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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Another new Tarot Deck!!! Oh, happy day! This one is 'Universal Fantasy Tarot' by Paolo Martinello. Very Sci-Fi, artsy, surreal. I honestly like it. The only thing I don't, is, it has so many images on each card, your eyes are drawn to several things at the same time. A little hard to focus with. But, I do love the colors, the images, the details in each card.

This morning, I ask my cards....how is this issue with my father going to turn out? Any body else out there with family crap they worry about? Welcome to my world.

Here is the first 3 cards I drew..King of Swords, 3 of Swords, and the 2 of Pentacles.

He is hashing this over in his mind, bringing 3 of us pain, (me, him and his girlfriend), waving 2 flags of distraction. This 2 of Pentacles can mean, give it 2 months to work itself out, seems to be a dance he is still wanting to dance. Personally, I would love to talk about it, get everything on the table and find out what the problem is. He is in control, and until he wants to get out of that 3 of Swords card, silence reigns. In this 3 of Swords card, it looks like a, don't go there, just go away. How true. So, for now, drop it, let it go. OK....... got it. So, I drew 3 more cards to see how this will ultimately work out, if at all, ever.
I drew the 2 of Cups, the Ten of Cups and the King of Wands. Here they are.....

Ahhh, relief. A healing, a joining of forces. Happiness. The home is home. But he comes up as the King of Wands, and it's his choice when and how this works out. So, my job is to shut up ( not easy for me) and wait. He really does see me, and know what I need. The window she stands in, in the 2 of Cups, is a window of time that he sees. Thank God. I was wondering if he really even cared about this whole mess. I believe he does, care, and may even be doing something the right way. I need to stop worrying......OK...got it. I'll relax. Stop trying to fix it.

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