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Friday, October 06, 2006

Number 14. Temperance. This is a new deck designed by Chatriya. I love the colors, soft, sepia browns and muted colors easily understood through a reading. The deck is 'Fenestra Tarot'.
I see an Angel, this would be the Angel Micheal, our Healing Angel. He is holding 2 containers, here they appear with water/energy flowing between them. He is stepping in a pool of rose colored water. Sort of like seeing through Rose Colored Glasses. A golden crown floats behind him, with rays of light streaming through the sky. The first thing I see is the wings, earning your wings. Patience, letting the Spirit world guide you through this rough terrain here on planet earth. Calling all angels. A creature of beauty, mystery, and healing. When I get this card in a reading, I see 'waiting', and letting prayers and signs guide you. Or you could be the Angel, and your job in the situation is to be a conduit for Spiritual guidance.
Relax, you are never alone. You may have to ask, for help or whatever you need. That's ok, Ask away. Help is here. I will gladly welcome any Angelic help, anytime. I think this is sweet, after the Death card, you have this card of healing. Anytime you go through a 'letting go' or whatever life pried out of your tight fisted little hands, this Angel is right here to help you through it. Stop trying so hard to be brave and just cry. Even Jesus had his moments of sobbing, with Angels appearing to hold him as the faced what he didn't want to have to go through. And he was able to get up and walk through the test, well almost, he did fall on his face and need help to carry his own cross. Why do we think we need no help? What a joke. That's why there are angels, we need them desperately. And they are really here. Sometimes they look just like people. Sweet. Watch for one around you today. Secret Service from Spirit. Bet they could tell some stories.

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