. Why is this so hard? Is he having a vision? A dream? Is she for real? Or his fantasy woman? And what is he doing? Just having a drink. Well, she is too. Maybe they both need one. I think I need one right now. He is all covered with armor. Has to protect himself from what? Her charms? Her beauty? Whatever....time is wasting. Find her. Be with her. Enjoy her. Stop dreaming and wake up. I like a man that does something. Even if it's wrong. Move....

I really dislike the______ because_______.
The 8 of Swords. She looks like she is bound, gagged, tied up. And what is that thing that has her in it's grip? Today, it would be food. I do not smoke, or drink, well, maybe just a little. But food, that's my trap. I hate it. I don't even like most of the crap I eat. I just eat. I think it's too fill up another place in me. Emotional eating. That sucks. I don't like this card, because she cannot see her way out. She is really blocked. So, how could she get away. Maybe she's not supposed to get away. Maybe she's supposed to just sit there until someone comes along and helps her. Can't fight it alone. I always look at the next card in the lineup of the Tarot, to see what will happen next. It would be the 9 of Swords. She's unbound, her hands are free, she just cannot stand to look at the monster. Ah, look closer, she is peeking at it. Well. Baby steps here. Making progress. The monster now is only a shadow. Moving away from her. She is cornered, but free. Good deal. Time will help. She is still sitting down, kneeling down. Well, a good place to start, is on the floor. Only way is up. I may watch and see if any of these cards show up in my readings today....they have a funny way of doing that. bye....

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