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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

This is the Tarot of Transformation by Francesco Ciampi. I love these cards, they are soft watercolors, yet very detailed and easy to read with.

The story this group of three would tell is....

I see a man of pride and dignity. He stands firm in his belief that good things come to those who wait. He is also a man of action, it appears he has hit the wall in pursuing his goals. This 7 of Swords is blocking him from seeing that the happiness he desires is right around the corner. Maybe the Swords are fears, ghosts from the past, haunting lines from the naysayers reminding him that what he wants, he will never have. Whatever. He refuses to believe that, he grasps that staff with one hand and his other hand is a firm fist. He will not be stopped. Maybe the timing has been off and he has just had to wait. That dark night of the soul that we all encounter and just love. If, just if, he can keep believing, and I think he does, there is the happy ever after card. The 10 of Cups, time to laugh, dance, shout. Time to relax and let down all defenses, as he is home free.

He appears to me as a guide, a friend that keeps the faith no matter what. The dark card would make me want to go take a nap and wake up when everything is all better. Just fast forward to the happy ending. But no. Life won't let you. You have to ride out the storm, earn the joy. And it is so sweet, when it finally gets here. So worth it. Don't give up. No excuses. Think from the end. Imagine what the outcome could be, should you really get your wish. And just hold that thought in focus. He guides you. I beileve we have Guides around us constantly. Angels, loved ones from the other side, people that are divine, right in front of us. We are never alone. Nice to know that. Just watch and see who shows up in your life this week, surprising you with happiness..........

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