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Friday, June 30, 2006

The Magician. He is talent, ability, confidence. He doesn't give up, he knows there is a way to manifest anything, anywhere, anytime. He would be a Jesus sort of guy. Walking on water is easy. Remember who you are. He does. He has a work table behind him, and each of the elements from the Tarot ot choose from, floating right in front of him. The black wrap he wears is an apron. He is busy. He has all these ideas and his mind is racing to decide which project to start on first. If I were walking into this card, embodying him, who would I be, and what would I do with his knowledge and talent....

I would dive deeper into my writing. Fearlessly bringing all these floating ideas together to create a beautiful book to live in the shelves of Barnes and Noble. A book you couldn't put down, you would drag around with you, just to see if you could absorb just one more piece of the puzzle of the Tarot, just one more, something that would change the way you know the cards and what they say. Each of the Elements of the Tarot on this Magician Card, I would use. The Wand would be the pen and the ideas that keep my up each night writing, the channeled idea flow that won't stop until it is spoken. The Cup, my fresh ground coffee, hot and steamy, sitting right here on my desk, some would call an addiction, whatever. I love it. The Pentacle, my other job to support me as I write. The already manifest miracle of living by faith & the seat of my pants (!) and trusting the Universe to support me in my Artistic Endeavors. Thank you!!!! And the razor sharp sword, the ability to cut away, decidely, everyone and anything that does not support me, love me, and bless me. All those flowers in the background, are wild flowers that I have taken photo's of. Each is a tiny splash of color and passion that suddenly appears and then is gone. A lesson from this card, when the door of oppertunity opens, RUN through, and embrace each chance to express the Divine Artist within yourself. Have fun with it, play, laugh, and create. The Magician would be your Muse. I think the only things we leave behind us, are the things we create. Relationships, Art, Homes, Careers, Families. The David Cooperfield version of you, in your own story. Who are you and what have you created? And why not? Get busy.....

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