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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

This is my favorite Tarot Deck right now! The Llewellyn Tarot Set, by Anna-Marie Ferguson. Sweet watercolors, nice big cards easy to use, and tons of extra details to draw on in my reading. For today....
Ahh, today. One of those days when just one thing pushes you over the edge, and I started crying, and could not stop. These cards pretty much depict what was going on. Work on my car, nothing seems to be easy, promises that are empty. I have my hands out in hope, and.....everything feels out of reach. Sitting on the ground, confused, what do I work on first, where do I start? I think I envy the gray and white cat in the 8 of Pentacles. She seems to have the answer. Lay down. Stop. She's watching the bird sitting on the water barrel. Patiently waiting for the bird to fly just a little bit closer. The person is this card is focused on what he is creating. Intently focused. Something I could not do today.

The Knight of Cups, everything will be great, better than I think, just hold on. Coming to the rescue, is a man with the answers, and a gentle spirit heal to confusion. He is riding up behind the lady sitting flat out on the ground, wondering what do I do first? And what am I doing wrong here? Maybe nothing.....
Maybe she is just supposed to sit and wait. And stop trying so hard. Another thought I have is, after the 7 of Cups card, is the 8 of Cups. Walking away for a while. That is what I did today. Just turn off the phones and take a nap. Yeah..a catnap.
Looks like she is walking away for awhile. I see this as a safe, quiet place. Nothing popping out of the cups to vie for your attention. Go out by the water and think, alone. Decide what's important, and leave the rest behind. Having the 8 of Pentacles and the 8 of Cups show up together, the #8 is the Strength Card in the Major Arcana. I think it sometimes takes more strength to stop and regroup, than to keep on trying to fix everything and MAKE it all work. She looks tired, and is using a staff to lean against. We all can use help, and asking for it isn't easy. In this card, she's going to wait until morning to decide anything. Good idea. Worry about it tomorrow. Let it go....

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