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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I am using The Lovers Path Tarot tonight, Halloween night, a great night to do a reading, don't you think?

I had no question to ask the cards tonight, just wanted to see what cards came out to play. The Three of Pentacles, the King of Cups, the Strength Card, and Balance. From these 4 cards, I see a couple, separated by the top 2 cards. She is walking away, sad. Looks like she's worked hard to have this beautiful, safe, place to live. It may have been just what she wanted at the time, but not today. She doesn't see all the beauty around her, she is tired, and wants to walk away....somewhere else. Following her path, she walks right into the King of Cups card, he sits waiting, gazing into the chalice he holds, contemplating his future. Passive, he seems. Maybe he has learned that what he chases, he never catches. When he waits, what he desires, comes to him. Wisely, he waits. He seems to watch her from a high place, maybe he is visualizing her, in his prayers, his thoughts.

In the Strength card, he walks up behind her and embraces her. A stallion is in the background, wild and free. Huge stones hold a fire, to warm the couple, against the elements of the winter night. Carved symbols appear in the rocks at their feet. She rests back in his arms, he proudly protects her from whatever her fears may have been, she looks calm, and ready to join him in the dance of life. Into the next card, Balance, or Temperance, they dance. He, the masculine, dark beauty of a man, doesn't seem to want to take his cloak off and stay awhile. But he is joining in the dance, and a vivid scarlet ribbon connects these two as they clasp hands. I see the elements of fire and water in the background. They are now in a house, a home? A garland of white flowers adorns the window, 2 white doves of Peace are seen flying by, watching them work out the steps that bring them closer together. Sweet cards.

The sad, resignation on her face has turned to happiness, dancing, being held. Only in the last card does she see his face, on all the others she is looking away from him. And even in that last card, she shyly looks away, but she has seen him, he has a firm grip on her hand, and her heart. He is intently looking at her, cannot take his eyes off of her. The fragile scarlet ribbon flows between them, not binding them tightly together, but gently connecting them as one. How precious, to find your partner, to join the dance. May we all be so blessed.......

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