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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Rumi Tarot

After posting this morning, I had reread what I had written. And I was shuffling the new 'Rumi Tarot' by Nigel Jackson. This card fell out. Talk about signs. Can you read what is written on the bottom of this Knight of Staves?   
'The Alif rejoices and fulfils your wishes.'

Ayliffe (Alif) is the lady that just passed, I had written about. I looked up what this could mean, and why it is on this card, from the book, 'Guide to the Rumi Tarot.' 

It says, and I quote, 'A majestic Knight dressed in an orange and green tunic and steel helmet is depicted seated on his horse. He bears the scepter-stave and also a bow and quiver of arrows. He rides through a hilly landscape against a blue sky with white clouds. 
The verse alludes to the Alif, which is the first letter of the Arabic alphabet; in Sufi esoteric symbolism, it stands for the supreme unity.
The Knight of Staves is a symbol of initiative, drive and FEARLESS QUESTING INTO THE UNKNOWN.'

Meaning: Departure from the familiar, Intuition, CHANGE OF RESIDENCE, Emigration, Stable financial sense. 

and fulfils my wishes?   

Thank you....so very much, they are, in just a moment, being posted on my bulletin board right here by my desk.

She definitely is fearlessly questing into the unknown, with her new change of residence. Those mischievous twins.  

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