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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Number 12 in the Major Arcana is the Hanged Man. Interesting. The first thought I have, is he reminds me of Judas. A betrayer that feels remorse, so he kills himself. But I have just read the new book, 'The book of Judas', and I actually believe it. He had a reason to do what he did. And he has a story, that seems to only be heard now. Nothing is as it seems. So, how, and why, would a person be hung upside down in a tree? Did they do that to themselves? Or did someone hang them there, for punishment? Or revenge? Or to kill them? Helpless. Frustrated. Giving up. Why try, it only makes things worse.
Here is the image of the Hanged Man from the Lovers Path Deck, someone walks away. Leaves. And you really can't stop it. Sacrifice. Wait. Everything is in limbo. And the next card in the Tarot is't much better, it will be #13 Death. This is a part of life we all hate. Knowing something is over and you really can't stop it. Then, you find out the rest of the story. And everything changes. It's a time of Surrender. Relax, pray, trust Someone is in control of what you have no clue about. And it will be for a good outcome. No matter how dire it looks today. Crawl back into bed. Be easy on yourself. Cry. Write. Hide out.
Maybe while you are stuck here, look at everything from a different angle. Play the Devil's advocate. Make a game out of it. Many times what we hang onto isn't that great, and something better is just waiting for us, when we make room in our lives for it. Time to clean house. Embrace the changes. It is going into Fall. I see the leaves laying on the grass outside my window. A cycle of life. Jump into it, befriend it. Trust it. It may mean a blessing in disguise. Just call me PollyAnna. Hey, I try. I have spent my time here. And in many ways, I am still here. Waiting. Trusting. So, don't feel alone. This too, shall pass.

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