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Monday, October 16, 2006

Michelle Gardner-Quinn Missing
By Staff
Oct 12, 2006

As a class assignment, for the Tarot Group I lead, I ask my students to play Pyschic Detective. I printed out this news article, and as a group, we ask questions to discern the outcome of this case with Michelle. Sadly, it was not good news. Here is the article from the newspaper.....

Michelle Gardner-Quinn, 21, has been missing since last Saturday. Police have expanded the search for Michelle Gardner-Quinn with more than two dozen agencies searching Burlington and the surrounding area.
Michelle Gardner-Quinn, a University of Vermont student, went missing Saturday morning while walking alone from downtown to her campus dorm room, the Burlington Free Press reported Tuesday

"Time is of the essence," Burlington Police Department Chief Thomas Tremblay told the Free-Press, "and the more time that goes by, the more concerned we become."

Tremblay said detectives had not yet determined whether a crime had been committed.

The chief said investigators were seeking the driver of a Subaru or similar-type hatchback who was reported to be acting suspiciously in the area around the time of Gardner-Quinn's disappearance.

Several police agencies are involved in the investigation.

source: United Press International

Here is what one of my students, Becky, sent me to verify what we got through the cards, about Michelle....
I forwarded the whole article to the slueths group and then I went through my notes and wrote up this report.

Here are the questions we asked and the answers we got. In some cases (not all sorry), I noted extra details that Linda gave, in addition to what she got that the rest of the group got.

Did she just run away? No
Did guy in hatchback have something to do with it? yes. It doesn’t mention if the suspect Rooney was the person in the hatchback.
Where is her body? Outside, some sort of archway leading to the area. Linda: something about the ownership of the property where she was killed, some place people go, maybe owned by older man. Quinn's body was discovered near a popular swimming spot 13 miles east of Burlington, Police Chief Thomas Tremblay said.
How was she killed? drugs involved, possibly stabbed after the drugs incapacitated her.
Was she raped or did she want sex? She was taken some where else. Sex happened, she didn't fight it either because she wanted it or because of being drugged, Out cold, out in the cold came up. Since suspect is charged with other sexual assaults/abuse, I think we can assume that was his intent.
Was she held a while before being killed? Linda said she died about 3am, and the killer left her body laying outside, maybe tortured or her body was marked in some way and that the police know more than what they are saying. They had a jewelry store video showing her with the suspected killer, at 2:30am.
Others: outside, held down, hurt.
Did she know the killer? Yes. Linda: teacher or someone she knew and trusted from school. Some she thought was coming to her aide. He let her use his cell phone.
How soon will they find her? within two days. This was Wed. night, it was in paper on Friday. Someone comes forward. Two people know something.
Will the killer or killers be caught? Yes, he has taken something with him.
Did he leave something behind? Yes, evidence on body. Linda: marked the body in some way, disfigured. Killer felt like she deserved what he did to her.
Has Killer done this before? Yes, to rape, Linda said she was fourth. This might be the first time he killed someone. He is charged with three previous sexual assaults.

As Vermont State Police searched the Huntington Gorge swimming hole, authorities had cordoned off at least half a block in a residential Burlington neighborhood several blocks south of where Gardner-Quinn was last seen. They were concentrating on a stately, three-story, red brick home, where there has been construction on an addition. Someone in our group had an older, red building in one of their cards.

We are watching the news, for any new information to be available. Sometimes the answers we find are not what we are hoping for. I pray for her family and friends. I feel like we found out other information around this, it is just not been validated yet, as the Police are keeping things quiet until the rest of the story is validated. I shall keep you posted......

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