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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ah.....the Death Card. One of the scary cards in the Tarot Deck. Or so every one believes. The Grim Reaper. Change in the air. Time to go. Breaking up is hard to do. Getting fired. Getting evicted. Getting divorce papers. Maybe losing weight, being Anorexic. Number 13, the unlucky number ( or so most believe ) which equals 4, the Emperor. Stability, Father Time, Structure. Could mean the end of stablilty as you know it. But, could mean changes for the better. Only when you let of what you are hanging onto, can you embrace the good new stuff.
Rarely does this card mean physical Death. It can, but with other dire cards that may surround it. But I really believe that it can mean a person may look Death in the eye, and make the decision then, to stay here of go. But the choice is up to them, at that time. This version of this card is 'Heads rolling.' Chop, chop. Sometimes this card just means something you are waiting on is finally here. Waiting is over. I like the one card here that has the crosses on his robe. If someone crucifies you, forgive them. Let it go. If you don't, it will destroy you. Slowly, inch by inch. The bitterness, the pain, the memories. Take the high road and forgive. Not easy, but so worth it. I try. Time to move on. Give stuff away, clean out the drawers, donate what you no longer need. Don't be afraid of this card, just look at what cards come up beside it to clarify what it is saying. A new cycle of change. Could be good news.


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