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Thursday, November 09, 2006

This morning I am using the Secret Tarot by Lo Scarabeo. Sort of reflects the mood I am in right now. And the 3 cards I drew to explain why I am in this confused, angry, what just happened, mood, are right on target. Here they are....The Hermit ( he's called that for a reason, a good reason, listen up girls...) The Tower, nothing is the way it seems, and you better have a Plan B, and the charming, handsome, silver tongued, King of Cups.
What grabs my attention in these 3 cards...someone hiding under a cloak of darkness, lost, with only a small light to guide them. Lightning strikes, the truth comes out, long and winding road...to where? The haunted house? And there he is, cup in hand, or shall we say frosted beer mug, or wine glass, or just a way to escape, whatever that may be. I see no woman here, just someone hiding, falling, sitting stunned. The colors are somber, but with this deck, they are rather dark. I like that today.

This almost reminds me of 'Little Red Riding Hood'. She trustingly walks into a situation that turns into a nightmare, and where is the Knight in shining armor? Sitting somewhere.....who knows where.....thinking. Looks a little late. Hey, don't get up and do anything...wouldn't want to bother you, sir. Ugh.

Today would be a nice day for a long lunch with a girlfriend, chocolate, a massage. Maybe go buy something. Female comforts.....I shall be at the mall, should anyone need me. Bye....

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